Rock War

Rock War Meet Jay Summer And Dylan Jay plays guitar writes songs and dreams of being a rock star But his ambitions are stifled by seven siblings and a terrible drummer Summer works hard at school looks after

Meet Jay Summer And Dylan.Jay plays guitar, writes songs and dreams of being a rock star But his ambitions are stifled by seven siblings and a terrible drummer Summer works hard at school, looks after her nan and has a one in a million singing voice But can her talent triumph over her nerves Dylan is happiest lying on his bunk smoking, but his school rugby coach has oMeet Jay Summer And Dylan.Jay plays guitar, writes songs and dreams of being a rock star But his ambitions are stifled by seven siblings and a terrible drummer Summer works hard at school, looks after her nan and has a one in a million singing voice But can her talent triumph over her nerves Dylan is happiest lying on his bunk smoking, but his school rugby coach has other ideas, and Dylan reluctantly joins a band to avoid crunching tackles and icy mud.They re about to enter the biggest battle of their lives And there s everything to play for.

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Rock War

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  1. Robert Mucha was born in Islington, London in 1972 He still lives there, and worked as a private investigator up until 2005 and the critically accepted release of Maximum Security The Hunger Games phenomenon is part of the huge YA Children s book explosion that has grown, thanks to the British Rat pack of YA authors, Anthony Horowitz, Robert Mucha, Joe Craig and Charlie Higson We owe much of the hunger games sucess to authors like Robert.Robert was inspired to create the CHERUB series by his nephews complaints about the lack of anything for them to read CHERUB The Recruit was Robert s first book and won the Red House Children s Book Award 2005 in the Older Readers Category Following the last book in the CHERUB series, it was revealed that a trilogy would be released starting from August 2011 that will focus on a new set of CHERUB agents centred upon Ryan Sharma and also involve an sixteen year old Lauren Adams The first book will be called People s Republic Check out the Hendersons Boys series.


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  1. I love Robert Mucha so am sorry to be going so low with 2 stars The idea is great, the start is excellent, the characters are building in this first of a new series BUT there is a sudden lurch about 3 4 through and everything is rushed and predictable The rich kid is super rich with a famous dad and the girl in his band is a secret cutter who unexplainably opens up about her cutting to him The very poor girl is recruited into a band with some very rich girls who are unrealistically helpful and t [...]

  2. I decided to read this book because I heard from my friends that Robert Mucha was a really good author and his books are usually quite good Also because it was a recommendation from one of my friends and I enjoy rivalries and competition stories, so I decided to read it This book is about 3 different students who form up a band each and compete in an international rock competition called Rock War The 3 students, Jay who is an excellent guitar player in his old band but soon breaks up, due to his [...]

  3. I received this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I adore books about music so upon seeing this, I am awestruck and I want to read it The story is promising as it tackles different aspiring musicians I am just disappointed that I m almost at the end and they still haven t interacted with each other yet I know that this is a series but I m really looking forward when all characters met each other.Overall, this is really promising and I want to read the next book.

  4. When I first heard about Rock War I knew it was one I HAD to read, so when I made a request for this book I kept my fingers and toes crossed Rock War did take me a while to read, and definitly put my shoulder into exercising mode the amount of times I carried this to and from work.Rock War follows three teenagers, who are hoping to form a band and try out for Rock the Lock Jay, Summer, and Dylan have their own chapters as we follow each individual in the path they take to make their dreams come [...]

  5. Teens will love this book about the lead up to a spectacular battle of the bands Jay knows that his only way out of poverty is to be in a band, but his bandmates just want to hang out and have fun Meeting an amazing drummer may just change his life Dylan is a true slacker who just happens to be great at mixing and recording He is just what the Pandas of Doom need to get their big break, if he can stop being an insufferable git Summer spends all of her time studying or taking care of her nan unti [...]

  6. I m glad this book has mature read on the cover as it is not suited to primary Agee students I normally like Robert Mucha s stories as they are fast passed with lots of action Although I enjoyed getting to know the characters I didn t like how they three main groups hardly interacted together I know the author was setting the scene for future novels in the series but this book lacked a significant problem That said I will probably read the next book in the series.

  7. Very entertaining I can definitely relate to some of the characters struggles I ve just discovered it s a series so I ll definitely read the next book.

