Daughter of the Loom

Daughter of the Loom The mill town of Lowell Massachusetts comes to life with intrigue and drama from the creative writing team of Judith Miller and Tracie Peterson Young women at the end of the th century seek employ

The mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, comes to life with intrigue and drama from the creative writing team of Judith Miller and Tracie Peterson Young women at the end of the 19th century seek employment from driven men intent on transforming America s textile industry Daughter of the Loom features Lilly Armbruster, who is forced to work in the mills as her only means fThe mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, comes to life with intrigue and drama from the creative writing team of Judith Miller and Tracie Peterson Young women at the end of the 19th century seek employment from driven men intent on transforming America s textile industry Daughter of the Loom features Lilly Armbruster, who is forced to work in the mills as her only means for survival But Lilly s resentment runs deep against the lords of the loom the men she believes have stolen her father s farm and caused his premature death Her animosity happens to include Matthew Cheever, her childhood friend and one time betrothed Though separated by their opposing views about the future of the mill and the community that surrounds it, the emotions of their hearts still bind them Will their dreams for the future allow their fragile love to survive

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Daughter of the Loom

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  1. Tracie Peterson is a bestselling author who writes in both historical and contemporary genres Her novels reveal her love for research as well as her strong desire to develop emotionally meaningful characters and stories for her readers Tracie and her family live in Montanan name Janelle Jamison


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  1. I read many different genres, most books and movies these days have much sex and cuss words in them, and I am NOT a prude or boring HONEST all you have to do is see my reading list as proof lol On occasion I get tired of them and find myself searching for Tracie Peterson, Judith Miller and other authors that write historical, Christian and Amish based books I really enjoyed this book and intend on purchasing the others in this series I highly recommend this book as well as others by these author [...]

  2. Really enjoyed this engaging love story between Lilly and Matthew, woven around interesting historical era of the development of milling in America in the early 1800s Great characters and pace, and fascinating commentary on the complexities of modernisation and its effect on people s lives.

  3. At first I was learning about Lowell MA textile manufacturing life in early nineteenth century and was enjoying it Then about 1 4 of the way through it things kept bothering me.Lily is determined to ruin the manufacturing business in the town of Lowell, MA In her estimation it has ruined her happy farm life by buying up all the farmland and by putting up monstrous buildings, and destroying the beauty of her town After losing everything she goes to work in one of these plants hoping to wreak havo [...]

  4. This story was a very sweet one, about a girl, Lilly, who has to figure out how to forgive those who have come in and industrialized her small farming community She begins work in the textile mills that have invaded her community with the idea of sabotaging them, and while she does come around to repentance and forgiveness, it s not a sudden, flipping of the switch, Oh, I guess I was wrong type of change There s growth to it than that I m also not quite sure I like the thought that a woman need [...]

  5. This book and the next two in the series were given to me by a friend s mother As I work my way through books I own but have never read, there will be several unusual things which come up in my reading list This was a nice story, just not really the kind of thing I truly enjoy reading.

  6. I was interested in the setting of this story and I generally like these authors, but I did not like this book For one thing, despite the action in the story, I got bored with it and put it aside, reading several books before going back and finishing it I enjoy a story of redemption I do believe in forgiveness of sin and the God given grace for people to completely change their lives However, it seems the author forgets that forgiveness of wrong doing does not mean that individuals won t or shou [...]

  7. REVIEW This book is a sweet historical romance about a young woman who loves the farm life and the peacefulness of the town and country which she lives in Her name is Lily Lily is extremely angry and unhappy since brick mills have started to take over the farmland Her no good brother has gambled away what her mother and father left them when they died Lily is all alone and extremely bitter She has vowed to bring down the mills even if she has to do it herselfIt appears the town has taken sides B [...]

  8. If you enjoy sweet romances set in a historical setting to completely move you away from real life and any true conflict or character growth then this is a good book for you I had to force myself to finish this book I kept seeing hopeful elements that this book would deviate but kept getting annoyed and yelling at the book Not because I was emotionally involved and cared about the characters I could not relate with a single one and they all seemed surfacfy happy go lucky Christians who live in a [...]

  9. The Industrial Revolution has always been one of my favorite eras in American history and when I saw Daughter of the Loom, I was instantly drawn into the story.Lilly Ambruster hates everything about the mills in Lowell, Massachusetts because they have not only replaced the beautiful farmlands she called her home but also because her once betrothed has joined the Associates running the mills But after the death of her father, Lilly has no choice but to join the mill girls and work for the very in [...]

  10. This was a VERY BORING story I had a really hard time getting through this It seemed to take years just getting past the 1 4 mark All that business talk at the beginning, majorly dull time there The author should be glad that I didn t just do one star I gave it two because I liked Miss Addy, she was a sweet character I did like how she and her sister, Mintie, both ended up with someone special I don t think I was really a fan of anyone else in the story I didn t feel connected to anyone either, [...]

