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Fuzzy Navel Things are going well for Lieutenant Jacqueline Jack Daniels of the Chicago Police Department She has solved some of the city s toughest and most high profile homicides Her personal life is finally in

Things are going well for Lieutenant Jacqueline Jack Daniels of the Chicago Police Department She has solved some of the city s toughest and most high profile homicides Her personal life is finally in order Her friends and family are safe and happy And she just got a call that eased her mind like nothing else could Alex Kork, one of the most dangerous criminals JackThings are going well for Lieutenant Jacqueline Jack Daniels of the Chicago Police Department She has solved some of the city s toughest and most high profile homicides Her personal life is finally in order Her friends and family are safe and happy And she just got a call that eased her mind like nothing else could Alex Kork, one of the most dangerous criminals Jack ever arrested, killed herself while in jail.But things sour quickly when a group of vigilantes on a murderous spree decide to take down a cop and the people she cares about and they turn downright awful when Jack discovers that Kork may not be dead after all.Trapped in her house with a psycho and everyone she cares about, and unable to leave because she s surrounded by snipers, the next eight hours will be the worst of Jack s life And that s saying something.Fuzzy Navel is Jack s fifth adventure, perfect for readers who like their mysteries with a shot of humor.

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Fuzzy Navel

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  1. JA Konrath writes the occasionally amusing and often frightening Lt Jacqueline Jack Daniels thrillers, available in hardcover and paperback from Hyperion and as a spoken word from Brilliance Audio.The books are a mixture of the humor of Janet Evanovich, Carl Hiaasen, Christopher Moore, but with the scares of James Patterson, Thomas Harris, Patricia Cornwell.Basically, JA rips off everybody.In order, they are WHISKEY SOURBLOODY MARYRUSTY NAILDIRTY MARTINIFUZZY NAVELCHERRY BOMBSHAKENSTIRREDRUM RUNNERLAST CALLHe writes the blog A NEWBIES GUIDE TO PUBLISHING Joe edited the hitman anthology THESE GUNS FOR HIRE.He writes horror novels under the name Jack Kilborn Titles include AFRAIDTRAPPEDENDURANCEHAUNTED HOUSEWEBCAMWith Ann Voss Peterson he writes the Codename Chandler series HITEXPOSEDNAUGHTYFLEESPREETHREEFIXRESCUEAlso with Ann he writes laugh out loud erotica under the name Melinda DuChamp.


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  1. This is the fifth book in the Jack Daniels Mystery Series This series is a very dark suspenseful series It is definitely not for the faint of heart Even though this book isn t so dark as the others I love this series and even though it is a dark thriller it is also quite humorous I had to laugh several times while reading this book Harry and Mr Friskers get a laugh out of me all the time At the beginning of this series Harry got on my nerves and he is now growing on me and I can now say that I l [...]

  2. Did you ever watch one of those Sly Stone or Bruce Willis movies where everything gets blown up and people are getting shot at all the time and they good guys most always survive Well in a weird way , that is what this book reminded me of sorta In the 5th of the Jack Daniels series Poor Jack gets herself in a jam where 1 psycho is back trying to kill her and at the same time another psycho group just happens to go after her for as well Silly A bit but I happen to really love this series The psyc [...]

  3. By far, the best book I ever read that was written by me.And you should see the book trailer It cost 37,995, which was than I paid for college I went to an art school.

  4. Fuzzy Navel1 oz peach schnapps Fuzz 3 oz orange juice Navel Pour schnapps in a rocks or old fashioned glass filled with ice Add orange juice Teatotalers For a Buzzless Navel substitute peach nectar for the schnapps.Fuzzy NavelJ A KonrathKindle Edition January 2013Fuzzy Navel is the fifth 5th book in Konrath s Jack Daniels series The protagonist for the series is Lieutenant Jacqueline Jack Daniels Jack is a detective for the Chicago Police Department CPD She has handled a number of major homicide [...]

  5. Fuzzy Navel4 StarsLife couldn t be better for homicide lieutenant Jack Daniels a satisfying job, a man who loves her, a house in the burbs and a call from the mental hospital with the welcome news that Alex Kork is dead Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end as is evident when a team of vigilante snipers follows Jack home and takes her, and those closest to her, hostage To top it all off, Alex returns from the dead to make Jack s life even miserable.To begin with, there aren t as ma [...]

