Collared A male bartender and a female entrepreneur with the help of their loveable pets work together to find a missing person in this exciting and witty debut mystery Ginny Mallard owner of a private concie

A male bartender and a female entrepreneur with the help of their loveable pets work together to find a missing person in this exciting and witty debut mystery Ginny Mallard, owner of a private concierge company, jumps at the opportunity to offer her services when she overhears someone complaining about losing some important legal documents When the man hires her to fiA male bartender and a female entrepreneur with the help of their loveable pets work together to find a missing person in this exciting and witty debut mystery Ginny Mallard, owner of a private concierge company, jumps at the opportunity to offer her services when she overhears someone complaining about losing some important legal documents When the man hires her to find his missing uncle instead, Ginny realizes she s bitten off than she can chew With her bartender friend Teddy Tonica, and also with their surprisingly helpful feline and canine companions, Ginny starts the task of finding a missing person But will she be able to find him before he winds up dead

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  1. L.A. Kornetsky Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Collared book, this is one of the most wanted L.A. Kornetsky author readers around the world.


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  1. I was SO excited when I first discovered this book A dog mystery Featuring a Shar Pei, one of my favorite breeds YES However once I started reading the book, I was really disappointed Despite the title Collared A Gin Tonic Mystery , the tag line They re putting a leash on crime and the cover art a cat and Shar Pei this is NOT a mystery where animals are important characters In fact, I was disappointed to find out the Gin Tonic are Ginny, a bar fly who happens to own a shar pei mix, and Tonica a [...]

  2. Collared may be written under a new pen name, but the author s previous experience shines through The first of the Gin and Tonic mysteries that would be Virginia Ginny Mallard, private concierge and Tony Tonica, bartender is a thoroughly enjoyable read, establishing an excellent foundation for what will hopefully be a long series.Self employed Ginny is always on the lookout for a new job handling the little details that her clients just don t have the time or energy to deal with Running errands [...]

  3. Ginny Mallard is a personal concierge who has a half grown Shar pei named Georgie, and likes to drink at an out of the way neighborhood bar called Mary s She has a routine and is a problem solver Teddy Tonica pretty much runs Mary s, the bartender an empathetic, yet slightly mysterious, soul who knows when to cut off a patron without ruffling any feathers His not his cat, Mistress Penny drops, has the run of the bar as long as she stays out of the way.A long time customer of Mary s shows up one [...]

  4. This book is a study of human nature as much as a mystery Two distinctly different personalities discover they mesh in inexplicable ways as they attempt to carry out a seemingly innocent business transaction Ms Kornetsky portrays a very strong female protagonist as well as an equally strong male protagonist I like the fact that Ms Kornetsky can portray a strong female without having the need to demean her male counterpart As much as I like strong female protagonists, I have seen where some autho [...]

  5. I have been waiting for this book since the first time I heard about it LA Gilman writing mysteries Could it be anything but good The Seattle that Ms Kornetsky described, felt like it was written by a Seattlite It managed the fine balance of being detailed enough to be believable, yet not so detailed that the description bogged down the narrative.The characters were deliciously snarky, but what I especially liked was how Gin and Teddy complemented each other Ginny was good at finding information [...]

  6. Enjoyed story and action which kept moving from scene to scene Use of animals was not distracting added another dimension Will be reading this author in future.

  7. Review Copy Provided by PublisherI ll be the first to admit that I am both a cat and a dog person and have not only 3 dogs, but 2 cats in my home yes, I might be slightly insane so when I came across the ARC for Collared on Edelweiss, I was intrigued I wasn t sure if it was going to fall into the Rita Mae Brown and Sneaky Pie Brown kind of theme which I didn t really enjoy maybe because I picked up book 5 in the series but that is a story for another day I like it when dogs act as dogs, and cats [...]

  8. L.A Kornetsky is an alias for Laura Anne Gilman, who writes urban fantasies and under the name of Anna Leonard writes paranormal romances I love her urban fantasies and I love mysteries so I was excited to hear about this book and have been waiting for it impatiently The cover makes it look like a cozy mystery but it s not nor is it cutesy The latter was a possibility given the addition of the animals as part of the investigative team Kornetsky plays it straight, not endowing the animals with hu [...]

