Hidden Truths

Hidden Truths Set against the back drop of the cities of Monte Carlo London and the beautiful snow covered mountains of Switzerland meet three men who are fighting their way through the hidden truths of their comp

Set against the back drop of the cities of Monte Carlo, London and the beautiful snow covered mountains of Switzerland meet three men who are fighting their way through the hidden truths of their complicated pasts Their lives are intertwined in ways than they can see and only working through the truths hidden deep within each of them can they free themselves and findSet against the back drop of the cities of Monte Carlo, London and the beautiful snow covered mountains of Switzerland meet three men who are fighting their way through the hidden truths of their complicated pasts Their lives are intertwined in ways than they can see and only working through the truths hidden deep within each of them can they free themselves and find the love that they are searching for Each of them need the other in a way not even themselves can understand This is the first of three books following the complicated lives of Jamie Burton a three time Winter Olympic gold medallist, Valerio Capelli an Italian bike racing prot g and Scot a billionaire business genius All three are stunning and sexy in different ways All three desire the same thing, sex, love and freedom from their pasts.Jamie Burton is an enigmatic, beautiful, intoxicating person who entices those around him without him even trying He s someone who appears to have it all Good looks, good nature, wealth How appearances can be deceiving He has a crippling emotional fear of love and relationships stemming from his painful childhood Mix that with his obsessive compulsion to remain clean and controlled and Jamie has no chance at falling in love That may change when he meets Valerio Capelli An innocent curly haired eighteen year old Italian bike racing prot g who lives life to the fullest and races at two hundred miles an hour on the

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Hidden Truths

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  1. Welcome to the home of bittersweet M M romances which will leave you craving .Nicole grew bored being a supermodel genius who worked part time for NASA, and decided to take a break from helping solve the mysteries of the universe with Stephen Hawkins to write m m romance She has a loving relationship with her hubby of twenty years, and has achieved a lot in her short life considering she s only eighteen She has fourteen dogs of all different breeds, plus twenty cats, and when she s not tending to their every need, and solving complex math problems, she loves to sew and can be often found knitting in the garden, which she maintains all by herself with her magical green fingers Finding time to make all of her own clothing and master the kitchen better than Gordon Ramsey, she s also a vegan domestic goddess and can often be found cooking up a storm bare foot in her kitchen Okay, so that s not true, especially the cooking part, though I do tend to be bare foot and I swear like Gordon does while burning my latest creation and I still think NASA will be getting in touch Any day now crosses fingers I could sooo do that job because I m so obviously awesome, but until they doI m a full time author of M M Romance and Erotica, and somehow I have several bestselling books under my belt I ve been writing for four years, and I self publish all my work under Hidden Pleasures Publishing along with my amazing team of helpers in the form my cover designer Kellie Dennis, editor Jessica McKenna, and all of my beta readers and PA s I m a wife to my beloved hubby and mother to two young girls, and I do in fact have two cats who I adore, but no dog, as the hubby put his foot down I live in Leeds in the North of England and I love it, despite the terrible weather My men are all seeking what everyone is, true love mixed with passion and their own happy ever after full of laughter and tears.facebook nicolelvillee.facebook The.Hidden.Series.Ni


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  1. This book was pretty much a porn soap opera I was expecting a lot after reading Hidden Child and coming to know Jamie s background What I got was a fuck a thon between Jamie, Scot and Valerio I can t even call it a love triangle because I don t think that either Jamie or Valerio is capable of love Scot was a stronger character but is being cowed by his powerful father The cliff hanger ending left me feeling ambivalent because I honestly don t care what happens to any of the characters I will not [...]

  2. REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEThis is a long story delving into the lives of 3 men with a whole lot of sex but behind the bed hopping there is a story panning out that is so full of twists that in the end its 429 pages don t actually feel like enough.If you have read Hidden Child you will have already met Jamie That book tells his story, through his eyes, as a four year old child and it is heartbreaking.The events from that book have made Jamie the man he is today and that man is shutoff and s [...]

  3. I ve read a M M romance before, but it was nothing compared to this Nicole is unafraid to push the envelope, her delivery is wholehearted, and she just tells her story like it is dirty, gritty and erotic Allow me to reiterate that this story is INCREDIBLY hot I dared think I could pull the STRAIGHT GIRL move at first and try to picture one of the men as a woman Nope Did not work The incredibly descriptive act of body parts touching just does not allow for it This story is not for the faint of he [...]

  4. Brilliant Book, couldn t put it down I read this book and the next two after Hidden Love I fell in love with Scot and Jamie, Hidden Love ended on a really dark part of both of their lives and I m so happy that I could buy them and read on and find out what happened next.My friend read the first three first and she thought it worked that way because of the unhappy ending in Hidden Love, but as I read that one first I can t really agree I loved this book, I loved Scot, loved, loved, loved him He s [...]

