I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski, and What Have You

I m a Lebowski You re a Lebowski Life The Big Lebowski and What Have You LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK First released in the Coen brothers The Big Lebowski flopped at the box office But over the past nine years the movie has developed a massive and passionate cult following

LOOK INSIDE THE BOOK First released in 1998, the Coen brothers The Big Lebowski flopped at the box office But over the past nine years the movie has developed a massive and passionate cult following, led by the creation of Lebowski Fest, a traveling festival of all things Lebowski Held in a bowling alley, it features bowling, costume and trivia contests, live music, a sLOOK INSIDE THE BOOK First released in 1998, the Coen brothers The Big Lebowski flopped at the box office But over the past nine years the movie has developed a massive and passionate cult following, led by the creation of Lebowski Fest, a traveling festival of all things Lebowski Held in a bowling alley, it features bowling, costume and trivia contests, live music, a screening of the movie, White Russians, and what haveyou Attendance has grown exponentially and the Fest has been featured in virtually every national media outlet, from NPR to the New York Times The Associated Press called it kind of a Star Trek convention, but without all the geeks The Wall Street Journal simply intoned One hell of a party Now, at last, comes the book that the legion of Lebowski fans aka Achievers has been waiting for I m a Lebowski, You re a Lebowski is a treasure trove of trivia and commentary, hilarious throughout and copiously illustrated, including stills from the film, as well as dozens of photos taken on the set by Jeff Bridges It includes interviews with virtually every major and minor cast member, as well as the real life individuals who served as inspiration for the characters in the movie The book features a handy guide to speaking Achiever example in English you would say that a woman is feminine, or ladylike an Achiever would call her strongly vaginal , tips on how to Dude ify your car, office, and living spac

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I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski, and What Have You

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  1. Sometimes, there s a book, well, it s the book for its time and place It fits right in there And that s this book, right here And even if it s a lazy book and any book bout the Dude is most certainly that Quite possibly the laziest in Los Angeles County or any other, frankly, which would place it high in the runnin for laziest worldwide But sometimes there s a book, sometimes, there s a book Aw I lost my train of thought here But aw, hell I ve done introduced it enough.

  2. I abide this book five stars for the same reason many Christians would probably give the Holy Bible five stars It s the primary book around on its relatively specialized subject matter.I received this book as a gift and was extremely jazzed at the prospect of catching some of the back story of a film I ve seen 80 or 90 times Turns out the book is pretty funny and slightly inspiring at times, but can t match the genius of the work it has been written to supplement.The authors are the founding dud [...]

  3. Skimmed this in a Barnes Noble while I had time to kill Basically it s the product of some scarily obsessed fanboys It includes a fanatically comprehensive set of interviews they not only tracked down the actor who played Larry, the kid who steals the Dude s car IS THIS YOUR HOMEWORK, LARRY but also the former kid whose real life involvement in a car theft inspired the Larry incident They even interviewed the actress who played the supermarket checkout girl in one of the opening scenes And many [...]

  4. Sometimes there s a book to describe a movie that rests in the hearts of so many Achievers If you aren t a fan of The Big Lebowski, a masterpiece from the ever brilliant Coen brothers, then don t bother with this book You re out of your element, like a child that wanders into the midst of pages you simply won t understand This book is excellent like the Dude s rug, it really ties the room together Even after countless viewings of the greatest movie ever made, I learned quite a bit from this hand [...]

  5. I bought this book on impulse, and I don t regret it at all It s a fantastic coffee table book, and easily flip throughable Most of the book consists of interviews with the actors in the film ALL of the actors, from Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges to the Dude s landlord, and Liam the Jesus bowling partner And they all love the movie, apparently.It s obviously all over the dick of the movie, but that s not too annoying And it makes me determined to actually attend a Lebowskifest, which I ve been [...]

  6. The ultimate Big Lebowski fan book Filled with interviews with the cast, tips on how to Dude ify your life, as well as a search for why the Big Lebowski has inspired so many people Written by the creators of the Lebowski Fest.

