The Absorbent Mind

The Absorbent Mind In response to the crisis in American education than five thousand public and private schools across the nation have adopted the timeless Montessori Method of teaching of which this book is the corn

In response to the crisis in American education, than five thousand public and private schools across the nation have adopted the timeless Montessori Method of teaching, of which this book is the cornerstone Written by the women whose name is synonymous worldwide with child development theory, The Absorbent Mind takes its title from the phrase that the inspired ItaliIn response to the crisis in American education, than five thousand public and private schools across the nation have adopted the timeless Montessori Method of teaching, of which this book is the cornerstone Written by the women whose name is synonymous worldwide with child development theory, The Absorbent Mind takes its title from the phrase that the inspired Italian doctor coined to characterize the child s most crucial developmental stage the first six years.

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The Absorbent Mind

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  1. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician, educator, philosopher, humanitarian and devout Catholic she is best known for her philosophy and the Montessori method of education of children from birth to adolescence Her educational method is in use today in a number of public as well as private schools throughout the world.


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  1. Excellent book Maria Montessori s insight and genius astounds me to no end This is my second favorite of the books I ve read of hers for adult readers so far, after The Secret of Childhood I do not feel up to writing much of a review beyond that, however, so I will jump straight to my favorite quotes, which hopefully will speak for the book than well enough themselves e child becomes a great walker and has the need to go for very long walks Usually, we either carry him or put him in a gocart Ac [...]

  2. Maria Montessori was a revolutionary educational philosopher This book, a collection of speeches made in India in the 1940 s, is the last in which she expounds upon the pedagogical methodology and philosophy that she introduced to the world in her seminal book, The Montessori Method In The Absorbent Mind, with missionary zeal, she espouses ideas that are firmly rooted in Enlightenment Era thinking as well as the emerging sciences of psychology and embryology Borrowing heavily from Rousseau, Hein [...]

  3. Written from India after the Second World War there is a change in Dr Montessori s view of human nature She is less optimistic of the goodness of man and works instead for a peaceful education She believed, and was likely correct, that if we are to end man s destruction of man, then we need an educational philosophy based on cooperation rather than competition.

  4. Cel mai mare pericol zace n ignoran a noastr tim cum s g sim perle n cochiliile scoicilor, aur n mun i i c rbune n m runtaiele p m ntului, dar nu avem cuno tin de germenii spiritului, de nebuloasa creatoare pe care copilul o ascunde n sine c nd vine n lume pentru a re nnoi omenirea Pentru mine aceast carte merit mai mult dec t 5 stele Cartea e despre abilitatea copilului de a absorbi informa iile din mediu, capacitatea incon tient de a le nva i asta f r interven ia nociv sau neinformat a p rinte [...]

  5. I like the premise behind the book but it was hard for me to read like pulling myself through mud Great philosophy, brilliant woman, but not pleasure reading don t attempt to read if you re tired

  6. A fascinating window into the minds of children Montessori was a genius I cant help but think our schools would be in a lot better shape if we would ve gotten on board with her 100 years ago

  7. This book has been loaned out AGAIN A friend from North Carolina just returned the book Teaching Montessori in the Home by Hainstock a good book but I like the feel of reading Maria Montessori Quoting from The Absorbent Mind Instead, the child undergoes a transformation Impressions do not merely enter his mind they form it They incarnate themselves into him The child creates his own mental muscles, using for this what he finds in the world about him We have named this type of mentality, The Abso [...]

  8. We forget that imagination is a force for the discovery if truth 177 There is one thing the teacher must never do and that is, to interfere by praising a child s work, or punishing him if it is wrong, or even by correcting his mistakes If a child has to be rewarded or punished, it means he lacks the capacity to guide himself 245

  9. The book that started the Montessori movement Brilliant idea and philosophy but challenging to process The style of writing is full of optimism and metaphors that make it deep nonfiction reading, but essential if you want to understand the Montessori approach to education.