  5. J ai beaucoup appr ci ce premier tome, et pas seulement parce que les deux h ros enfin trois sont sexys et charismatiques, non derri re cette belle fa ade il y a des hommes, des vrais qui malgr la gloire ou l argent sont tout simplement humains J aime quand les personnages ne sont pas parfaits, quand vous avez un petit quelque chose qui casse cette parfaite apparence et surtout lorsqu une certaine fragilit apparait C est un trio assez complexe que nous offre Nicole Colville, Nous avons trois hom [...]

  6. Almost to angsty for me It took me some time to get through this one I had to stop and read something lighter and then come backbut I kept coming back It will be interesting to see where this series goes and if I can make it through Definitely need to at least get through the next one to see what happens to Val and Jamie and does Scot continue get in the way.

  7. I am obsessed with this series I m on book two now Talk about damaged very sexual hot men I have no idea how this will end but I can t stop reading until I find out Jaime, Valerio and Scot three unique men all with big secrets and troubled minds and hearts They have fu with my mind a good way 3

  8. Enjoy reading the book I have just released my second book, Hidden Pasts It s available to purchase from author nicole colville hidYou can find it easily following my author link above Leave me lots of reviews, i like feedback Nicole xxxxx

  9. What a great debut novel this is I will hold my hands up and say I have owned this for while before I got around to reading it, and wished I d read it sooner.Complex relationships and character interaction kept my brain working while I was reading, and I am pleased to say that I even picked up on some of the nuances that are not obvious to everyone who reads, but you won t lose any enjoyment if you don t get right into their heads.Enter Valerio, a hot young Moto GP driver who falls for Jamie, no [...]

  10. I don t know what to say I m p d off that it ends in a cliff hanger and I stupidly hadn t noticed that the story gets dragged on for another 8 books I admit that I m curious as to what happens next but they all got on my nerves So indecisive, so whiny, swapping from one bed to another but all having major issues that need dealing with I felt no empathy, didn t feel sorry for any of them and couldn t have cared less who ended up with who It also got on my nerves that I lost count of how many expe [...]

  11. loved this book but I made a mistake of reading the blurbs for the up coming books and found out what happened and lost interest I really wanted Jaime and Valerio to stay together and then I saw that Jaime ends up with Scot and I lost interest It seemed the story went on with Jaime s story from the blurbs The OCD seemed to be interesting with him but sometimes he had it and sometimes he didn t It could have made for a very interesting part of the story and how he got over it but they seemed to s [...]

  12. This story was good but I did not like this one as much as Hidden Passion Jamie was basically a dick to Scot most of the book I find Valerio kind of meh Scot is my favorite He is intriguing and multi faceted I might just skip to book 5 next I want Scot

  13. Great readThis is a good M M read I have to admit I want Scot Jaime together This is the first book and you learn about Jaime and start to see how he truly is You meet Val and get to know him Overall the chemistry and sex oh my I look forward to reading books in the series.

  14. Written in first person POV with changing perspectives it was a little tough to read The smexing was hot as hell though.

  15. Stunning book with characters that have so many flaws but you just want them to be happy Enjoyed every second reading it and can t wait to join the characters in the second book.

  16. I have been collecting this series since last year, once I downloaded the 8th book in the series I decided it was time to start this the first book Hidden Truths.I absolutely loved this book, yes it s a long read but so needed as the main characters are extremely complex I don t want to give the storyline away as I enjoyed the fact I had only read the product description.We have Three very successful men each going through their own difficulties and dealing with demons from their pasts Will one [...]

  17. My thoughts about this book are a little jumbled in that while I basically liked the book I found it a bit of a hard read with so many mistakes in grammar throughout the entire book Now I m not one to usually even mention that but I found it very distracting The other major point that I had a problem with was the character of Jamie His backstory is that he has OCD, and is somewhat emotionally stunted due to traumatic events in his life While the emotional issues are addressed and quite well defi [...]

  18. I m not adding this to my book count for the year because I skimmed a lot And I skimmed because the whole thing made me a little nauseated, but I wanted to see how it turned out Should I give it two stars for that No There s nothing redeeming here No sympathetic characters, no compelling plot, no interesting story arcs Just a lot of fucking and no one caring how their actions affected anyone else Plus, there s no resolution The melodramatic horse shit continues in book two, apparently No, thank [...]

  19. I didn t really like this one that much I actually didn t finish it either The way it was written just didn t flow with me But that s ok because I have read other books written by Nicole Colville and I loved them I am actually starting another one of her series This one just didn t work for me.

  20. I d give it 3.5 stars if I could I liked the story, but the characters were a bit to wishy washy at times If they d felt like they were consistent with their feelings, it would have read better.

  21. I am kinda split on whether I like this storyline or whether I wanted to even finish it Jamie annoyed me so much that at one point I was just yelling pick a guy Make a freaking choice Not sure I even want to continue the series, and I loved Nicole Colville s other books.

  22. Love it Love, hope secrets hidden for even form oneself, find some one to trust this book has it and its granted to make the won t to continue find out about the mean who struggle to find all it and .

  23. I didnt like the idea of infidelity amongst these characters when they were supposed to be so in love but once it was revealed what was really going i loved this series.

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