Batman by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones Vol. 1

Batman by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones Vol In these moody s tales Batman emerges from the shadows to battle corruption in Gotham City and to face foes including Killer Croc The Scarecrow Mr Freeze Two Face and These tales by the class

In these moody 1990s tales, Batman emerges from the shadows to battle corruption in Gotham City, and to face foes including Killer Croc, The Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Two Face and These tales by the classic Batman creative team of writer Doug Moench and artist Kelley Jones include guest appearances by Nightwing, Robin, Deadman and Swamp Thing.Collects BATMAN 515 525, 5In these moody 1990s tales, Batman emerges from the shadows to battle corruption in Gotham City, and to face foes including Killer Croc, The Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Two Face and These tales by the classic Batman creative team of writer Doug Moench and artist Kelley Jones include guest appearances by Nightwing, Robin, Deadman and Swamp Thing.Collects BATMAN 515 525, 527 532 and 535 536.

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Batman by Doug Moench and Kelley Jones Vol. 1

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  1. Doug Moench, is an American comic book writer notable for his Batman work and as the creator of Black Mask, Moon Knight and Deathlok Moench has worked for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Dark Horse Comics and many other smaller companies he has written hundreds of issues of many different comics, and created dozens of characters, such as Moon Knight In 1973, Moench became the de facto lead writer for the Marvel black and white magazine imprint Curtis Magazines He contributed to the entire runs of Planet of the Apes, Rampaging Hulk continuing on the title when it changed its name to The Hulk and Doc Savage, while also serving as a regular scribe for virtually every other Curtis title during the course of the imprint s existence Moench is perhaps best known for his work on Batman, whose title he wrote from 1983 1986 and then again from 1992 1998 He also wrote the companion title Detective Comics from 1983 1986 Moench is a frequent and longtime collaborator with comics artist Paul Gulacy The pair are probably best known for their work on Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu, which they worked on together from 1974 1977 They also co created Six from Sirius, Slash Maraud, and S.C.I Spy, and have worked together on comics projects featuring Batman, Conan the Barbarian and James Bond.Moench has frequently been paired with the artist and inker team of Kelley Jones and John Beatty on several Elseworlds Graphic Novels and a long run of the monthly Batman comic.


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  1. This was a huge disappointment Kelley Jones artwork is the only saving grace, ranging from good to phenomenal, yet occasionally bad or indecipherable I really enjoyed the aesthetics of the gothic, horrific, pointy eared Batman It s reminiscent of Burton s film and terrifically rides the line between horror and camp HoweverDoug Moench s writing is downright boring or unreadable Batman, for being so dark, is an emotion less archetype Bruce and the Wayne family, even Alfred, are worse And the dialo [...]

  2. Although I ve read these stories many times before in single issues, I finally decided to sit down with the hardcover of what is to be a two volume series collecting the mid 90 s Batman run by Doug Moench, Kelley Jones, and John Beatty affectionally called Da Boyz in the lettercols of the time.Jones Batman is, and always has been, what makes or breaks this classic collection for fans Originally hired for Elseworlds stories and the covers of the Knightfall crossover, Jones is probably going to go [...]

  3. If you are irritated by overlong story arcs, confounded by continuity, or just new to comics, this is a volume you ll want to pick up if you are interested in Batman.I remember reading Doug Moench s work regularly in books like Fantastic Four and Moon Knight when I was a kid in the seventies and early eighties He is an old school writer who still writes comics the old fashioned way by packing a solid amount of story into an issue and getting it done Most of the stories in this collection finish [...]

  4. Kinda lame, but kinda awesome.This is definitely from the period before Batgod, the time when Batman became not the ultimate man, not a masked crimefighter, but basically the most capable being in the universe.On the one hand, it s kinda goofy It s got this weird, very emo feel to it where Batman seems to be constantly shaking his fist at the sky and saying things about the darkness.On the other hand, it s kinda goofy in a different way Alfred leaves, and Bruce and Tim fuck up the laundry Kelley [...]

  5. Collecting 17 issues of the mid 1990 s Feb 95 to Oct 96 from this all star creative team, this book features good, intelligent writing , paired with great art Some story arcs are stand alone, some span two issues, and one is three issues long Featuring appearances by Black Mask, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, Mr Freeze, Two Face, Deadman, and The timeline is Bruce Wayne s return as Batman, after the events of Knightfall, and following his recovery from a broken back.The combined work of Kelley Jones p [...]

