Unsettled Interlude

Unsettled Interlude Contains Spoilers for Unacceptable Risk Hidden Wolves book Paul Hunter just spent two days as a captive to werewolves his life hanging in the balance a witness to crimes and craziness Now he s back

Contains Spoilers for Unacceptable Risk Hidden Wolves book 1Paul Hunter just spent two days as a captive to werewolves, his life hanging in the balance, a witness to crimes and craziness Now he s back in his regular life, and living with Simon, the man he s been falling for And he s part of a werewolf pack He needs his brain to somehow catch up with all of that.Simon Contains Spoilers for Unacceptable Risk Hidden Wolves book 1Paul Hunter just spent two days as a captive to werewolves, his life hanging in the balance, a witness to crimes and craziness Now he s back in his regular life, and living with Simon, the man he s been falling for And he s part of a werewolf pack He needs his brain to somehow catch up with all of that.Simon thought saving his human mate from his own pack would be the hardest thing he d face with Paul, but he s beginning to realize that was just the beginning He has to figure out how their future will work, and convince his skittish lover that staying with the pack is better than leaving it, while hints of threats to Paul s safety keep him awake at night Fortunately Simon is up for the challenge This is a significantly expanded version of the short story Interlude that was previously on my website

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Unsettled Interlude

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  1. I get asked about my name a lot It s not something exotic, though Kaje is pronounced just like cage it s an old nickname.I was born in Montreal but have lived for 30 years in Minnesota, where the two seasons are Snow removal and Road repair, where the mosquito is the state bird, and where winter can be breathtakingly beautiful Minnesota s a kind, quiet if sometimes chilly place and it s home.I ve been writing far longer than I care to admit whispers forty years , mostly for my own entertainment, usually M M romance with added mystery, fantasy, historical, SciFi I also have a few Young Adult stories some released under the pen name Kira Harp My husband finally convinced me that after all the years of writing for fun, I really should submit something, somewhere My first professionally published book, Life Lessons, came out from MLR Press in May 2011 I have a weakness for closeted cops with honest hearts, and teachers who speak their minds, and I had fun writing four novels and three freebie short stories in that series I was delighted and encouraged by the reception Mac and Tony received.I now have a good sized backlist in ebooks and print, both free and professionally published A complete list with links can be found on my website Books page at kajeharper.wordpress books You can find me and my book reviews on my author page here on I hang out on a lot because I moderate the YA LGBT Books group I also post free short YA stories on that group, than 50 of them so far.You can also find me on Facebook facebook KajeHarper


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  1. Written January 10, 20143.7 Stars a good very short sequel to Paul Simon s love story thanks for that I really enjoyed the great and thrilling PNR novel Unacceptable Risk 4.3 stars from me This is a 25 pages sequel shorty with yummy stuff about these two newly bonded lovebirds and in addition Kaje Harper s stories are always quite amazing to read The beginning of everything When you can t get enough of your husband s smell and his taste and the touch of his hands Unsettled Interlude is a quickl [...]

  2. 3 Short StarsHmm This is a small story following the events of Unacceptable Risk and although I did think that was needed to the story to resolve the problems between Simon and Paul, this story wasn t enough It was just a few pages that resolved nothing Simon and Paul talked a bit about their problems and revealed a few stuff but no solution was given I m hoping things will be smoothed out in the next books.

  3. This free short story about 10,8K featured Simon and Paul from Unacceptable Risk It is advisable to that one reads that book first because some of the things here will make senseI love this I m a sucker for established relationship, especially when the couple is dealing with issues by TALKING Here, we dig a bit deeper on Paul s discomfort with the violence within werewolf pack how easy for pack to kill or how big the power of an Alpha is I love that he addresses his concerns and Simon tries to [...]

  4. A very nice short followup to Unacceptable Risk I was happy to see this little short because I wasn t ready to put these guys down yet

  5. Starting exactly where Unacceptable Risk left off, this short story deals mainly with Paul and Simon coming to terms with the events from the last two days, so don t try to read this as a standalone because it contains major spoilers for book one, for that reason alone its hard to do a non spoiler review so sorry, this won t be a long in depth one.The person who is struggling most is Paul As a human he finds it hard to understand the pack mentality and he s still not sure that the decisions he s [...]

  6. Unsettled Interlude is right Reads like the missing epilogue from Unacceptable Risk, it s the morning after the events of the first book and this sets up a bit of what ll be happening in the second book of the series view spoiler Mostly, I think, the danger for Paul and Simon having become a same sex bonded pair as well as the possibility of the werewolves being discovered by humans hide spoiler We get a bit of Aaron which is nice and there are a few sweet scenes with Simon and Paul that help b [...]

  7. This starts out where book 1 Unacceptable Risk leaves off Newly bonded Paul and Simon are working out their relationship and the possibility of fallout from the other pack Paul is trying to deal with his conflicting emotions and feelings from the last few days The abrupt bonding is having is leaving Paul feeling unsure and uneasy And Simon is trying to keep his fears for Paul s safety to himself my issue with thiso short onto the next book YAY

  8. It s probably best to read this one right after Unacceptable Risk, since it takes place directly after that story.Paul is still coming to terms with being part of a pack, what that means for him, for Simon and for them as a couple.I like that Simon is open and honest with Paul, doesn t try to make it easier or better than it really is, and he listens to Paul s concerns and takes them seriously There are also some lighter moments and since I ve already read Aaron s story, I know how the kitten th [...]

