Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer Ingram is a coward and weakling at least according to his father the king and the royal court He cannot use a sword he faints at the sight of blood and even his brilliant abilities as a strategist

Ingram is a coward and weakling at least according to his father, the king, and the royal court He cannot use a sword, he faints at the sight of blood, and even his brilliant abilities as a strategist are not enough to overcome his failings When his father loses a bet to the notorious Lord Mallory over the matter of a dragon slaying, he pays his debt by ordering Ingram tIngram is a coward and weakling at least according to his father, the king, and the royal court He cannot use a sword, he faints at the sight of blood, and even his brilliant abilities as a strategist are not enough to overcome his failings When his father loses a bet to the notorious Lord Mallory over the matter of a dragon slaying, he pays his debt by ordering Ingram to marry him.Then his father reveals that he is putting Ingram to a greater purpose, giving Ingram one last chance to prove he is not worthless All it requires is betraying his new husband.

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Dragon Slayer

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  1. Isabella Carter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dragon Slayer book, this is one of the most wanted Isabella Carter author readers around the world.


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  1. This was a lovely story and I loved every minute of it First of all, it has forced marriage trope I liked that idea it was always fun to read Ingram had my heart from the get go I felt so much for Ingram and wanted to console him when his father treated him badly Ingram was loyal to his father first, even if his father thought of him as coward and weak, simply because Ingram was of a thinker rather than a knight on the field Urgh, I wanted to kick the King s ass on Ingram s behalf I loved Ingra [...]

  2. A wonderful tale of kings and princes and dragons lol.I really enjoyed this wonderful medieval tale From the first pages it kept me hooked By the exciting climax at the end I was reading as fast as I could.Ingram is a delightful character that had me wanting to hug and protect him While Mallory was a hero right from the start There is no on page sex in this book, which is a plus for me, but the feelings that developed over time between Mallory and Ingram gave me the perfect fix of M M romance.Wh [...]

  3. This was quite a fabulous fantasy story about a Prince, Ingram, forced by his father to marry a dragon slayer, Mallory, who is the warden of their kingdom s northern territories There was some interesting world building and I enjoyed the build up of the characters and their relationship I loved Ingram from the beginning and it while it took me a bit to warm to Mallory, he became a richer, substantial character for me as I read on Sex is fade to black and that definitely works for the story I fo [...]

  4. Oh the intrigue and adventure, the secrets and plots, the lying But there was also the love and sweetness, the caring and adventure and dragons Ingram, his father the king is an asshat, treats Ingram poorly and at first opportunity marries him off to a wild looking dragon slayer from a far off land Ingram actually takes all of this well, considering and actually starts to like his new home and husband, but you know you can t fill the pages with peace and prosperity Like in a lot of these kind of [...]

  5. Review posted at The Armchair Reader.I really have grown to love Isabella Carter s books So I was really excited for this one, which not only promises to be an in depth story because it s the first of a series, but also that I know she likes to really dig into her fantasy worlds In many ways you can see that this book is a setup, but if you didn t know it was the first book of a series, I think you d find that it felt like a whole book It isn t just setup, but it does a really good job of giving [...]

  6. This was a very enjoyable m m fantasy read about a prince who is shuffled off into a marriage to a Lord, under his jerky father s orders to act as a spy But poor Ingram soon realizes that everything is not as it seems his new husband is than a dragon slaying brute, his father s demands are rooted in baseless paranoia, and he even finds within himself aspects and depths and courage that he never realized he had.I liked Ingram and Mallory very much they have a slow, but sweet developing romance I [...]

  7. A sweet fantasy romance with enough real danger to keep it from being too much I really liked the main character, and seeing how he grew over the course of the story His love interest is strong, but not controlling, or overbearing I m looking forward to reading .

  8. abandoned at 95 percent, because sometimes you can get over fade to black sex if there s a proper story going on, but not if the story makes hardly any sense and hinges on finger wiggling sorcery and dumb secrets and very little elseis publisher is dreadful i am 0 for 5.