  10. Questo non un libro per maestre Questo libro per chiunque abbia a che fare con dei bambini Anche tu mio caro genitore

  11. Maria makes me question and rethink how I parent my own child and teach my students A heavy textbook read but kept my interest Here s to the beginning of pursuing the Montessori way

  12. L a concesso all uomo come un dono volto ad un dato scopo e per uno speciale disegno, come ogni cosa che viene prestata agli esseri viventi dalla coscienza cosmica Esso dev essere tesaurizzato, sviluppato ed ingrandito al massimo delle possibilit L uomo, unico tra gli esseri, pu sublimare questa forza che gli stata data e svilupparla pi e pi , e farne tesoro il suo compito appunto perch questa forza, tiene insieme l universo Con essa, anche l uomo potr tenere unito tutto quanto egli crea con le [...]

  13. Written during Dr Montessori s time in India after WWII, this book gives a wonderful insight into how the mind of a child absorbs their surroundings The book explains Montessori s child developmental theory, especially from ages of 3 6 and gives techniques to nurture and understand a child s mind.Parts of the book must admit had to struggle to get through To some modern readers, her choice of words at times in presenting science explanations of neurological development may find her descriptions [...]

  14. Questo saggio, pubblicato in India nel 1949, l insieme di una serie di conferenze che Montessori tenne in occasione del corso di preparazione che svolse ad Ahmedabab E un documento prezioso e quanto mai attuale in cui sono riassunti, in maniera discorsiva, i pilastri del suo metodo secondo me una buona lettura per avvicinarsi a questa grande scienziata.

  15. Mintea Absorbant prime te orice, i pune speran e n orice, accept n mod egal s r cia i bog ia, adopt orice religie, prejudec ile i obiceiurile compatrio ilor s i, ncarn ndu le pe toate n sine.

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  17. I like this translation, it seems readable After rereading this book, I was amazed how much new information I found.I did not realize Montessori supported prolonged breastfeeding and babywearing and natural childbirth pg 68 on newborn s experiencing fear When, in the first hours of life, they are dipped rapidly into a bath protective instinct of the mother to press her child to her bosom to protect from lightpg 69 The human mother s protective instincts is not so strong as animals Hardly is the [...]

  18. Deep and Important recommend to all teachers, lawmakers, and parents This reads sort of like Einstein s Dreams as Montessori puzzles out why things are as they are and why we haven t notice the child is born to learn if we allow it to happen by providing the right environment and materials and teaching methods This is an excerpt to show the kind of thinking in the book Highly interesting Deep Supposing we put a little levity into this weighty subject and tell a little story A certain young man w [...]

  19. I have been told that this is a primary text for Montessori certification At least at one program There were some really wonderful bits, but overall I did not enjoy it as much as The Montessori Method In this book there are several comparisons of humans and animals I think that viewpoint might have been in vogue at the time the book was written, but I found it strange I also found strange that there are frequent Biblical quotations While I appreciate Dr Montessori s sometimes heady flights of ph [...]

  20. As the happy product of a Montessori education and the parent of a new baby myself, I was interested in Montessori s own words on her educational approach I m glad I made the effort to get through the book, because the most interesting and relevant chapters for what I wanted to learn about were the last 10 or so The book is weighted down by the pseudo science in the first few chapters, which tries very hard to establish some basic comparisons with child development and cell development embryolog [...]

  21. Considered a classic in Montessori circles The book explains Montessori s developmental theory, especially and almost exclusively from ages of 3 6, the ages of her Children s House The ideas are compelling, especially in that they play themselves out well in experience with children these ages There are a number of good points made about development in general what people need as they grow, and how these needs are different in different stages, and what may happen if the needs are not met Her id [...]

  22. The Absorbent Mind Kindle Edition I studied this book in college Was so impressed with the Montessori Method that I took classes to become a Montessori teacher While that did not happen, I do highly RECOMMEND this book to pregnant couples and couples with New Borns.Getting baby ready to travel home from the hospital did it occur to you that putting on diapers, booties, clothes and a bonnet was terribly irritating to their skin That just wrapping them inside a warm cuddly blanket was best So much [...]

  23. This was recommended to me many times by Yon s aunt even when I was pregnant, and I am finally reading it now 2 years later , and so far is very interesting, and I ve just had a hard time getting through some of the scientific explanations of how DNA and everything works I am just tired and start to zone out, and I can t wait to get to the parts that actually apply to how I can be a great mom and teacher, and for the parts that might give advice on what are good things to do with children and ba [...]

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