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A viral Book Scoring His Heart the best work None. Good Book Scoring His Heart Scoring His Heart (Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey #3) by Suzan Butle After an uncomfortable encounter Zoe Logan and professional hockey players, Gavin Ferrara and Misha Kozlov avoid each other for months. With the season about to start back up, they need to address their issues. Scoring His Heart is an enticing novel that will have you panting for more. Zoe is a sweet heroine. At nineteen, she is young and innocent. At least before the hockey players get their claws into her. After her mother abandoned her and father, she has major trust issues, resulting in running from potential commitments. I enjoyed her growth throughout the novel. It’s hard not to like Gavin. He’s a hockey player, a definite point in his favor. He is open minded. He wants to do the right thing. I like that he takes in his niece and wants to be a good guardian. I really like Misha and want to hear more about him in a future book. He is carefree and sexy but secretly would love to settle down. Scoring His Heart is an exciting book that is hard to put down. The story is well-written, and the plot is stirring. I admit I was bad and read this novel before the others in the series. I bought the other books, and they are patiently waiting for me to read them on my eReader. I had no problem following this story out of order, but I am now definitely very curious to go back and read the rest of the series. Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Scoring His Heart Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey 3 by Suzan Butle After an uncomfortable encounter Zoe Logan and professional hockey players, Gavin Ferrara and Misha Kozlov avoid each other for months With the season about to start back up, they need to address their issues Scoring His Heart is an enticing novel that will have you panting for Zoe is a sweet heroine At nineteen, she is young and innocent At least before the hockey players get their claws into her After her mother abandoned her and [...]

  2. Sooo this was different I m not against M M F, I m not against sharing But this book was for sure missing something I have to admit to Gavin and Misha had thought put into their characters than Zoe Zoe to me felt like after thought I thought this was going to be a hockey romance, and besides a few practices, mention of going over the roadwell that was it It was okay but not something I would read again and that honestly makes me sad i wanted it to be good.

  3. Blog Tour Review Giveaway Scoring His Heart by Suzan Butler Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey Series Book 3by shellbellereadsSHH_TourBadge2015 scoringhisheart1Scoring His HeartTexas Highlanders Ice Hockey Series Book 3By Suzan Butlerc79a3 add to button 2SynopsisZoe Logan has always believed that those she loves will always leave her It s why she fights so hard against anyone getting close, but when sexy defense Gavin Ferrara zeroes in on her, she finds herself falling hard and exploring the hidden pa [...]

  4. This is a definite case of I liked it, butI liked the characters We see things from Zoe, Gavin, and Mischa s points of view, which is an effective way to tell the story We get insight into what they re all thinkingbut we also see all three of them have some major what the heck mental moments You could get serious whiplash from each of them at some point in the story when everything was going along just fine, when bam they somehow decided in the privacy of their minds that it wasn t fine after al [...]

  5. When I sat down to write a review on this I kept thinking how do I feel about this I have mixed feelings about the book Although it is listed as a hockey book, there is really no mention of it besides a couple of games, practice, and going on the road playing for a professional hockey team There is really no interaction with the guys from the team.When Zoe first walks in on her friend, Misha making out with her crush, Gavin, she s shocked, hurt, and sad Gavin has been on her radar for a long tim [...]

  6. 4.5 5 starsReceived in exchange for an honest review full post with excerpt and guest post can be found on original post mnonmklreviews 20I love hockey books So while the synopsis and menage made me cringe, I wanted in with this story There s honestly not a hockey, baseball, football based romance that will steer me away When Zoe first walks in on her best friend making out with her crush, she s shocked Two men s men who she likesAnd they could never like her back.I liked Zoe for the most part S [...]

  7. Zoe Logan has been crushing on Gavin Ferrera for a while now The story opens with her getting the first of several shock to come She catches Gavin in her father s office kissing his best friend Gavin is confused because he has started to feel for his roommate and best friend He has no problem living men and women and does not consider that the problem Now, all of a sudden he is also having fantasies about the bar owner s daughter, Zoe Zoe is confused when Gavin asks her out since she thought he [...]

  8. I received this book free from Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars Zoe Logan works at The Penalty Box, a bar her father owns This also happens to be where the hockey players hang out when they are in town She is only nineteen, sweet and innocent but she has her eyes on one of the star players.Gavin Ferrara is a star hockey player for the Texas Highlanders Sharing girls with his best friend and teammate Misha seems to get him through his days of being lonely But does he h [...]

  9. This sexy story features the romance between Zoe and Gavin, with Misha, Gavin s best friend and roommate playing a prominent role as well It s a romance with m nage scenes and as such the story is told in all three points of view though it is ultimately Gavin and Zoe who are the couple left standing I really enjoyed the story though I found it a bit confusing at first trying to figure out the relationship between them which in reality was also their confusion Gavin is bisexual and Micha is bicur [...]

  10. 4.5 StarsZoe Logan, 19, works at her dad s bar and goes to college She s always had the hots for hockey player Gavin Ferrara One night she walks in o him and his best friend Misha, also a hockey player, in her dad s office They were kissing She thought Gavin liked her, not his best friend Seeing them kissing was kind of sexy and she envied their passion Four months later she never would have thought that one of them would ask her out.This is a sexy sports romance Misha and Gavin are off the char [...]

  11. This was an amazing, erotic story that I really enjoyed Zoe has a crush on Gavin, even believes she may be in love with if she believed in love, but they have been friends for a long time, and also his roommate Misha Until things became awkward when she caught Gavin and Misha in a passionate embrace An explanation she explains she really doesn t want to know, but deep down, she is heartbroken Gavin is confused and unhappy over the strange encounter with Misha, they d shared bed partners before b [...]

  12. I have mixed feelings on this one While it was a relatively fast read and I liked the characters, the relationships got confusing very fast One minute Gavin doesn t really even know Zoe exists then the next she s all he wants and he s threw the L word out really fast It was over the course of like 2 weeks But then he s on and off again wanting Misha who s his best friend but he wants him too Then Misha who wants Gavin but kinda likes Zoe but also had this other person that he would like a relati [...]

  13. Scoring His Heart is scorching hot Gavin Ferrara has been in lust with Zoe from afar for a very long time He is also extremely attracted to his best friend, fellow hockey star, Misha A chance encounter changes the relationship between the three in one night Will Gavin and Misha be able to repair their friendship that while once super tight, now has a wide chasm between them Will Zoe and Gavin be able to make what seems on the surface to be the perfect relationship, work Scoring His Heart will ho [...]

  14. 2.5 starsI wanted to like Scoring His Heart I like sports stories, I like m m f stories I thought this might be the perfect mix, but it wasn t The lack of character development made a real difference in this book I didn t feel like I got to know these characters, and that made it difficult to believe some of the things that happened, especially when it came to Zoe and her sexuality I just couldn t believe her and these two guys, especially in her inexperienced state Even though it had an interes [...]

  15. Scoring His Heart is the third book in the Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey series I enjoyed this latest in the series Gavin, Zoe and Misha are likable characters and I was turning the pages to see what was going to happen next Scoring His Heart was a quick read and maybe a longer story would have let me feeling like there was of a resolution in their relationship I ve missed the first two books in the series and will be looking to catch up on those stories.

  16. 19 year old virgin who gets pursued by not one, but two, sexy NHL players who take every single one of her virginities in two days completely plausible Zoe s immaturity showed throughout this book which only made her landing Gavin and Misha even frustrating Sexy time was steamy Not going to be everyone s cup of tea with the guy on guy action but is hot nonetheless

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