Rocheworld Powered by a revolutionary laser driven stardrive the first interstellar expedition would reach the double planet circling Barnard s Star in a mere twenty years Some of the world s finest scientists

Powered by a revolutionary laser driven stardrive, the first interstellar expedition would reach the double planet circling Barnard s Star in a mere twenty years Some of the world s finest scientists were abaord that ship, and they would arrive prepared for adventure, danger and to them, most important of all the thrill of scientific discovery But what they would finPowered by a revolutionary laser driven stardrive, the first interstellar expedition would reach the double planet circling Barnard s Star in a mere twenty years Some of the world s finest scientists were abaord that ship, and they would arrive prepared for adventure, danger and to them, most important of all the thrill of scientific discovery But what they would find, both in terms of danger and discovery, would surpass all their expectations.Publisher s note Sometimes it takes a big book to bring life to a big concept a much shorter, substantially different version of this novel was published in hardcover in 1982 paperback from Baen , but that version was rushed to publication before the author was ready Now, with an additional 50 thousand words longer than most novels Robert Forward offers us the novel that Flight Of The Dragonfly should have been Rocheworld If you liked Flight of the Dragonfly you ll love Rocheworld.

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  1. Robert Lull Forward, commonly known as Robert L Forward, August 15, 1932 September 21, 2002 was an American physicist and science fiction writer His fiction is noted for its scientific credibility, and uses many ideas developed during his work as an aerospace engineer.


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  1. Tengo aprecio por el autor por su trabajo te rico relativo al viaje interestelar Adem s, el libro tiene algunas cualidades La ciencia est tratada con respeto Los hechos son cient ficamente plausibles Y, sobre todo, ha acabado con mi insomnio Cada vez que lo cog a, me quedaba dormido.

  2. Even science fiction fans have been known to call their favourite genre a literature of ideas, as implicitly opposed to a literature of style Characters can be transparent plots can be simple the prose itself can be clunky I d like to think this is starting to change, but I ve learned by now not to confuse likes with actualities I think.When I saw Robert L Forward s 1985 novel Rocheworld at the BMV in the Annex, I had to buy it At 4.19, it was quite inexpensive, but to the point Rocheworldhas b [...]

  3. don t usually read hard science fiction and it took a minute for me to give in to this, but it was a great it s not a great STORY, especially if you re into people, if you like PEOPLE in your books, but it will take you all the way into space or, like, it miniaturizes space into an elegant physicist s model, and then you re miniaturized, too, and you get to zoom roam around right, that s what that would look like from here, ok and what about from there it forced my brain to do a thing it doesn t [...]

  4. A tecnologically plausible journey to a next star using a laser sail an the adventures in a planet of the sistem till eventually find inteligent specimens

  5. It s sort of disappointing to read a book with your name on the cover and be this disappointed by it Thing is, I found Forward s Dragon s Egg to be one of the best hard SF books I ve ever read, so my hopes were high ish for this one The main problem with it is something I found to be a problem with Dragon s Egg The characters are impossibly wooden With Dragon s Egg, I sort of tolerated that because most of the characters were aliens living in a vaguely tribal social structure for most of the boo [...]

  6. Lots of science in this, with highs and lows entirely from the action Characters are all variations of no nonsense scientists A good read if you are stressed and don t need a bunch of sad things bringing you down.For good science, but character drama, read Dragon s Egg.

  7. Forward charges in with in a bold, self reflexive move proudly informs us less than one hundred pages 85 86 in of the nearly five hundred, how exciting and well written his story is going to be and just how it s all going to play out We get the idea that we ll be looking at shiny vessels orbiting around monstrous planets, staffed with a highly intelligent crew, managing improbable escapes, floating around, eating free range food while conducting world changing research under the threat of being [...]

  8. I couldn t finish it I wanted to, so very much, but I just couldn t get through it It was off to a strong start, a very solid hard sci fi novel Detailed science, plausible, well explained But, eventually it got bogged down in silly minutiae I appreciated knowing how things like shed hair would be dealt with, but I didn t need to know exactly how much of which foods everybody on the mission was rationed, and I especially didn t need to know how much they ate in one sitting The first couple of cha [...]

  9. I ordered this one from the States, and have just started it Having recently read Dragon s Egg which I recommend elsewhere I am hoping for another tight, hard, SF novel I m not sure what to make of the publisher s blurb, that this is an extended version of the 1982 hardback novel I hope it s not just a flabby text with lots of extra nonsense you only need to read JKR s recent work to understand what I mean Well now I ve read it, I can reveal all It is just a bit too long too much time spent on g [...]

