First Chances

First Chances Sometimes your first love isn t your last Hadie Swinton isn t the good girl she used to be After losing the love of her life she casts aside her squeaky clean image and spends her nights drinking and

Sometimes your first love isn t your last Hadie Swinton isn t the good girl she used to be After losing the love of her life, she casts aside her squeaky clean image and spends her nights drinking and staying out late.Eddie Cavallari is sick of being the nice guy who always finishes last He s been by Hadie s side through her grief, but is close to giving up on her afte Sometimes your first love isn t your last Hadie Swinton isn t the good girl she used to be After losing the love of her life, she casts aside her squeaky clean image and spends her nights drinking and staying out late.Eddie Cavallari is sick of being the nice guy who always finishes last He s been by Hadie s side through her grief, but is close to giving up on her after she starts pushing him away.Once friends, the pair are now strangers in each other s lives Hidden beneath her makeup and tight clothes, Hadie is trying to lose herself, but when a shock revelation hurtles through her already fragile life, Eddie is the only one willing to stand by her and lead her back into the light.Despite the obstacles in their way, Eddie is determined to prove to Hadie that even when love dies, it never really leaves us.

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First Chances

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  1. Komal Kant is the international bestselling author of BENEATH HIM She writes books about falling in love, books that make you laugh in awkward locales, and that one book where you bawled so hard that you loved and hated her equally.Her days are filled with imaginary characters who speak to her in hushed tones before stealing her lunch money, a husband who accepts all her weird writer quirks, and a criminal mastermind Shih Tzu and lapdog American Bully he s the muscle.Find her latest release THE JERK NEXT DOOR on It s a book about an irritating, Aussie neighbor, and features a cast of characters that are cracked.Website komalkant.wordpress Facebook facebook pages Komal K


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  1. First Chances the book that took years It was the hardest book for me to write and I put it off for such a long time that I wasn t even sure if anyone would read it But I had to write it for the fans who wanted a happily ever after for Hadie, and for myself, too.There is so much of me in this book I think writing it was therapy for me, and I am so glad I finally pulled through and got it done With the last three years of my life falling apart around me, yet at the same time having to move on, th [...]

  2. As much I adored link in falling for hadie all time book boyfriend, woooop pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee let eddies girl be hadie I m guessing it will from links note to Eddie in falling for hadie, and from eddies song, it will make my life complete Hadie deserves another chance at love

  3. Tuvo tanto drama encima que se volvi irreal Haddie empieza a salir m s que nada tontear un poco con un chico que es parte de una banda de motociclistas, se ti e el pelo de violeta y rechaza a sus amigos porque prefiere juntarse con l a tomar y fumar todas las noches, pero ojo, todo es porque est muerta igual que su novio.Nadie la para y cada vez que alguien intento hacerlo se pone agresiva y llora Ni los propios padres se hacen cargo de la situaci n Al h roe lo tiene como un mu eco y l sigue vol [...]

  4. Got your tissues ready Komal has dedicated this book to those of us that wanted Hadie to have her happy ending because sometimes your first love isn t your last You need to read Falling for Hadie first to have any understanding of what this book is about, so please do not read this review if you haven t.First Chances picks up after the devastating ending of Falling for Hadie All the old friends from previous books are back in this story.Hadie is a mess after Lincoln s death and she loses herself [...]

  5. el comienzo no me gusto, si soy sincera el libro no me gusto mucho Por que bueno primero sentia ma feeling con Three que con Eddie si soy sincera, ademas Eddie lo senti como egoista en varios momento, el tiene que comprender que perder al amor de su vida no es facil como siempre lo mejor del libro fue el padre Hadie, eso padres son tan cool Ellos fueron lo unico que digo que valio la pena en verdad leer este libro ademas me dolio mucho como trataron a Three lo que no me gusto de estas saga es qu [...]

  6. I m in the minority with not loving this book So please don t hate me when I say it wasn t really for me I think the writing was great as always from Miss Kant but I didn t love the storyline I also think it was such a long wait for Hadie s HEA that my expectations may have been a bit too high I will happily read whatever comes next and would love a Elly Three romance but this one wasn t my favourite in the series

  7. Me gusto esta historia Pero a Hadie la quise matar durante todo el libro Odiaba esa actitud totalmente est pida que tenia Este libro fue perfecto gracias a Eddie 3 Es un chico maravilloso.

  8. What can I say about this book You have no idea how much this story means to me I was so invested in Hadie and Lincoln in the first book No lie I cried for days wrote this author and DEMANDED SHE WRITE MORE If you haven t read this series your truly missing out But she did a phenomenal job with letting me see Eddie and Hadie The things this young woman felt this series is real life It makes you think about struggles we as adults have but teens have it hard to so much pettiness I understand my da [...]

  9. Two years ago a book called Falling for Hadie broke my heart Over the last two years it s a story I often think back to, I wondered if Hadie would ever get her HEA I stalked Komal s FB profile throughout those two years hoping and praying that Hadie story had been published So you get I was really looking forward to this book I was a little worried that this book wouldn t live up to its predecessor or my expectations but it surpassed both I cried a lot but this book mended my broke heart and doe [...]