  6. I m not quite sure what to make of this story In some ways it s a 4 star book, but others dropped to a 2, so I m settling on 3 Up until now, Jack Daniels has been a fairly serious cop Oh, there s some humor, but overall it s been a serious story Konrath pulled out the stops on this one, though Serious turned into seriously slapstick, almost Abbot Costello Meet Frankenstein It wasn t badly done, although not what I expected.Another change was structure There were a lot of short chapters, each tol [...]

  7. BEST DANIELS BOOK YET Wow Talk about page turner Konrath just gets better and better And, here I thought this was going to be a ho hum read because it was about snipers Boy, was I wrong Fans of this series will love it when halfway through the novel Konrath hits you with a surprise and a half Throughout the book, you never know which character will make it and which won t Gotta run I need to start the next novel to see who bit the dust BTW, I hope Daniels ends up with Phineas Much better fit for [...]

  8. Boo and hiss.cat thriller, January 17, 2010 Nothing like a copycat due to my disinclination to spoil this horrific novel for anyone who chooses to read it, I can t say which author nor what title I can say, however, that if you don t like cliffhanger endings, either have the next book, Cherry Bomb Jacqueline Jack Daniels Mysteries , ready to open or skip this one altogether That said, I am also trying to find the advertised hilarious thriller within this novel which consists of 9 parts murder an [...]

  9. Chicago PD Lieutenant Jacqueline Jack Daniels is going through a good period in her life She s engaged to Latham, a guy she s crazy about, is living with her mom in a house outside the city, and has just received word her archenemy Alex Kork is dead Jack and her partner Herb Benedict are called to the scene of a murder, where a sex offender has been killed by a sniper But the sniper isn t finished and keeps taking potshots at Jack and the police officers investigating the crime scene Jack manage [...]

  10. Okay, I enjoyed this book but the theme is getting rather old First of all, why does someone always want to kill our main character, Jack, in every single book It find it amazing how many killers take such a personal interest in the detective on their case Also, it s getting rather repetitive that she and everyone she loves is always at risk Jack is a great detective, can t she just solve great cases Does it always have to be life or death Second, the ambiguous ending was a serious letdown Also, [...]

  11. I didn t enjoy this one as much as Dirty Martini Jack and a few characters keep getting shot and beaten and shot and beaten and shot and beatend yet, keep goingway beyond plausible.

  12. I don t think I like the direction Konrath s books have taken Instead of a crisp plot line that keeps you on the edge of your seat, Konrath indulges in about 250 pages worth of I hate you you ruined my life I m going to kill you horribly but first I m going to make you suffer No you re not I m going to escape and kill you grrrr ouch you hit me I can t fight any Ha ha now I m going to hurt someone you love You are Grrr I m going to escape and kill you No plot, and so much bloodshed I kept skippin [...]

  13. Wow Another action packed story, and this one with a cliff hanger Gotta get the next book quick and find out what happened.

  14. Konrath stated that this was the best book he ever read written by himself I must disagree This was probably my least favorite book in the series I have generally enjoyed the Jack Daniels stories, but this one was too much The so called humor was middle school in nature than any real humor I found the physical fight scenes between Jack and Alex over the top I had to skim those parts because they were just awful I am tired of the super villain, Alex Kork, anyway She survives events than superma [...]

  15. Having read the last four books in this series, I find myself completely addicted to this author and to Jack Daniels and her entourage I thought the premise of handling the story line over the course of a day was an interesting way to give us information about the characters There never was a dull moment and the action scenes kept coming and coming As with all of the books by the author, the writing and editing were superb My biggest complaint about this book was that the ending gave us just a [...]

  16. I originally put this on my mystery shelf but I think it deserves to be called of a thriller The story was non stop action from start to finish I m really stuck on whether to give it a 3 or a four I DID like it, a lot, but it also had 2 components which are pet peeves for me One the cliffhanger ending Two such intense bad luck and endless disasters that it becomes a bit unbelievable However, I must say the book engaged me from start to finish and it was perfect for an audiobook IT had multiple [...]

  17. This is the fifth book in Konrath s Jack Daniels series I loved the first four This one, however, was a huge disappointment for me Halfway through, I gave up and skipped ahead to the last few pages just to see how it ended It didn t, really.Lots of action , that was gratuitous violence than anything else Most of it made no sense Lots of shooting I mean lots Houses being ripped apart by high powered bullets Yet the people inside are discussing birthmarks and Jack Daniels is holding a frozen bag [...]