  6. Enredo Hist rias geralmente de 1 ou 2 edi es, cada uma mais legal que a outra, inventivas, divertidas, rid culas e legais ao extremo, com vil es caricatos, situa es maravilhosamente bizarras de algu m que entende muito tanto da cronologia quanto do personagem Batman em si.E com pequenas pitadas de genialidade na escrita, de vez em quando ele faz uns poemas em falas que s o muito bonitos, fora seu senso de humor que do caramba.Arte Kelley Jones n o preciso falar mais nada.Ele ta simplesmente pint [...]

  7. A nicely packaged collection, but it ended up feeling like a pretty generic set of 90s storytelling There s the classic roster of villains here Mr Freeze, Scarecrow, Two Face plus some overmuscled bountily bosomed new additions, as was the style of the times Take the Sleeper for instance the skull shaped, gas filled canisters at the end of her hair don t seem very practical, and her minder certainly didn t get his physique without a significant anabolic boost Batman is reacclimating to his role [...]

  8. Kelley Jones art has always fascinated me It s a heady mixture of gothic dread, surreal, panel busting ingenuity and horror comics cartoony His 90 s run on Batman is an achievement for the artist, and this giant volume collects it beautifully Unfortunately, the stories haven t aged well and maybe were never that good to begin with Writer Doug Moench is a very rote, by the numbers scribe, in keeping with the eras lack of ingenuity in core superhero comics And while Kelley breaks through the usual [...]

  9. One of my favorite periods in modern Batman comics, the team of Kelley Jones and Doug Moench holds a special place in my heart for those stories of a horror bend with impossibly long ears and impossibly long capes This was a time in Batman s history after the aftermath of Knightfall when Bruce Wayne has taken back the mantle of the Batman and reinvested himself to be grimmer, frightening Batman Facing such old foes as Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Mr Freeze, Scarecrow Two Face, Black Mask, Black Spi [...]

  10. There s something so deeply satisfying with seeing batman portrayed as an actual detective and not being so completely and thoroughly self sufficient Seeing him need to consult with experts, collect and assess evidence just feels so much batman than what we ve been given for the past 10 years or .The art is nothing short of haunting if not inconsistent at times As much as I just love Kelley s art I can t help but feel some panels he was pushing himself to do just one panel before bed and he sc [...]

  11. Muy recomendable si est s harto como yo de tener que bancarte crossovers y eventos cada 5 n meros de Batman o de cualquier otro personajes.Este volumen re ne los primeros n meros escritos por Doug Moench y dibujados por Kelley Jones, un dibujante que est muy lejos del realismo y apunta m s a la caricatura pero que en el caso de Batman queda muy bien y crea una atm sfera de peli de terror que se disfruta Los guiones de Moench est n a la altura del dibujo y las historias son muy entretenidas Mucho [...]

  12. The Moench era on Batman was when I had turned away from Batman comics While this was a fairly good collection and had some entertaining moments as well as interesting artwork, overall this will not be one of my favorite collections of Batman comics In my humble opinion, Moench s Batman comes across as rather one dimensional, and the plot for some of the issues, while having a darker edge, at times ended up rather campy If you re a big fan of Batman, then this is worth a read Otherwise, there ar [...]

  13. I read these issues when they originally came outIn the mid nineties I always enjoyed Kelly jones Distinctive style It works really well with the darker Villians in the batman rogues gallery.

  14. Some great story telling in this hard cover edition of what the industry calls TP I found a few stories dragged on for a bit too long however Some creative art work too on glossy pages, it really leaps off the page.

  15. Moody atmospheric artwork illustrates some fun Batman stories from the late 1990 s This collection is sometimes marred by the crossover issues but the art from Jones is gothically stylized and creepy good fun.

  16. Despite the highly stylized art, the first half of the collection was quite enjoyable Unfortunately the writing began to falter and by the final 4 5 issues, the book was no longer enjoyable Too much exposition and filler.

  17. I enjoyed the gothic flair of Kelley Jones s artwork but Doug Moench s writing left something to be desired Overall, decent collection but not essential reading.

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