Fragments of Isabella: A Memoir of Auschwitz

Fragments of Isabella A Memoir of Auschwitz As a young woman Isabella Leitner was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz the Nazis murdered her mother and one sister but by unimaginable fortitude and will to survive she and her three other sister

As a young woman, Isabella Leitner was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz the Nazis murdered her mother and one sister, but by unimaginable fortitude and will to survive she and her three other sisters dodged death Her recollections make a sparse and searing book, fragments of remembered feelings and occurrences that evoke perhaps better than most works something unfathoAs a young woman, Isabella Leitner was deported from Hungary to Auschwitz the Nazis murdered her mother and one sister, but by unimaginable fortitude and will to survive she and her three other sisters dodged death Her recollections make a sparse and searing book, fragments of remembered feelings and occurrences that evoke perhaps better than most works something unfathomable.

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Fragments of Isabella: A Memoir of Auschwitz

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  1. Isabella Leitner Irving A. Leitner Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fragments of Isabella: A Memoir of Auschwitz book, this is one of the most wanted Isabella Leitner Irving A. Leitner author readers around the world.


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  1. Like so many others , I ve been thinking about Elie Wiesel with the news of his recent death Thinking about what he endured and how he turned the horrific experience of the concentration camps into a lifetime of standing up for the oppressed by teaching us that we cannot forget I thought I might reread Night in tribute to him and I know that I will read it again one day What I decided to do now was to read this memoir that I was fortunate enough to obtain from Open Road Media because we need all [...]

  2. True story.May 28th 1944Isabel and her mother and sisters, in Hungary, are packing for their big journey, the next day is deportation to Auschwitz by train, just for being Jews.On the first day in Auschwitz, the sisters are put in the life side line, their mother sent to burnAnother despicable, unimaginable, horrendous account of the life in the camps, the girls were taken to several as they wasted away to nothing This one however has a better ending then most.We get to see Isabel s life after s [...]

  3. Originally released in 1978, this memoir is a new Open Road digital production for today s readers The experience is intense, in the moment, experiential, and the title perfectly expresses the style and content After that day in May, 1944, Isabella s life became a series of moments, observations, on the road toward hoped for survival, never knowing what the next breath would bring They were literally fragments of life, as she recalls them later and presents them to a world that sometimes chooses [...]

  4. I read Elie Wiesel s Night just a few days ago Holocaust literature is not enjoyable or easy reading, but I felt it was a book that needed to be read, so I did Then the library emailed me that this was being held, so I picked it up I wasn t sure two such intense books within a short time frame was wise, but, after reading a couple of lighter books in between, I glanced through this one today.Now, just a couple of hours later, I turned the last page Only 112 pages of raw emotion and painful memor [...]

  5. The way this holocaust memoir is written is heartbreaking in fragments and in short sentences As if she struggled to revisit the past, her memories of being deported to Auschwitz as a young girl A painful memoir of a ruined life.

  6. Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley As I start to write this review, the Internet is somewhat imploding because of a comic book No, the character didn t come out as guy, and no I don t really want to talk about because it is dumb But then you sit and think, and you have to wonder if some people never read books like this one Today, you would think everyone knows about the Holocaust and that we pretty much don t have to educate people about it And then you get smacked in the face by, to use polite langu [...]

  7. This book, very short, very emotional, begs to be read in one sitting Its the story of five sisters, a brother, their mother and father during WWII The father, in the US, desperately seeking visas to bring his family to safety from Hungary receives them too late The mother and youngest child are immediately murdered by the Nazis in the gas chambers and one sister dies later But three sisters survive by their wits and one of them relates briefly the horror of that time in this incredibly powerful [...]

  8. A Memoir of AuschwitzIn her memoir Ms Leitner uses her writing skills to share with us her wartime experiences when she and her family were taken from their Hungarian home and deported to Auschwitz The book was first published in 1978 and in 2016 Open Road Media provides us with updated digital format version of this deeply moving true account.This book is slim, the sentences simple and the chapters short but the tone has depth and captures the horror of the Holocaust one page , one sentence and [...]

  9. This memoir is short but powerful Isabella Leitner survives Aushwitz and other concentration camps, along with several of her sisters Each sister struggles as an individual, but by sticking together they conjure the strength to make it through their ordeal Each one lives not for themselves, but for the others It s the ultimate statement of the love of family.One thing that really resonated with me is Leitner s anger I think sometimes when a person has been through tragedy, there s too much press [...]

  10. preliminary text You don t die of anything except death Suffering doesn t kill you Only death p 16 we are packed into the cattle cars Cars with barred windows, with planks of wood on the bars, so that no air can enter or escape75 to a car toilets doctors no medication room to sit room to stand air to breathe.This is no way to die It offends even death Yet people are dying all around me We squeeze my mother into a sitting position on the backpacks Her face has an otherworldly look She knows she w [...]

  11. GNAB I received a free electronic copy of this excellent memoir from Netgalley, Isabella Leitner, and Open Road Integrated Media In exchange for an honest review Thank you, for sharing your work with me.This was a very quick, extremely powerful, heartbreaking read In carefully chosen words Isabella Leitner is able to bring your heart and mind into the emotional reality faced by this large Hungarian Jewish family as they experience brutal expulsion from their home, their city, their life, and the [...]

  12. A very short, fragmentary memoir of the author s experience in Auschwitz Isabella, her four sisters, her brother and her mother were Hungarian Jews who were deported to Auschwitz in May 1944 Their father was in America by then He got papers for them to emigrate but they arrived too late The mother and the youngest child were gassed immediately and the brother separated from the girls In brief, two or three page vignettes, Isabella recounts her efforts to keep her sisters all together and help th [...]