  18. I have mixed feelings on this book It s almost impossible to believe that this much bad luck can happen to one person I mean seriously, Latham could not possibly love this woman any She s going to be the death of him if he isn t dead already as I have not read the next book and do not know who died Now having that, if this book was a standalone with some back story it would have been a three point seven five star book It was awesome in it s simplicity The real time was well done, and it was a gr [...]

  19. I didn t finish this, it was terrible Every bad guy with in a thousand miles converges at the heroine s home intending to do her in Caught in the cross fire is a fat pervert chained to the fridge, a wimpy boyfriend tied to a chair, and her elderly mother I ve always felt that mothers and the elderly deserve some amount of respect, but not this poor gal, she s constantly shot up, tortured, and still has to keep up her corny lines I really wanted to like this series but I will discourage any one f [...]

  20. Could not finish All the narrative tension comes from the action, but the characters and dialogue are wooden and or flush with clich I tend to be pretty forgiving of that stuff if it s otherwise a good story but I just didn t care what was happening, and I couldn t suspend my disbelief Even the comic relief was off putting.

  21. I m conflicted This was probably the best in the series so far, but I m tired of the Korks Everything else was great the premise, the characters, the cliffhanger I just hate Alex Kirk and am bored with her Jack had better get rid of her in the next book, otherwise, I m giving up on the seriously.Oh, who am I kidding I can t leave series unfinished.

  22. I believe I gave the eye roll a whole new meaning with this book I really liked this series when I first started it, but I won t be finishing it after this book Even the little cliffhanger at the end is not enough to tempt me Story was unbelievable enough to sound corny.

  23. FirstRating 1 1 2 starsDear J.A Konrath,Do you want to know how to keep from spoiling the surprise on who was murdered Here s how Actual sentence After driving for a bit I check into a suburban hotel using the view spoiler dead man s hide spoiler American Express Instead, this or something along the same lines, would have worked better After driving for a bit I check into a suburban hotel using a stolen credit card.But no, you didn t choose that path Instead, you chose to give away your surprise [...]

  24. In the fifth of at least ten novels in the Jacqueline Jack Daniels Mysteries, the vulnerable, funny, smart, 40 something Chicago police homicide detective shares narrating duties with a bunch of other characters, including the bad guys, in a complex yet completely entertaining experiment in point of view The complex part becomes a major ingredient in the suspense that builds and recedes in huge waves as Jack and all the people she cares about find themselves held captive in her secluded, suburba [...]

  25. I already have the next book, so I know who dies in the cliff hanger of this one But I put that later in spoiler tag In the fifth book, the action is raised by several levels The whole event happens within 8 hours, where Jack and her loved ones, including her Mom, her fianc Latham , her partner Herb , her nemesis Harry , and her friend Phin are fighting two enemies at the same time One, is the psycopath killer Alex Kork who escapes from prison and on a deadly revenge plan, and two is snipers cal [...]

  26. Actually would give this 1 1 2 stars Just not sure what I think of this novel, but BOO to the ending I ve like the Jack Daniels series, knowing that they re going to be light on mystery, somewhat funny however each novel seems to be less funny, in my opinion , but an okay read I bought a whole set at once, and this is the last one I have I actually was not going to read , but the way this one ended left me in a quandary I sort of want to know what happens because of the cliffhanger, and yet a pa [...]

  27. Ok, judging from the title, I shouldn t have expected much, but with a description that said something about people who liked a little humor thrown in with the suspense, I decided to try it What I found was gratuitous violence with little character development or much plot Expansive descriptions of hand to hand combat, apparently designed to make you feel like you were there, served only to fill pages with details not necessary to further the story Idiotic characters with no redeeming features, [...]

  28. Never a slacker where action is concerned, Konrath sets a blistering pace and pushes the series to new extremes Bite sized chapters keep you munching into the wee hours as once again Jack Daniels finds herself getting variously shot, stabbed, bitten, and clobbered Only a writer like Konrath can make the laugh meter nudge the red as the body count rises But wait, there s the novel has one of the most unique endings in fiction Be sure to check out Konrath s website jakonrath for an amusing addend [...]

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