  10. Un d but de lecture laborieux, un long voyage dans l espace ennuyeux je ne me suis pas attach e aux humains formant l quipage, tous bien braves au demeurant Je retiens quand m me les voiles propulsion laser du vaisseau et l ordinateur qui se d cline en James, Jack, Jill, en satellites de communication et autres sondes Clete, Barbara, Splish et Splash etc Mais je suis contente de m tre accroch e pour enfin d couvrir le syst me solaire original de l toile Barnard et de ses plan tes, d crit avec de [...]

  11. The 80 s were a fucked period for SF This book represents the best and the worst of 80 s SF On one hand, you ve got relatively exciting science and science concepts in play all through the book On the other hand, you re burdened with having to deal with leaden dialog, two dimensional characters, barely believable aliens, stupid sexs one saving grace is the amount of time spent detailing the expenditures of state funded science research and experimentation, even though the warped characterization [...]

  12. As someone who is already a bit leery of science fiction, this really did me in I needed to read this for a class, and while I m told the science is really really solid by a lot of people who read it, it is the worst book I ve had the misfortune to lay hands on in a long while Forward has made an amazing premise, and could have written an amazing story to go with itbut he is simply not a writer, in the same way that Carl Sagan was not meant for fiction when he wrote Contact I can respect the imp [...]

  13. The introduction claims that with each re publishing the book got longer 60,000 words, then 100,000 to 110,000 words as publications under Flight of the Dragonfly , then 155,000 words in this version Maybe I would have enjoyed the shorter version better Essentially this is a great hard sci fi novel, with the only problem that it is a very tedious and somewhat boring read for the most part Somewhere around three quarters of the book it gets slightly better, but then ends with an ending that s mos [...]

  14. I ve always enjoyed Forward s novels, but somehow missed this one Near future Science Fiction must be one of the hardest genres to write, because it is so easy to guess wrong, and have your readers laughing at what you thought life would be like in the next few years So I was astonished by the accuracy of Forward s predictions For a novel published in 1984, dealing with fields in which scientific knowledge has advanced so far in the intervening four decades, it s astounding how much he s got rig [...]

  15. An introduction to the Rocheworld system and the Flouwen aliens.If you enjoy alien based sci fi, beware the first third of the book doesn t mention the aliens at all, and the book is full of geological and planetary descriptions of the Rocheworld.There are some cool parts where the aliens learn to communicate with the humans, and also give birth to a new flouwen Overall, the other Rocheworld books have much about different types of aliens.

  16. Another of Forward s hard SF novels Maybe not one of his best novels, though the author obviously took great pains to make the novel scientifically accurate and credible but somewhat weak in character development The aliens in the novel are quite though provoking in their form and behaviorThe novel seems quite relevant today, given the recent renewed interest in using light sail technology to send space probes to planetary systems around the nearest stars.

  17. Two things I remember loving about this book One, it is a somewhat realistic hard SF portrayal of sending a large scale mission to a nearby star with the intention of colonization And two, we encounter an utterly fascinating, alien race of aliens I detest that aliens are almost always or less human with funny ears or different color skin The small group of intelligent life forms found on Rocheworld is alien in every way.

  18. I didn t find that Forward was a lofty great of a sci fi author, but the science was certainly interesting and seemed plausible and well researched The characters were flat and 2 D, in some cases to the point of near caricature The story itself wasn t bad, and it was good to see a concept of intelligent alien life that wasn t essentially just humans with a tweak.

  19. I think Forward s Dragon s Egg and Starquake are the best hard science fiction I ve ever read So I was disappointed by Rocheworld and Rescued from Eden He spends far too much of the book on getting to Rocheworld the flouwen aren t introduced until very late Unlike the cheela in Dragon s Egg, the flouwen aren t the focus of the store in Rocheworld, and I think they should have been.

  20. Sci fi dura, pero no me gusta como est n tratados los personajes Antes una crisis, se olvida de la posible ayuda de la mitad de ellosBusque porque puse este libro en mi lista de pendientes, pero no lo encontre.De las secuelas paso.

  21. One of the worst books I ve had the displeasure of reading The man is a scientist and knows his stuff ammonia based life forms, very cool but he is not a story teller in any sense of the word, his cardboard characters and miserable dialogue put me to sleep.

  22. This book was off to a great start Lots of good science Very crappy ending I thought that after all the time spent building up the alien charictors just to leave it like that is a failure Most obviously a set up for book two.

  23. At one point, our sassy black captain bellows, This isn t a science fiction novel But it is, and not a good one Even the character s who are based on ammonia are two dimensional and dull.

  24. Good hard science handled eloquently by a scientist with the ability to shift from academic nonfiction to fiction Recommended.

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