  9. NOOOOOOO too soon to end Nooooo MORE Ingram and Mallory were amazing Love Ingram, and hate how he was treated by his own father, the king To a fantasy book, it s a great mystery storyLove the mystery cues were all around the book, telling me the truth about both men, but just near the last page I connect all the dots and discover it I ADORED all the dragons Yeah Plural than one LOVE THEM ALL I loooooves the magic It will take a while to start to be mentioned, but it s there if you like fantas [...]

  10. 4.2 stars As promised to my dear Vio, I took the plunge first with this one and thoroughly enjoyed it Before seeing Cole s review, I was not aware Dragon Slayer was the initial part of a series luckily, I was prepared for some sort of cliffhanger or to be continued ending, so I refrained from unladylike noises of interrupted reading frustration at the endThe story was very well written, with a quite fast paced plot, solid world building and engaging characters I liked Ingram s vulnerability and [...]

  11. Too many twists and turns made for a rushed ending3.0 StarsI was loving this book up through the 85% mark The world building was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed the character development There are a plethora of characters so I found myself using the search function on my Kindle a number of times I honestly didn t mind because the cast of characters made for a robust story It wasn t unexpected since experience has taught me that fantasy books are often chock full of interesting characters What [...]

  12. This is a great little fantasy politcal intrigue novella Ingram is the classic introspective unassuming hero, sneered at by his warrior father who sees him as worthless.Nothing could be further from the truth of course, but when he is bundled off to a far off land with a potential traitor, Ingram is determined to get his father s approval.Mallory is a mystery But the story is not long enough to keep up his engimatic front It doesn t take long for Ingram to have to question his loyalities.Book on [...]

  13. 3.5 stars Average fantasy m m romance, quite a few typos, sex scenes are off camera The end got a little confusing and felt rushed.Prince Ingram is unloved and derided by his father King Roderick He finds himself married to Lord Mallory as reward for Mallory slaying a troublesome dragon I saw him, I spoke to him There is a traitor in your midst, Father, a real one, not one if your imagination And he is feeding on your paranoia until you dance like a puppet on a string You aren t a king, but a fi [...]

  14. I need This book was so good and I was so engrossed in the characters and the plot and I thought it was just really good, and then the ending happened It didn t take away from the book or anything, but I am so annoyed that the sequel isn t out But I think there will be a sequel at some point, because says this is the first in a series, so I will wait patiently for from these characters I hope it will be these characters, at least.This was sweeter than I thought it would be I really liked that [...]

  15. Dragon Slayer is a lovely and sweet read, one with storyline and depth than I had previously imagined I had started reading with the idea that this would be some happy go lucky fluff, however what I got was, well I suppose Of course, this novel was not some dark and gritty story, it was still quite fluffy, however it had a solid and somewhat intriguing storyline that most definitely hints at a sequel Although this book is obviously fantasy, its taste is somewhat different to what one might exp [...]

  16. Alright So, I don t really know how to review this book The plot is great fantasy with dragons, court intrigue and a little bit of romance to spice things up It would be great as an anime The main characters are highly likeable and Ingram is such a dynamic one The message is pretty good there is always fear, but the only thing that matters is what you do with it 300 pages , some explicit scenes and a less modern language this book could have been the next A Song of Ice Fire Still, it s fine as i [...]

  17. 3.7 StarsDespite the lack of sexy times I was really digging this story I loved the world building and mythology created, plus both MCs were growing on med then it was over and I realized there was no Book 2 WTF Considering that ending very cliff hangery I expected there to be , but it s been than 5 years since this was published so I guess not Very disappointed.

  18. This review can be found at The Blog of Sid Love.4.5 starsAccording to the King, Ingram is worthless as a prince He can t use a sword, barely knows how to fight and faints at the sight of blood But under that weakling exterior, he s a magnificent strategist with a soft heart that just wants what s best for his kingdom When the King loses a bet to a foe, Ingram suddenly finds himself wedded to Lord Mallory and his life turns upside down Not only does he have to leave his home, and his beloved sib [...]

