Badlands Bride

Badlands Bride Shooting a bandit was reporter Hallie Wainwright s introduction to the Wild West where she d traveled with a bevy of mail order brides But it was the intimate hello in the arms of Cooper DeWitt that

Shooting a bandit was reporter Hallie Wainwright s introduction to the Wild West, where she d traveled with a bevy of mail order brides But it was the intimate hello in the arms of Cooper DeWitt that sent her heart racing and made it all the difficult for her to tell the brawny plainsman that she wasn t the woman he d sent for When she jumped from the staShooting a bandit was reporter Hallie Wainwright s introduction to the Wild West, where she d traveled with a bevy of mail order brides But it was the intimate hello in the arms of Cooper DeWitt that sent her heart racing and made it all the difficult for her to tell the brawny plainsman that she wasn t the woman he d sent for When she jumped from the stage, shining with true grit and spewing tall tales, Cooper DeWitt thought he just might have struck gold Raised with the Sioux, Cooper needed a wife who could brave the frontier and corral his restless heart The problem was, his would be bride has no intention of marrying him

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  1. Cheryl is the author of than fifty books Her first book, Rain Shadow was nominated for Romance Writers of America s RITA Award for Best First Book, by Romantic Times Magazine for Best Western Historical, and by Affaire de Coeur readers as Best American Historical Romance Since then she has received three RITA nominations, a Writer s Digest award for a feature article, and several Romantic Times Reviewers Choice awards Many of her books made the Waldenbooks Top Ten lists, USA Today, and Big Sky Brides climbed to 35 on the NYT list Cheryl has been a keynote speaker numerous times and has taught workshops at Romance Writers of America National Conference, American Christian Fiction Writers National Conference, Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, Mid America RWA Conference, Desert Dreams Conference, Orange County RWA, Midwest Mystery and Suspense Convention, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Writers Conference, Nebraska Literature Festival, Nebraska Writers Guild, Rocky Mountain Book Festival, Friends of the Public Library, Romance Authors of the Heartland, Iowa Romance Novelists, Prairie Romance Writers, and Carolina Romance Writers.Cheryl has had articles on the craft of writing published in Romance Writer of America s Romance Writers Report Magazine, and numerous chapter newsletters She was featured in the Writer s Digest Romance Writer s Sourcebook and the UK magazine, Writers Forum featured her in a two page article, How To Break Into Western Romances Cheryl s online workshops have garnered praise from new writers and multi published authors alike.One thing all reviewers and readers agree on regarding Cheryl s work is the degree of emotion and believability Words like heart warming, emotional depth, touches your soul, tugs your heart, endearing characters and on my keeper shelf are commonly used to describe her work.In describing her stories of second chances and redemption, readers and reviewers use words like, emotional punch, hometown feel, core values, believable characters and real life situations and reviews show her popularity with readers.


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  1. Este libro lo encontr por casualidad y qued encantada porque cada vez me cuesta m s encontrar historias ambientadas en el viejo oeste y me refiero a historias consistentes, de m s de 100 p ginas.Me ha gustado bastante y he decidido ser generosa en la puntuaci n La protagonista es un tanto diferente ya que est muy centrada en su deseo de ser periodista, es espabilada y cae bien l, por su parte, es serio pero eso me ha gustado, la relaci n entre ellos tal vez no es tan profunda como me gustar a, q [...]

  2. Oh my This book has everything a historical western romance should have a hunky guy, a spunky woman and I do mean spunky and lots of sexual tension Cooper DeWitt can put his boots under my bed any time I love this guy He s tough yet tender, hard and forbidding yet carries such an ache inside for a woman to love Hallie Wainwright is simply looking for a chance to show what she s made of, a chance to matter to someone Her father is a wealthy newspaper man and he and his two sons run the business, [...]

  3. Idk why I stopped reading a the 43% mark, because when I picked it up again I freaking loved it Really nice story with amazing characters Also, keep reading The best is yet to come The second half of the book is WAY better than the first I wished I wouldn t have stopped, because then I would have known the mail order bride better.A really good book with solid writing and a few laughs in between Definitely recommend

  4. At First Sight Growing up the daughter of a news paper owner, Hallie Wainwright always wanted to be a reporter, but everyone else in her family had other ideas As a way to keep her from being underfoot at the news paper, her father suggests Hallie writes a story about Mail Order brides, since a group of such women are about to leave Boston to go West in that capacity.Once Hallie realizes of the ploy, and when one of the brides changes her mind, Hallie decides to go West herself and get all the s [...]

  5. Bien, lo primero es lo primero, y voy a empezar por rectificar la sinopsis.Pero fue la bienvenida tan ntima en brazos de Cooper DeWitt la que hizo latir su coraz n a toda velocidad, haciendo que le resultara m s dif cil explicar al rudo hombre del oeste que ella no era la mujer que hab a ido para ser su esposa Esto no tiene nada de cierto Para empezar l no la recibe de ninguna manera que se pueda llegar a considerar, ni remotamente, ntima De hecho la recibe bastante fr amente, especialmente cuan [...]

  6. When I first began reading I was half afraid that it would fall into the rest of some of the others that wasn t very deep I m so glad that it was even better than what I had hoped It wasn t like some, where the woman was so ill equipped for their new situation, and complaining all the way Nope, not Hallie Oh don t get me wrong, she really is ill equipped but she pitched right in often surprising herself and others along the way She learned and adapted, even when some terrifying adventures come h [...]

  7. Hallie Wainwright is a woman on a mission The youngest in a family of men she is determined to make her own name Her father runs the local newspaper but doesn t take Hallie seriously as a reporter She has to prove herself and takes off with a group of mail order brides that are headed for the Midwest The plot thickens as she arrives on the stage and is held up with some others She shows her toughness when things go south Cooper DeWitt lives and works in this rough country Raised by the Sioux he [...]

  8. Cooper DeWitt sent for a mail order bride He only had one qualification She must be able to read and write.Hallie Wainwright was the only girl in a newspaper family.Her father and brothers loved her but the work they allowed her to do for the newspaper was nothing than busy work They hired an outside the family guy to be a reporter and ignored her.In an effort to keep her away from the fighters, they assigned her to interview the mail order brides going to the badlands Her dad liked the intervi [...]

  9. Badlands Bride is set in Colorado in the late 1800 s Lily HIghfill and Mason Donnelly are the two main characters Lily is the daughter of a very prominent family from Boston She has lived for years with her Aunt in Denver and is looking forward to finally going home to Boston Mason is a journalist who lives and writes in the West He is suffering from writers block The two meet when Mason and Lily are both at her grandfather s fossil dig in the Colorado badlands Both are very appealing characters [...]

  10. The heroine is a newspaper reporter and the white hero was raised by the Sioux This story should have been a hot mess, but the author totally works it by, once again, not writing characters prone to dramatics The heroine doesn t come off as too stupid to live, and the author focuses wisely and getting the reader to see things from the heroine s perspective She makes some rash decisions, but you get why she makes them I also appreciated that how the hero comes to live with the Sioux was given th [...]

  11. A beautiful love story set in the Wild West It grabbed my attention right from the beginning and I fell in love with the author s descriptions of the area I felt like I was right there with Hallie through her adventure Hallie Wainwright is a reporter in search of a good story in the hopes she will make her father proud She ends up on the mail order brides coach and coming face to face with Cooper DeWitt Hallie is tough and she proves to Cooper that she has what it takes to survive stage coach ro [...]

  12. Never having been a fan of the female reporter type storyline, I ended up skimming this book Just couldn t get into the storyline.

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