  7. A fun look behind the scenes and into the minutiae of the movie from some very some might say overly dedicated fans They talk to everybody involved except for the Coen brothers themselves.

  8. There s a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what have yous to be discussed about the neo noir stoner comedy The Big Lebowski, and the creators of Lebowski Fest are the men for their time I wouldn t call them heroes but then, what is a hero anyway Shush, now I ve gone and done it I, like the authors of this book and the Achievers they represent, could go on for a long time sharing quotations and favourite moments from the Coens cult classic comedy It s one of my favourite movies, and so I really enjoy [...]

  9. I am an Acheiver from way back I have a t shirt from the 1st Annual Lebowskifest and attended the 2nd and 3rd in Louisville.I first saw The Big Lebowski March 2008, when it first came out in theaters The theater only had a handful of people, inlcuding a guy sitting behind me, that laughed the entire movie I don t recall anyone else laughing and I found his continous laughter a little annoying and distracting.As my girlfriend now wife and I left the movie, I remember saying, I want to see that ag [...]

  10. If you re a fan of The Big Lebowski, you must read this book No two ways about it There are great stories about how the Coen Brothers came up with the Dude s many misadventures, interviews with much of the cast even people with tiny roles , descriptions of Lebowskifests past, testimonials from some famous and some not so famous fans, information on locations used in the film, and lots of fun references to the movie the kind you no doubt make in everyday conversations if you re anything like me a [...]

  11. where do i start brilliant the book about the movie about the man for his time and place our time lebowski s time i mean to say the dude or the duderino or his dude ness if you re not into the whole brevity thing learn what it means to be an achiever, and the scourge of being a bum because they lost tattoo it on your forehead because the dude minds this aggression will not stand, man big lebowski fans, your time has arrived this is a must have for you this book, even on shomer shabbos, is terrif [...]

  12. This is a must read for any Achievers the preferred nomenclature for die hard Big Lebowski fans, in the parlance of our times This book is great It contains interviews with actors But it also contains interviews with the people who were the inspiration for the characters in The Big Lebowski Yup, there is a Dude Jeff The Dude Dowd, and there are many inspirations for Walter Further, the authors discovered that there were many actual events that inspired The Big Lebowski These include A rug that r [...]

  13. This is a great book for anyone who s crossed the threshold from casual viewer to obsessed, multi viewing, actually going to Lebowskifest, dressing up like the characters fans such as myself It s great because it goes into all the details that you would want to know about a movie you re obsessed with Where the scenes were shot, how the characters were conceived, what was based on actual events, and things like that It analyzes dialogue, interviews the actors, and covers everything so thoroughly [...]

  14. Lebowski fans, rejoice This book is rich with incidental facts and trivia of the beloved movie What I love best is it s interviews with the most inconsequential actors and historical figures that inspire the movie Watching the movie I am definitely enad with the nuances that are so subtle and appear so inside , but you get it some how Sometime you eat the bar, sometime the bar eats you makes sense when you hear it, but there s actually this great context to it Like many, The Big Lebowski, is one [...]

  15. This book is the ultimate fan book I don t think there is any part of The Big Lebowski that this book does not cover For someone who has seen the movie many times, there is still some info for you here in this book, but at times it gets repetitive The book basically breaks down like this an introduction interviews with all actors actresses in the film interviews with the people who served as inspiration for various characters interviews with fans some are well known Lebowski Fest info a guide to [...]

  16. This is a book about one of my favorite movies, The Big Lebowski The book explores the cult following surrounding the film, interviews the actors, introduces the real people who inspired the characters, offers a plethora of trivia about the movie, and what have you If you are a fan of the movie, this book is highly recommended If The Big Lebowski isn t your thing, skip it in the words of the film s Walter Sobchak, doing so may cause you to enter a world of pain if your sense of humor isn t a goo [...]