  11. Ok, this book had so many flaws The main character, Lilly, had a chance to really learn forgiveness in both being forgiven and forgiving Unfortunately those situations were so shallow or nonexistent Lilly makes a huge judgement in error that resulted in some serious consequences a little guilt and a very little thought was all her punishment Really Ugh It was so phoney Lilly also ran hot and cold towards her romantic interest Her change of heart towards him was SO underdeveloped it was laughable [...]

  12. I downloaded this free for Kindle and enjoyed it I didn t think the romance was the best aspect at all I was drawn to the friendship between the girls and the side story romance, than the relationship between the so called hero and the heroine There are the standard misunderstandings causing problems, and the heroine does at least one really stupid thing that causes major problems, but those are fairly common for the genre.I would have actually preferred to see detail about the mills, but I kn [...]

  13. Very good story of finding self and recognizing that our ways are not God s ways The authors weave a story of the horrid working conditions of early industrialization and how bitterness and anger can cloud our vision of God s will for our life Lilly loses nearly everything and becomes bitter and vindictive Through a very loving friend she learns that what she thought was God was only her selfish ways She soon learns to break through the anger and listen to God A few loose ends points to a series [...]

  14. Although there was nothing inherently wrong with the storyline at face value, the characters and setting seemed rather one dimensional The change which occurred in the heroine did not happen in a gradual way, but rather quite suddenly with no apparent reason similarly, her feelings toward her eventual fiance were cold one moment and warm the next This frustrates the reader one would like to walk the path of change in a character with them, but this story does not allow one to do so.

  15. In the early beginning of this read, it is not catching my interest First time reading this author and was recommended by an author friend to check out Judith Miller who is a co author on this project I will see if it catches my interest about 10% or so otherwise will pass and go to my next read Gave it 13% and will have to pass onto another read.Leisure eBook read 2014 digital library read.Adrienna TurnerDream4More Reviewer, dream4

  16. This was a historical fiction book set in Lowell, MA, right at the time they started the textile mills I was interested in it because i didn t know much about that part of history, and I m from MA But it was a random gooshy story that happened to be back then I did learn some of what those mill girls lives were like, which was interesting overall, this book was ok not bad, not great It was too tied up too I won t read the rest of the series.

  17. This was one of those freebie friday links which I chose as I have said because my grandmother was a mill worker before she met my grandfather I got the rest of the trilogy because of the writing It is a bit simplistic in its faith stance, but sincere in its belief system A sweet book Looking forward to the others

  18. This book was ok It caught my interest because it took place in the mills of Lowell Ma and I do like historical fiction I have lived in that area and have been in some of those mill buildings repurposed as studios, galleries and housing I enjoyed the story but at times struggled to finish it

  19. Another great read from Tracie Peterson The Belles of Lowell series transports you to a different time when life was tough and finding true friends was even tougher The chronicling of these girls lives during the industrial revolution will make you laugh, cry and thank God for your 8 5 desk job Be ready to be sucked in to a series you won t want to put down

  20. I saw this author in the religious section of a used book store, and thought I d see what was at the library and give it a try I have a hard time finding books clean enough for my liking and figured this would be okay It was basically a historical romance My mom would call it a bathtub book But it was clean

  21. This is a very sweet and good historical including the way people looked at different cultures, the Irish, the Negroes,etc Tells of America s history of making cloth from cotton after separating from the English oversight The character of Lilly is a growing heart and mind, seeing for herself right and wrong she was taught in the Southern culture of slavery.

  22. A sweet story that wasn t totally focused on romance While there were some slow spots related to business , I did appreciate learning a bit about this aspect of the industrial revolution I really had no idea what it was like to work at a mill at this time.

  23. I thought this was a very good book I enjoyed reading it It took me a bit longer to get into the book, but once I did I couldn t put it down I loved the characters and plot of the story I can not wait to read the next book in the Bells of Lowell series.

  24. I haven t read too much of Tracie Peterson I did find this book enjoyable My only complaint, I think, is that sometimes the characters seemed a bit one dimensional and not rounded out But it was still an enjoyable read.

  25. I have liked other Tracie Peterson books, but this was was dull I LOVE history, and I seem to like these Christian historical romances in general But this one, ugh I couldn t make it through it, and I haven t quit a book in the middle in a long time.

  26. This book is highly recommended to absolutely anyone who likes history it is about a girl named lily whos family died leaving her brother in charge he then sold the farm and she was forced to go to tpwn and work at a mill the book shows the hardships they went throughto make a living in a mill.

  27. A well written story about the transition of Lowell, Massachusetts from farmland to an industrial capital for the garment industry There are several layers to this story and I m looking forward to learning as I read the other books in the series.

  28. I really enjoyed this book It was interesting to read about how the industrial revolution affected small farming communities in New England around the 1820s It had some romance, suspense, history, class and society clashes, and some Christian themes as well.

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