  19. 4.5 Stars After searching so long, I finally found a fantasy novel that lived up to my fantasy novel expectations Forget the MM genre on this one This is a truly great first installment to what would be a fantastic series.Ingram is a coward and weakling at least according to his father, the king, and the royal court He cannot use a sword, he faints at the sight of blood, and even his brilliant abilities as a strategist are not enough to overcome his failings When his father loses a bet to the no [...]

  20. This is the book I would have liked to have had when I was first reading fantasy It has all the elements I love dashing heroes, smart main characters, dragons and a really sweet romance between the main characters, both guys Seriously, if you know a young gay guy who s into fantasy scifi, give them this book Or an old gay guy, for that matter, because despite the fact that the main characters are in their early 20 s, the book can be enjoyed by anyone Highly recommended.Notes score 4 Another low [...]

  21. This book was AWESOME The book had a lot of things i like For example A beautiful prince, a badass lord dragon slayer, forced marriage, dragons, magic and magicians, sirens and a cute love atory Did I mention the dragons Yeah cause they cannot be forgotten I really really want a book 2 but so far there s nothing in the horizon I specially loved to see Ingram turn from an insecure, emotionally abused person to someone strong enough to protect what was his It would have been better if they were so [...]

  22. Desperate for a sequelFantastic Fade to black sex scenes but the world building is top notch Great characters Ingram showed true progress as a character Sequel please

  23. I am inspired by reading really good fantasy adventure so I was excited to read this story when I read the description Not to mention there are dragons and a dragon slayer Wow This story was also filled with court intrigue, backstabbing, revenge, a two faced monarchy, and a love story The writing was intense, crisp and clean with the storyline being unusual enough to really grasp my attention and dig in.Ingram is the second son to the king, a brilliant strategist who can t use a sword and faints [...]

  24. I enjoyed this audiobook a lot I m familiar with this narrator from Wood, Screws, Nails and All The Colors Of Love, but I liked him much better here His tone and the quality of his voice matched this world very well.The story is a bit of a familiar one, from other fantasy novels I ve read Forced marriage but of course they fall in love and discover some treachery then need to save the kingdom But that familiarity did not lessen my enjoyment at all It was great to watch Mallory develop feelings f [...]

  25. This novel by Isabella Carter set in the fantasy world of Abelen tells the story of young prince Ingram and his ongoing pursuit of winning his father s love and respect Unfortunately for the prince, it seems his efforts are futile because the King thinks him weak and incompetent simply for not being able to wield a sword Despite the prince s efforts to compensate for this with his brilliant intellect, the King is blind to his accomplishments But when a visit from a mysterious nobleman claiming a [...]

  26. As the blurb states, Ingram s father, the King, orders Ingram to marry Lord Mallory, the dragon slayer, to pay the father s debt More interested in strategy then taking the sword, Ingram is a disgrace to his father But the King suspects Mallory of treason and says Ingram can redeem himself if he finds evidence of Mallory s betrayal and turns him over to the King.This is par for the course really for Ingram and his father, so what really concerns Ingram is how easily Mallory is taking this arrang [...]

  27. 4.5 StarsI ve always loved stories with dragons in them and I was totally captivated by this one The author revealed just the right amount of mystery, intrigue and action with each turn of the page that you can t help but read on There were very well written characters you can t help but love, hate or be heartbroken with This was of an adventure than a love story The intimacy between the main characters was mostly off page so I m a little disappointed because it could have been so much intense [...]

  28. This was superbly well written and I was utterly surprised by the ending Some may be disappointed but I liked that it wasn t trite and traditional I would love to read about Ingram and Mallory but even if no comes, this is definitely worth a read.

  29. Loved the story, loved the dragons, but the characters didn t often make sense Still, wouldn t mind the next installment.

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