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  1. Drexel Jerome Lewis Bixby January 11, 1923 Los Angeles, California April 28, 1998 San Bernardino, California was a American short story writer, editor and scriptwriter, best known for his comparatively small output in science fiction He also wrote many westerns and used the pseudonyms D B Lewis, Harry Neal, Albert Russell, J Russell, M St Vivant, Thornecliff Herrick and Alger Rome for one collaboration with Algis Budrys.He was the editor of Planet Stories from Summer 1950 to July 1951 and editor of Two Complete Science Adventure Novels from Winter 1950 to July 1951.Probably his best known work is the Star Trek The Original Series 1967 episode Mirror, Mirror , which introduced the series concept of the Mirror Universe, also Requiem for Methuselah Episode 76, Season 3 about Flint a 6,000 year old man He also wrote the short story It s a Good Life 1953 , adapted as a teleplay for The Twilight Zone by Rod Serling and parodied in the Simpsons Halloween episode Treehouse of Horror II His 1968 Star Trek episode Day of the Dove is also much respected by fans of science fiction Bixby also conceived and co wrote the 1966 film Fantastic Voyage, later novelized by Isaac Asimov.Jerome Bixby s last work, a screenplay The Man From Earth, was conceived in the early 1960s and completed on his deathbed in April 1998 In 2007, Jerome Bixby s The Man From Earth as it is now called was turned into an independent motion picture executive produced by his son Emerson Bixby, directed by Richard Schenkman and starring David Lee Smith, William Katt, Richard Riehle, Tony Todd, Annika Peterson, Alexis Thorpe, Ellen Crawford and John Billingsley.Bixby wrote the original screenplay for 1958 s It The Terror from Beyond Space, which was the inspiration for 1979 s Alien The Star Trek Deep Space Nine seventh season 1999 Mirror Universe episode, The Emperor s New Cloak, is dedicated to Bixby s memory.


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  1. Creeptastic It s even better than the Twilight Zone episode I liked it almost as much as I liked Harrison Bergeron, which is one of my all time favorite shorts in a similar genre and that s really saying something It left me with a similar strange feeling in the end 5 Stars

  2. It s a good short story The story is set in a rural Ohio village so the setting and characters felt real to me It was adapted into one of the stand out episodes of The Twilight Zone tv show and the movie I haven t seen the movie version but from what I can tell the tv show was closer to the tone and plot of Bixby s story Joe Dante and Richard Matheson made the ending a bit lighter for the movie I d recommend both the original story and Rod Serling s adaptation Both can be enjoyed in sitting but [...]

  3. Brixby was one of those 20th century science fiction authors that managed, apart from being awarded, discussed and widely cited, to remain underground Often being read by a cult reading fanbase and earning the title of having a somewhat pulp like style, Brixby was and still is a case of yes, I ve read this and this and that but I cannot actually remember the author His stories, especially his short novels, are legendary, but he is largely obscured Crucial to this could be his relatively small o [...]

  4. It s good that Jerome Bixby wrote this story Stories like this are great.It should be fairly obvious, but I was introduced to this story as the classic episode from the Twilight Zone starring Bill Mumy as a scary child with godlike powers It s been a while since I watched that episode or the sequel in the Twilight Zone reboot series , but I have to say there are some questions I had about the Good Life universe that are answered, and others that are delightfully not.This is one of those stories [...]

  5. I watched the Twilight Zone version of this a few years ago, never thinking that there was a short story Rather silly of me, and I m so glad I stumbled upon the original work, because it is FREAKY There s much of a budding serial killer vibe going on with the kid, which is made worse by the fact that s he s only three The effects of Anthony s tantrums are also deeply felt, as they don t disappear, but are sent into a cornfield by his house.I can t tell if this would be a good pick for parents [...]

  6. It s a good story The suspense throughout the story gives just the right amount of tension just before what had happened to Peaksville had happened Enough is revealed to keep the reader satisfied but not enough to bore the reader with meaningless detail Tangential thoughts related to the story this story shows trade is good and specialization and, relatedly, innovation is certainly limited by the extent of the market This story also shows the importance of local knowledge and how one can do bad [...]

  7. I have to be honest, I have never seen the Twilight Zone episode for this Yes, I have been living under a rock, thank you very much Anyways, this was another excellent classic science fiction short story Now I will watch the Twilight Zone episodeGoodbye

  8. Fun weird short story about a child that has too much power over the world around him The Twilight Zone adaptation stayed fairly true to it, and is worth a watch.

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