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Electrico W By the celebrated Oulipo writer this brilliant and witty novel set in Lisbon explores love relationships and the strange balance between literature and life Journalist writer and translator Vince

By the celebrated Oulipo writer, this brilliant and witty novel set in Lisbon explores love, relationships, and the strange balance between literature and life Journalist, writer, and translator Vincent Balmer moves to Lisbon to escape from a failing affair During his first assignment there, he teams up with Antonio a photographer who has just returned to the city afterBy the celebrated Oulipo writer, this brilliant and witty novel set in Lisbon explores love, relationships, and the strange balance between literature and life Journalist, writer, and translator Vincent Balmer moves to Lisbon to escape from a failing affair During his first assignment there, he teams up with Antonio a photographer who has just returned to the city after a ten year absence to report for a French newspaper on an infamous serial killer s trial While walking around the city together to take notes and photos for the article, they visit the places of Antonio s childhood, swap stories from their pasts, and confide in each other But the they learn about each other, the their lives become inextricably intertwined With a structure that parallels Homer s Odyssey, El ctrico W recounts their nine days together and the adventures that proliferate to form a constellation of successive ephemeral connections and relationships.

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Electrico W

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  1. Herv Le Tellier is a writer, journalist, mathematician, food critic, and teacher He has been a member of the Oulipo group since 1992 and one of the papous of the famous France Culture radio show He has published fifteen books of stories, essays, and novels, including Enough About Love Other Press, 2011 , The Sextine Chapel Dalkey Archive Press, 2011 , and A Thousand Pearls Dalkey Archive Press, 2011.


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  1. Two men meet in Lisbon to cover the story of the trial of an old man who is a serial killer They have worked together before but they have an on again, off again acquaintance Both have also fled Paris due to woman problems And mainly that is the focus of this book, a saga of two thirty ish men inept at dealing with women During their 8 day stay in Lisbon, they manage to get involved with four women, and, surprise, it all turns out badly one way or another Not to give away any plot, but we learn [...]

  2. Somehow Lisbon has haunted my 2017 Inscrutably, it exists befogged but entices with only a half remembered tune Of course Pessoa is to blame for this condition as is his refracted double Tabucchi but Jim Gauer is responsible as well.This is Sebald type excursion, though one personable and less visual Two journalists arrive in Lisbon to cover a murder trial Each has baggage The protagonist is a bit of a shit I relate to him The debris of romance gone wrong litters not only their past but their p [...]

  3. Let s talk about Oulipo It s a French movement that includes authors and mathematicians who use constraints when creating literature For example writing an entire novel without using the letter a Or using palindromes Or starting every sentence with the same word or phrase Or, my particular favorite, replacing every noun with the seventh noun after it in the dictionary this constraint has its own name N 7.Italo Calvino was a member of Oulipo which is why If On A Winters Night A Traveler is a book [...]

  4. So let s start with the simplest question What is Electrico W It s a rather ancient yellow and white Lisbon funicular train that unfailingly carries its cargo of housewives and office workers every workday morning It forks off, continues its way, enters into dark tunnels, and sputters its way into daylight once again.In short, it s a metaphor for love.Love and relationships are subjects that fascinate Herve Le Tellier, who focused on it in his prior book, Enough About Love Here he explores it on [...]

  5. Herv Le Tellier s El ctrico W is a simple, quiet kind of novel It has a minimalist plot, keeping the main focus on its characters and their stories the stories that make them who they are.We experience these nine days through Vincent s narrative Vincent seems to be working through a lot of confusion regarding his affair with Irene He manipulates those around him, even those he has yet to meet, in order to reconcile and work through his conflicted feelings He also doesn t seem to have considered [...]

  6. i enjoyed this chronicle of a week in time vincent be craycray jealous and plotting, but in such a civilized way very good writing and story telling

  7. Original posted at Insatiable Booksluts E galley provided by Other Press.Rating 4.43 5 women you drive away before they ever have a chance to love you backRecommended if you like Books that take place in Europe flawed main characters reading books that are sometimes uncomfortable but that ring with truth.My lovely friend Tara over at BookSexyReview says that Le Tellier is actually kind of a big deal and he belongs to a movement of writing called Oulipo If that floats your boat, I urge you to hea [...]

  8. I m so glad I picked up this book on a whim the last time I visited Barnes and Noble I decided to pick what I believed the best parts of Herve Le Tellier novel were relating to his eloquent style and artfully created plotline to share and entice all other potential readers so here I go 1 The relatable emotions of all of the characters Even though the novel seemed a much adult novel, full of tangled relationships with surprising tangents, I was able to truly connect with some of the characters o [...]

  9. Ein Fotograf und ein Journalist sollen f r eine franz sische Zeitung aus Portugals Haupstadt Lissabon vom Prozess gegen einen Serienm rder berichten Vincent, der diese Ereignisse von 1985 r ckblickend erz hlt, ist dieser Journalist, zugleich auch Autor und bersetzer Ant nio, der Fotograf, stammt aus Lissabon Verbunden sind die beiden M nner nicht nur beruflich durch ihre Vergangenheit als Kriegsreporter, sondern auch durch Irene, die Vincent liebt und mit der Ant nio eine Beziehung hat Der Proze [...]

  10. A lovely, easy read Dreamy, a bit like reading a Wes Anderson movie even the serial killer reminded me of the SNL parody , and although the main character was not very likable, I couldn t put the book down It did take a little while to get into it, though, because it seemed soanslated The flow, I guess, and some overwritten bits Still, it starts getting interesting near the beginning when Antonio slightly likable than the narrator, Vincent, who is an outright creep talks about his long lost lo [...]

  11. This is okay It took a while to get into, but finally I just read the last 2 3 through It isn t a very long novel Some of it feels a bit flabby and indulgent a lonely 40 something man caroming between encounters with one younger woman after another, all of whom are both magical, and ultimately disdainful of him Meh.The smaller stories and vignettes woven in were enough to sustain interest, though, at least for the book s modest page count.

  12. set mostly in lisbon, oulipo master tellier writes a small novel about big ideas based on odysseus , love, revenge, loss, friendship, parents, art, children, betrayal, seems maybe friendship ultimately is the most important better n sex.a good intro into oulipo world for straights i guess too, the tram line W is no that damn thing almost killed me once, but it was my fault.

  13. Reads like a trashy romance novel, and somehow manages to be simultaneously melodramatic and boring Maybe better in its original French, but I didn t like it enough to reread.

  14. Endlich fand ich die Zeit, dieses Buch zu lesen, das schon einige Zeit auf meinem Stapel lag Es hat sich gelohnt Eine unspektakul re, intime Geschichte, wie ich sie meistens mag.

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