Danza Danza is a collection of stories about being a foreigner sometimes even in your own home Quiet comtemplative and subtle Danza collects some of Ono s best short work

Danza is a collection of stories about being a foreigner, sometimes even in your own home Quiet, comtemplative and subtle, Danza collects some of Ono s best short work.

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  1. Natsume Ono made her professional debut in 2003 with the webcomic La Quinta Camera Her subsequent works not simple, Ristorante Paradiso, and Gente a continuation of Ristorante Paradiso met with both critical and popular acclaim In 2009 Ristorante Paradiso was adapted into a TV anime series Her current series House of Five Leaves Saraiya Goyou , also adapted into a TV anime series in 2010, is running in IKKI magazine sigikki creators natsu Japanese name She also writes BL under the pen name of basso.


Danza Comment

  1. Every story in this collection is incredibly sweet and spun with talent Just love Ono s style and stories, always.

  2. While still not among my favorite manga, I did enjoy this book by Natsume Ono than the previous one I read Tesoro I find the combination of Italian locales themes and Japanese culture, all translated into English, to be sometimes problematic for me This collection focuses on the relationships between fathers and sons, brothers, and partners I particularly enjoyed Diorama about a somewhat cranky Japanese man trying to relate to his German son in law I found the ending of that story to be quite t [...]

  3. 3.5A few vignettes of different lives, very much in the same style as Ono s previous works I enjoyed reading each story to it s conclusion, which weren t always all peaches and roses etc I like the subdued art, dialog and over all feel of Ono s stories, where not everything has to be said out I prefer her longer works, just when I felt I was getting into the meat of one of these short stories it was over, a too short taste of Ono s superb storytelling.The variety of stories, characters and situa [...]

  4. 6 short stories linked in the theme of people getting to know someone that would normally be close to them Some stories are sad, some happy and some in between A lot of characterisation in a small short amount of space The whole book is deconstructed in style and content, but only in such a way as to get to the real story with no needless padding Danza is not Natsume Ono s best work, but it is still very good and I enjoyed it greatly.

  5. A wonderful book about interpersonal relationships that will leave you with a slightly melancholy warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart Loved it, will definitely revisit these short, very digestible stories when I need a reminder of how tricky and yet rewarding platonic relationships are.Favorite stories Diorama, and Smoke.

  6. I liked the intent of this book collection of short stories about human connection bonding But not all the stories were strong The first two were quite thoughtful and deep But past that, I wonder if something was lost in translation the remaining concepts stories were too abstract for me.

  7. Profound and well drawn, this early collection of a variety of thought provoking short stories is excellent While it doesn t quiet equal Not Simple in complexity or artwork, it well worth owning and reading.

  8. Some stories were better than others, but the ones that were good were great And it was cool to see the variation in Ono s stuff, even if the stories varied in grabbiness.

  9. Great premise that s why I bought it Poor delivery of what it promised that s why I gave up reading it , 60% into it

  10. I blinked and the stories were over Didn t really do anything for me, maybe my focus was shot for the day Will try again later Loved Tesoro but this one is just okay.

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