  10. This is definitely not a dnf because I didn t like it However stupid this is going to sound, god, it will sound ridiculous but I just started reading this and it hurt It hurt so much, I m not ready to read this book yet, but I am absolutely planning on reading it some day.

  11. Would have loved it if it was set in college I didn t read the previous books, it was easy to understand what happened However, it seems too much for teenagers even in their last year of High school

  12. Oh my goodness I m so excited for this book I loved Eddie in the first two books and the little but we heard from him in the third

  13. I m still ugly crying Just leave me alone BTW, I M happy for Hadie and her choosen one, but still hurts what happened in Falling for Hadie.

  14. Alright This was good Really good But I m not sure how to review it Because on one hand, I LOVE HADIE But on the other hand LINCOLN IS THE ONLY MAN FOR HER EVER Okay Not really Second chances even though the book is called first chances and all that But still Every time I think about Lincoln I start crying so seeing Hadie work things out with Eddie was a little rough Plus, she changed A LOT Which is kind of awesome and makes me happy that she really did love Lincoln and she went through a lot an [...]

  15. Alternately painful and hopeful, this roller coaster ride followup to Falling For Hadie has a lot packed into the story Broken hearts, compassionate adults Hadie s parents are the kind every teen wishes they had , grief, bad choices, mean girls, a guy whose the best possible person and a big surprise near the end Very satisfying read.

  16. HealingThis book really helped me heal from the devastation that Falling for Hadie left behind in me for the last 2 years.

  17. BeautifulIt took me a long time to read this book, not because of the book itself, but because Falling For Hadie, the first book, had completely destroyed me It was one of greatest books I had ever read, and whenever people asked me what they should read, I recommended that book.I was afraid of this book, so it was on my TBR list for a long time.And then I read this book one sitting I devoured it as quickly as I had the first book.First Chances had me screaming at Hadie and at Eddie I wanted to [...]

  18. I have a vested interest in the book because I ve read the rest of the series While the book can be read as a stand alone, it will make much sense if you read the other books first, particularly Falling for Hadie While none of Kant s books are staggering works of literary genius there are always small issues with grammar and continuity , the story is compelling and fun If you re a fan of the books, chances are you re a huge fan of Eddie Cavallari, the unsung nice guy hero of this particular hig [...]

  19. Ohhhh the feelssss with this book.I m like in shock i looved it It gave me hopee for HE and that note from Lincoln in the first book was my undoing but knowing how Eddie actually felt was amazing I loooove him I did not like what Hadie did with Three but I understand un clavo saca a otro clavo not really He was a little ass for beating Eddie but he was falling in lovehe was searching for hope and what did he recieve Nothing Anywhoo i am happy with the happy ending that Eddie and Hadie FINALLY ha [...]

  20. This one is just as good as the second book in this series In book two, Hadie falls in love with a boy with a huge secret Hadie is so easily likable that you want to see her happy But in this book, it comes at a cost I really liked this book because it touched my heart It ended with a bittersweet end For those who wasn t happy that Hadie didn t get her perfect happily ever after This book is the follow up to it which does give her a great happily ever after with a good little surprise to it too [...]

  21. Espere tanto por este libro, que cuando lo tuve me lo devore, pero quede con gusto a poco view spoiler Aqu seguimos la historia de Hadie despu s de la muerte de Lincon se va a llorar a un rinc n y de como se revela, alej ndose de sus amigos, bebiendo y fumando,lo cual encontr que se fue un poquitin al limite esa parte y por mas que Eddie quiere ayudarla y acercarse a ella esta lo aleja, para mas remate se accidenta y esta embarazada, no encuentran que es mucho pero bueno hide spoiler Tengo senti [...]

  22. Falling for Hadie fue uno de mis libros favoritos pero este lo ODIE En un momento Hadie estaba q se cortaba las venas de tanto q echaba de menos a Lincoln en un abrir cerrar de ojos estaba perdidamente enamorada de Eddie por Dios ni siquiera hab an pasado 2 meses de la muerte de Lincoln no digo q llorara eternamente pero como q fue muy r pido la cosa hubiera preferido q apareciera otro chico todo fuera mas lento Este libro me hizo sentir q Eddie se quedo con TODO incluso con la hija de Linc sip [...]

  23. The first two books in the With Me series I read in 2013 and loved I gave Impossible and Falling for Hadie five stars each Wrong Side of Town, book three, I also read in 2013 but didn t enjoy as much, gave it four stars Now it s 2016 and I m finally getting to read First Chances, a continuation of Hadie s story from book two but I ve been so far removed from the series I just didn t connect to the characters like before I think I would have appreciated Eddie and Hadie if I would have read the b [...]

  24. Me encant Llor y re con este libro Me encantaron sus personajes, tanto los amigos de Eddie y Hadie, como sus padres que los am y me re mucho con ellos.A pesar que en un momento me pareci muy rapido el amor de Hadie hacia Eddie ya que en un capitulo le decia que la dejara en paz y al otro, pensaba que estaba enamorada de l y, a pesar de, que a veces me dieron ganas de matar a Hadie, me encant su historia Me gust que a pesar de la muerte de Lincoln que me doli hasta a mi, much simo ella y Eddie, p [...]

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