  8. I have read and enjoyed all of Mucha s Cherub series and Henderson Boys and I recommend them to anyone in secondary education who will listen, sure to get reluctant boys writing I picked up Rock War because it was by Mucha but I didn t think I would enjoy it due to the content The story follows a number of key characters and their rock bands as they audition and successfully gain entry to Rock War a new reality talent show The realistic characters, teenagers who could have stepped straight out o [...]

  9. I was disappointed in this first book in a new series from Robert Mucha, apart from one or two I find most of the characters either unlikeable, wimpish, violent, or just plain disgusting How are teenagers meant to identify with them

  10. Really enjoyed this book Would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of Robert mucha or just likes to read comedy books Uses dual narrative which I really like

  11. Rezension auf meinem BlogQuelle randomhouse cbtNUR EINER KANN GEWINNENJay spielt Gitarre du schreibt Songs doch seine Familie und ein miserabler Drummer verhindern seinen gr ten Traum Rockstar zu werden Summer hat f r kaum jemand anderen Zeit als ihre schwerkranke Gro mutter Doch Summers Stimme ist dazu gemacht, Millionen zu begeistern wenn ihr Lampenfieber es zul sst Dylan liebt nichts mehr als das Nichtstun Erst als der Rugby Coach seiner Schule ihm Beine macht, tritt Dylan widerstrebend einer [...]

  12. This could have been really great I wanted to enjoy this It starts out good, but just falls flat halfway through There is so much unnecessary elements Jay and Summer have interesting stories, but Dylan s was not my favorite He was introduced too late in the book, and maybe if we had met him earlier then his story maybe wouldn t feel so rushed Jays mom has had eight kids, and they re all sociopaths Besides Jay Summer lives with her Nanna, who has breathing problems Which is dropped later in the b [...]

  13. This is the best book iv e ever read rock war is perfect for all ag OK maybe not but if your, lets say 13 or up it is the most amazing book ever written I hadn t read one book in the last 5 months and this book got me into reading again i read the first one a few weeks ago and now i m nearly on book 5, also its quite a big book if your stuck for books to read then I guarantee this book wont let you down Thank you Robert Mucha for writing the best book ever written.with as little spoilers as poss [...]

  14. Rock War ist der Auftakt zu einer Jugendbuch Reihe, die sich um die Themen Musik und Castingshows dreht Die Idee zu dieser Reihe kam Robert Mucha nachdem die Fans in einem Onlineforum irgendwann h ufiger und expliziter ber Castingshows als ber seine B cher diskutierten Sehr gut f r mich als Leser, denn so komme ich in den Genuss einer Jugendbuchreihe, die ich auf jeden Fall weiter verfolgen werde.Aber von vorne Was mich als Erstes ansprach war hier ganz klar das Cover, das einem ja quasi schon v [...]

  15. This was a weird book, i m telling you The premise is good It s a book about different characters forming different bands, very much a prequel to THE rock war While most of the book reads as if it s made for 10 12 year olds, there are certain things that don t add up Such as vibrant mentions and descriptions of self harm, potential rape, sex, and drugs, for one thing While it s a book that you don t necessarily find yourself longing to read, you don t mind reading it when you get to it Its alrig [...]

  16. An amazing book As a huge fan of the Cherub series, I couldn t wait to spend my birthday money on this book I was so excited to get my hands on it, I read it in 2 hours Check out my review on youtu Lvapn2p7a8I

  17. This book was great I loved it , took me some time because I am not a fast reader but I do recommend this book if you want to read a easy but long book If you are reading this book good luck and hope you enjoy Finished this book a long time ago but never updated and my profile

  18. Enjoyable and ticks all the boxes for a fun read Has a typical Robert Mucha stamp Can t wait to read the next one.

  19. A great book for teens who love music Following 3 main characters JAy, Summer and Dylan and their bands getting together and the competition that is going to change all their lives.Jay is in a band with his 3 best mates but entering an inter school competition forces him to realise if he wants to be taken seriously he needs a better drummer When he brings it up with his friends he doesn t realise that he is putting years of friendship in jeopardy Summer is a good girl Never in trouble Always doe [...]

  20. The book I read was Rock War by Robert Mucha This book is about three separate bands and the each of the three main characters are in one of these The band s practice, get new members, and participate in a competition Jay, a guitarist, get kicked out of his own band for trying to substitute one of his rude members Therefore, he created a new rock band with his step brothers, having six of them in total Dylan, a student at a ancy school, isn t as fancy as he seems Forced to join the rugby club, h [...]

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