  13. Nice book, but probably too introspective for my taste Not very holocaust historic, just into psychological considerations

  14. This is a very slim book I was surprised that this book isn t well known than it is I d never heard of it until I did a search for holocaust books and happened to see it near the one I was searching for.The story is a very quick one, I finished it in less than an hour last night It s one of that you start and can t stop until the end.Leitner s book starts with her leaving the ghetto and being transported to her first camp Auschwitz She leaves as a member of a 7 person family She ends up a perso [...]

  15. Stark Raw Harsh Heartbreaking.The bare outline of the horrors Isabella went through is overlaid with staccato bursts of emotion It s written in short sharp bursts Somehow the very brevity of the sentences makes it all the horrible You feel just a bit of the terror and confusion she must have felt.Her dedication to living and keeping others alive is amazing against such a backdrop.If you don t have some knowledge of the Holocaust, this book won t make much sense You ll understand that people are [...]

  16. Grim, like most Holocaust survivor memoirs The parts of Isabella s story that add to Holocaust knowledge Sisters who are able to stay together An afterword by the author s husband A real honest to God emotion of hate that doesn t go away, that time does not heal.Other memoirs often reveal how a survivor is able to rise above the experience and perhaps even forgive their tormentors Here we see an honest expression of what it s like to have no choice but to be put in a position to engender hate Yo [...]

  17. Most of the victims that experienced the horrors of Nazi Germany s death camps did so while separated from their loved ones Not in this account As a young woman, Isabella Leitner along with her mother, four sisters and brother are rounded up from the ghetto in Kisvarda, Hungary and deported to Auschwitz It is May 1944 What follows is a concise, painful recollection of Isabella s time in Auschwitz alongside her four sisters Their combined determination and unwavering support allowed Isabella and [...]

  18. When I first started this book I wasn t sure I was going to like the way it was written But I looked at the other reviews and felt I needed to give it a try The author and survivor of the Holocaust tells her story a little differently than most the language is raw, very real and her anger is visceral, years after she has emigrated to the US That is what makes this story so unique At the end of the book, she vacations with her family in Europe and encounters a group of older Germans who are also [...]

  19. A very moving Shoah memoir, one of the many testimonies that should be told as often and as loudly as possible I particularly appreciated the flashback of memory and the realistic story telling A book that should be part of the school bibliographies on contemporary Europe too Disclaimer Book offered by the publisher via NetGalley

  20. So surreal, and yet so frighteningly real.I m always interested to read memoirs of holocaust survivors, and have read many.This one is chilling to read The way it s written is detached and almost clinical, and yet at the same time conveys the terror and hardships so realistically It s so sad to read, and yet a must read.

  21. This book was always going to be a tough read covering the memoirs of someone who was detained in Auschwitz, one of the worst concentration camps of the Holocaust Its a short but raw and very emotive book and I feel privileged to have been able to read it and to have shared in Isabella s story It only takes a few hours to read but it really is worth it.

  22. A quick, page turning read This one is notable for the author s anger and hatred, which drips from each page and rightly so I would have liked it to be clear and in depth, but this is the way she told her storyd a sad one it was.

  23. Heart breaking and full of honest hatred This memoir illustrates the burden they had to endure long after liberation.

  24. In 1980, I had the fortune to be at the right place at the right time My high school choir was performing at a local synagogue The guest speaker for the evening was Isabella Leitner She read passages from her recently released book telling her story of the horrors she and her family experienced during the Holocaust I was 16 at the time, and enthralled by her moving story Days later, I picked up a copy of the book I had decided that it was going to be my next piece for performance during my time [...]

  25. Isabella Leitner was a Holocaust survivor, and she scribed her memoir using brief entries similar to a diary in format The length is just 120 pages, about the size of a novella I was asked to read and review this memoir free of charge before it was released digitally Thanks go to Net Galley and Open Road Integrated Media for the invitation This title was just released, so it is available now for purchase.I confess I struggle with Holocaust memoirs these days Part of me has decided not to read an [...]

  26. When I was asked if I would like to read Fragments of Isabella, I agreed Auschwitz was one of the worst concentration camps of the Holocaust, so to be able to read a memoir from someone who was there would be, I knew, raw and emotional It is a short read, with short chapters, and even for the most part, short and concise sentences This makes for a one day read that is overall, powerful and touching Josef Mengele is mentioned a few times, and I was astonished that the author actually came into co [...]

  27. Fragments of Isabella, A Memoir of Auschwitz, by Isabella Leitner, was a very quick read It was unbelievably touching too as you run through, with her, the rapid events from the first page to the last When the Jews were rounded up and taken to Auschwitz, Dr Josef Mengele sends people to one side to live, for now, and the other side to die That first day, her mother and youngest sister are condemned to die The book then focuses on the four surviving sisters and from Isabella s point, this story o [...]

  28. A very short but incredibly powerful memoir of a young woman s nightmarish memories of Auschwitz, structured in short vignettes and often in a stream of consciousness style It s emotional and affecting to read not only her descriptions of the experiences, but to grasp the palpable anger so present in her words Even from her secure postwar life in New York, she admits that she ll always remain fragmented Not surprisingly, reading what she and her family went through But I loved the writing style, [...]

  29. Fragments of IsabellaA Memoir of Auschwitzby Isabella LeitnerOpen Road Integrated MediaBiographies Memoirs, HistoryPub Date 14 Jun 2016 I was given a copy of Fragments of Isabella A Memoir of Auschwitz through the publisher and their partnership with Netgalley in exchange for my honest review which is as follows A powerful raw, and painful memoir of one young woman s time in Aushwitz.On May.28.1944 the authors birthday instead of celebrating she finds herself packing for deportation Soon Jews ar [...]

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