The Butler's Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces

The Butler s Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces Perched on an island off the shores of Cornwall England the soaring castle of St Michael s Mount has been home to the St Aubyn family since For nearly thirty years Stanley Ager one of the mos

Perched on an island off the shores of Cornwall, England, the soaring castle of St Michael s Mount has been home to the St Aubyn family since 1647 For nearly thirty years, Stanley Ager, one of the most esteemed butlers of the twentieth century, ensured that St Michael s Mount was an impeccable place to live and a gracious and welcoming one for guests to visit ReveredPerched on an island off the shores of Cornwall, England, the soaring castle of St Michael s Mount has been home to the St Aubyn family since 1647 For nearly thirty years, Stanley Ager, one of the most esteemed butlers of the twentieth century, ensured that St Michael s Mount was an impeccable place to live and a gracious and welcoming one for guests to visit Revered by everyone from royalty to the estate staff, Stanley Ager considered it his calling to run a home gracefully and efficiently Several of the men whom he trained at St Michael s Mount went on to serve in the Royal Household at Buckingham Palace and at British embassies throughout the world But you don t need a manor to benefit from Ager s wisdom on homekeeping This carefully detailed, charmingly illustrated, eminently useful volume offers important insights and techniques, including how to Wipe a glass or a chandelier until it sparkles Fold napkins precisely in six different ways Polish furniture or silver to a mirror finish Lay a beautiful table and serve a meal impeccably Brush, buff, and maintain any manner of clothes and footwear Fold and pack for a trip for business or pleasure Select and pour wine Stage impromptu romantic picnics And, among other graces, open a door soundlessly, roll an umbrella perfectly, and iron a newspaper

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The Butler's Guide to Running the Home and Other Graces

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  1. Stanley Ager spent nearly thirty of his fifty three years as a butler and valet at St Michael s Mount under the Lords Levan His teachings have been deemed vital by butlers from Buckingham Palace among many others.


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  1. I have a deep and rarely mentioned love of historical etiquette and household guides, and this is a quite singular one Part biography and part instruction manual, the book gives a real lens on the work needed to actually make one of those old English country estates run smoothly Especially recommended is the final section in which the author quite sincerely suggests that a romantic picnic for two requires special china and no fewer than 18 individual pieces of flatware.

  2. What a delightful read Stanley Ager was one of the most celebrated butlers of the twentieth century The forward was written by Alastair Bruce OBE, the historical advisor to Downton Abbey The book was beautifully written with hand drawn illustrations The hierarchy of the servants was completely explained as were the duties they performed The cook was quite often quite the tyrant This was just fun I m not quite sure if I would have made a better lady having servants or if I would have been a great [...]

  3. This book was great I learned how to pack a suitcase, how to polish silver, and that I should really have my own butler to handle all of these things for me.

  4. Review originally posted onmy blog.Remember when I talked about books inspired by Downton Abbey Well I ve found another one and it s a doozy If you thought Martha Stewart ran a tight ship, you ve never heard of Stanley Ager.Mr Ager was a butler at St Michael s Mount for most of his life He did everything from ensuring food was ordered on time to ironing the napkins In The Butler s Guide he shares his tips and tricks for keeping house.I didn t know how slothful I was until reading this book Appar [...]

  5. Yes, I m the kind of person who reads butler s guides And, having read quite a number of them to date, I m prepared to say this is one of, if not THE, best Written by one of the best known butlers of the 20th century, Stanley Ager, this book is a distillation of expertise gained from serving for years as head butler at St Michael s Mount Everything from how to properly iron and pack, to the art of cigars, table service, luggage handling, dealing with inappropriate guests, and tying bowties Ager [...]

  6. After I read that butlers are high in demand, with the rich getting richer, I was interested in what it would take to be a butler.Even if I had any dreams of becoming a butler, I can forget about it The amount of work, including polishing copious amounts of silver, holding really heavy dishes without touching the top of the plate, lighting a cigar properly or being able to press and pack garments with 10, 000 sheets of tissue are not the things mere mortals can do Of course, it doesn t help that [...]