  17. I couldn t disagree with the reviewer who wrote not a lot of meat and bones here it s penned by the founders of the LebowskiFest, true, but they went out of their way to interview not only actors in the film, but to track down and interview the real life inspirations, establishing so well all the various stories that informed Joel Ethan Cohen that the writers of the BFI Film Classic on the film, J.M Tyree Ben Walters, cite the work as marvellous notes, p 109 If you re a fan of the film, it s in [...]

  18. This book is hilarious My heart swelled in an intense feeling of camaraderie as I read the words of my fellow Achievers However, I was slightly disappointed that my photo that had been on the Lebowski Fest website for awhile did not make it into the book Bygones If TBL made you laugh to beat the band this book will, too.Oh, and Tara Reid You should be ashamed of yourself That interview, if it can even be called such a thing, was awful You re not dealing with morons here Amateur.

  19. Finally, a book for all true achievers This isn t exactly for lightweights I really loved reading about the other fans commentaries of the movie and the following it has gained It s good to know we re not alone As a Lebowski Fest veteran Louisville 2005 bitches I feel like I have played a small part in history And, having this book lying around helps identify others like me, some really worthy adversaries Plus, it really ties the room together.

  20. This book is for everyone who, like me, has been waiting for a real The Big Lebowski special edition DVD.The best part is the interviews They interviewed most of the actors and many of the people that the Coen Brothers based the various characters on All the way down to the real little Larry Sellers.Sometimes the movie quotations go a little over the line but they didn t go too far, maybe their toe just slipped over.

  21. If you re a Lebowski fan this book is really funny Mostly it reminds you of how funny the movie is as you re reading it But it also explains much of the inspiration for the film which is also ridiculous And it gets into some of the cult phenomenon which has sprung up around the movie Let s just say if Lebowskifest were closer to Philly I d def go

  22. Quite a bit of fun to read, and reminded me of why I liked the movie I can t identify with the intensity of the authors to know everything, but it sure is a lot of fun to read what they ve found out The interviews with the cast and fans of the movie are great, though they are missing an interview with the actor who played Jackie Treehorn.

  23. Loved it I m such a big fan I learned that we re called Achievers as in the little Lebowski urban achievers and proud we are of all of them Reading this made me want to call my friend Colin on every page in college, we d go bowling, drink white Russians, and watch this movie SO GOOD Favorite quote You re obviously not a golfer

  24. This was a Christmas gift from my boyfriend It s a fun collection of trivia and interviews with cast members and others After reading it, I re watched the movie, and was amused by some of the small things mentioned in the interviews that I had previously missed I would recommend this for anyone who loves the movie.

  25. Granted, this is a guy s film, as are most Cohen brothers movies I ve watched it enough times to quote it, attend viewing bowling parties, and appreciate its many great moments This book is an unbelievable collection of stories, background, and what have you In the parlance of our times, a natural, zesty enterprise.

  26. A must read for Achievers and Amateurs alike I love the inside look of this great film and all the interviews the authors compiled I especially loved reading about the inspirations behind the Dude and Walter A tip of the hat to these great Achievers and the Coen brothers Now I must go and watch The Big Lebowski and enjoy some White Russians

  27. I was excited to read this, thinking that it would be the end all be all of books about my favorite movie Turns out not so much.The best part of the book are the interviews with the actors as well as the interviews with the real life people some of the characters were based on.Though I expected from the founders of Lebowskifest, this was fun and worth the 15.

  28. This is my favorite movie of all time This book gives some interesting facts about the movie, but nothing earth shattering The most interesting thing was finding out how the Cohens got their inspiration If you re as huge a fan as I am, this might be for you, but otherwise pass But Definitly watch the movie, for the first, second, one hundredth time The Cohen brothers are geniuses.

  29. Far out man Cool interviews with castmembers though not the Coen brothers , plus lots of trivia and reverence to the Dude Not too expensive, either, at 16.95 If you re the type of person that LebowskiFest is for, then this book is for you If not, there are probably too many ins and outs, too many what have yous, and you ll wonder what this book is blathering about.

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