  9. Very good short story follow up to Hidden Wolves 1 Unacceptable Risk And has the extra bonus of being free Steer away if you haven t read Unacceptable Risk since this story is set immediately after the events in that book And I don t think things are easy to understand nor will you really feel for the characters without reading that book first Here, Simon and Paul are adjusting to their post mate bond life, and the new pack Although Paul loves Simon, he still has some reservations about the pack [...]

  10. I read this one a little out of order after Unexpected Demands , and I was little sad seeing Paul and Simon so unsettled here after knowing how happy they eventually end up Love these two

  11. i loved seeing this couple again I didnt plan to contuine this series but I would if these guys got another book.

  12. I loved the first book in this series, Unacceptable Risk, quite a lot, but I found this short follow up rather tedious Paul whines a lot about the events that happened at the end of Unacceptable Risk and there was no steam at all to offset the whining I really liked Paul in the first book and I get he s had to face a lot of reality shifts in a short period of time, but I really just wanted to give him a time out It s a short read, at least, so I would probably still recommend reading this one be [...]

  13. This is a nice little companion piece to the first book Paul and Simon are bonded, they re together, but not everything is smooth sailing Paul has a lot to learn about the shifter world and it doesn t all jibe with his values The balancing act these two are going to have to go through is only just beginning, but I like its start.

  14. A quick little peak into Paul and Simon s adjustment to the new pack and bonded mates Love is never easy even when it s fated.

  15. Oh, lovely sequel to Unacceptable Risk view spoiler It kept up with the characters and picked up right where the novel left off.I enjoyed this for several reasons One was just mentioned I want to know what happened after the pack split up and how Paul and Simon are dealing with the mate bond on top of everything else The second reason was the humour interspersed in between serious and heavy topics that the pair discussed.Third reason is that it made me really feel what each character was going t [...]

  16. It was wonderful coming back to these two men after having read Unacceptable Risk Paul still struggles with what he had witnessed in the first book, and one has to wonder if this will cause problems between Paul and the pack However, the love that is between Paul and Simon keeps growing stronger I love this Hidden Wolves verse, and anytime there is a new read in it, I m going to grab it up with both hands

  17. It wraps up the first novel very well and sets up some of the issues for the second, but mostly it is simply a short, delicious read all by itself I recommend reading it afterUnacceptable Risk so that it does not spoil any of the novel it helps wrap up.

  18. Thank you, Kaje, for giving an extended glimpse into Simon and Paul right after the events of the meet It was wonderful to see them continuing to work on their relationship and try to understand each other s perspective Love these guys.

  19. This is a great little addition Like any newly weds Paul and Simon are still figuring their new lives out.

  20. Wow Book one definitely left Paul and Simon on thin ice, but they were headed toward solid ground This absolutely showcases how far they have to go Paul is SO not ready for all the stuff involved in being part of a pack but he absolutely adores and loves Simon so he s willing to work on it He s afraid of their moral compass but is beginning to understand their pull as well as their needs.Simon, on the other hand, is all in with Paul and the pack, but he s SO worried about the potential threat to [...]

  21. sigh Really not for me I kind of want to give the series space to win me over, but it looks like the sequel proper is still tied in with this pack I d have liked it if it was about another pack, maybe with things handled slightly differently Because I refuse to accept that every single group of sufficiently humanoid creatures acts exactly the same, particularly since they don t seem to have that much contact with one another so it s not like they can keep tabs on how each Alpha handles himself [...]

  22. 5 starsI admit that I m not usually much for short stories in this genre, however this is almost of an epilogue to Unacceptable Risk than a standalone story I rated it highly because it addresses a lot of the concerns that I had at the end of that book, and in doing so made the story better as a whole I definitely agree with one of the previous reviewers who commented on how good it is to see people work out relationship issues by, you know, talking about it Finally, I also like that we got to [...]

  23. It was nice to follow up with Paul and Simon after Unacceptable Risk, because while the ending was happy, there were still plenty of lose ends with respect to their relationship Not much happened in this, but we got to see them deal with some of the issues that occurred as a result of things in the first book and get to see them work some stuff out.

  24. synopsis paul has just witnessed violence committed by his new packd his mate he s unsure of everything, including simon s feelings for him and vice versa simon feels paul s reticence and doesn t know how to make things better.what i liked paul and simon seeing them working through their fears and become closer i liked seeing the pack accept paul and simon.what i didn t like nothing.

  25. I am soooooooo glad I got to read this the day after I read Paul Simon s story It was just a little something to tide us over til the next bookd also it clarified a few things between these very much in love guyswho have NO CLUE how to handle a relationship less a marriagebut they are working on it Very short and very sweet I agreePaul had better get his kittens

  26. Reviewed by Brandilyn for Prism Book Alliance I went into this series expecting only to review the main works in the series, but quickly decided to include the free minor works as well, as I fell they truly add to the world Harper has created Find the full review at prismbookalliance pos

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