  7. I liked reading Mr Ager s personal recollections of working as a butler I have to admit I skimmed some of the actual instructions How Mr Ager folds a shirt , How Mr Ager ties a bow tie I can t imagine the fastidiousness he had in EVERYTHING For instance, Because a napkin must look fresh, practice the folds before you finally use them There s nothing worse than a napkin falling out of its fold Napkins for folding should be approximately 24 to 26 inches on a side They must first be slightly starch [...]

  8. It has been a long time since I ve read such an interesting and informative novel about the duties of running a large home This guide is chock full of tips on everything from cleaning anything in the home, table preparations, packing and maintaining clothing and keeping an immaculate, well run home This would be a good book for anyone to have on their shelf at home for reference I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

  9. This is a book everyone should have in their home It s a quick reference for everything from how to properly fold and hang clothing to how to give a grand dinner party I know this is one book I will keep on hand for everyday items and also for reminders such as how to polish silver, brass and even my glass wear The background of Stanley Ager was quite impressive and I m so glad he has decided to share his wisdom with others.

  10. This is a fun book to read if your into mannerism s and household tips of by gone ages I happen to be one of those people I was a history major, who worked in living history musuem her whole working career The other people it may appeal to are fans of Upstairs, Downstairs or the other new one Though these tips are from an earlier time period I noticed not many entered to win this book, which is I won a copy It s a shame It truly is delightful.

  11. These folks worked much too hard Thanks to Martha Stewart I can clean copper faster and easierand w no toxic chemicals I expected to find the book entertaining, but found it downright depressing instead I can imagine devoting one s life to caring for beautiful paintings, but not all that common household stuff.

  12. Part how to, part history lesson, part guide to understanding staff positions while watching Downton Abbey Perhaps a little over the top for today s home management but reminiscent of an era of so painfully proper you ll almost be happy we left it behind But very handy should you visit The Queen or in dealing with some that are still oh so proper.

  13. What a cute useful book Loaded with glimpses into what life was like not only for the butlers in a weaalthy home, but for the rich as well Lots of advice and tips like my parents and grandparents would have known to take care of the home, clean, and organize Thamks for this book to review

  14. While I don t think I ll be polishing shoes or silver any time soon, I did learn a lot reading this book I came away inspired to be diligent in my housekeeping and in caring for the things I have I also enjoyed the behind the scenes glimpse of how a big house was run back in the day I recommend this interesting read.

  15. What a fun and informative book Mr Ager provides so much knowledge in regards to being a Butler and what it takes to smoothly run a house in general We could all take something from this book and apply it to our household.

  16. If you need to know how the big houses were run back in the day I highly recommend this book It is an excellent source book for understanding how the house was organized and the proper place the butler and rest of staff held It is also a highly entertaining read.

  17. So particular, so old school, that I enjoyed it OK, so maybe I am a bit OCD Household manuals whether old or new have always been of interest to me This book made me want to pull out my old copy of Beeton s book of Household Management

  18. Yes, it s a book on how to be a butler I don t know why, but the style and narration just kept me reading right through I even read the little infographics on how to fold napkins I also loved the stories of life downstairs.

  19. This was intersting yet a tad dry at the same time I learned everything on how to pack a suitcase, clean my silver, iron a newspaper, wine choosing and serving Each detail was in true English step by step fashion You can see the integrity and how detail oriented staff were and had to be.

  20. Somewhat interesting look at life inside a manor home, but unless you own silver and servants not really applicable to normal life as a how to guide

  21. A very well written and fascinating book about the life and duties of a butler in England It was very informative and made me want to have some staff of my own

  22. Wanted to know about below stairs operations of a great country house It was good but not great Informative, but it was missing something

  23. solid book to buy with good advises I think at the beginning of the book it s a bit too personal but after its getting the how to part, which I enjoyed Cool tips.

  24. Great fun for those wanting to learn about history or lifestyle of 20th century English aristocracy Also very helpful as a household management manual.

  25. Most of the information is outdated and useless, however there are a few helpful hints I would have preferred of a memoir than an instructional book, but it is what it is.

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