  9. Collared is a mystery novel The mystery was to find a missing man and to discover exactly why he decided to hide along with some important business papers from his nephew They weren t investigating a murder, which was a refreshing change It wasn t really a puzzle mystery but following along as they uncovered the trail and decided what to do with what they learned The suspense was from potential danger to them and the missing man The characters were engaging, and Ginny and Teddy both acted in rea [...]

  10. 3.5 starsThis is the story of Ginny, a personal concierge, and Teddy, a bartender, and how they get involved in something way, WAY over their pay grades It involves a missing patriarch, some shady real estate dealings, and pistol toting dames, not to mention a dog and cat who consult with each other on the care and feeding of The Humans.Kornetsky aka Laura Anne Gilman has a real gift for snappy, snarky dialog and capturing the urban scene Although the novel is set in Seattle and environs, her NY [...]

  11. A new series under a new name from the ever interesting Laura Anne Gilman, this is a fast paced, humorous and gripping read with strong protagonists and a wonderful sense of place.

  12. This is one I would read again Interaction between pets was believable added to a captivating story Will be reading this author again.

  13. This book has good potential that was why I didn t give up on reading it it s book 1 of the series and another reason I finished it instead of quitting it in the middle It wasn t that it was horrible just had to much details on things that didn t really matter or at least to me and as I read it I would skip parts and then read some skip some read some and still was able to find out what the characters did and find etc This reminded me of watching an episode of Ghost Hunters and instead of the in [...]

  14. This was an interesting mystery read it is told from the owners and pets point of view with voices the book was entertaining and interesting enough to made pick up the next book as well.

  15. The main characters are not a dog and a cat, no the main characters are a Bartender named Teddy Tonica and a professional purrfessional Concierge Ginny Mallard It s why its Gin and Tonic Both humans are competitive and stubborn it s how Ginny convinced Tonica to help with a missing paperwork case They both end up in over their head when their investigation leaves them in P.I territory and neither of them are Private investigators even if Tonica did read a Morons guide to P.I Two things I was hap [...]

  16. Collared is the first book in a new mystery series by L.A Kornetsky Virginia Mallard Gin is a private personal concierge, which is akin to a freelance administrative assistant Teddy Tonica Tonic is a bartender at Mary s One night when Ginny was down at the bar, she offers her services to Walter Jacobs DubJay to track down his uncle, Joe She realizes she s going to need much than her fact finding to discover the truth, so she recruits Tonica to help her pound the pavement Their digging is causin [...]

  17. Subtitled A Gin and Tonic Mystery, this Seattle mystery marks the debut of an unlikely pair Gin is Ginny Mallard, a personal concierge Tonic is Teddy Tonica, a bartender who could be much , Ginny thinks Their initial connection is through the Tuesday Trivia games at Mary s, the bar where Tonica works The two are on rival teams tied for second place at the moment and, as fierce competitors, don t think they like each other much.Ginny is approached at the bar where Tonica can overhear the transact [...]

  18. COLLARED was an interesting and entertaining mystery Ginny Mallard is a freelance concierge who handles things others are too busy or something to do She has recently adopted a shar pei that she has named Georgie She hangs out at a bar named Mary s when she wants to get away from home Teddy Tonica is the bartender at Mary s There is also a cat that has adopted Teddy but who comes and goes at her will Ginny and Teddy are friendly rivals at the Tuesday night trivia contests and have a relationship [...]

  19. A mystery book which I found in the murder section, so it was a little disorienting at first Once I realized my mistake, I settled in to enjoy a puzzle which I could work out along with the main characters, Ginny and Tonica I was disappointed It seemed like random happenstance whenever the two managed to find a clue, and never enough information was shared to make me feel involved in puzzling it out I was also looking forward to seeing the dog and cat from the cover have something valuable to co [...]

  20. This is the first of a new series and features 2 people who join together to find a missing person The 2 people are acquaintances, not friends, not lovers, not even attracted at least at this point and it seems like a very unrealistic pairing One has a dog, the other a cat and the animals talk to each other Their conversations seem superfluous and totally unneeded The man is a little defined than the woman whose personality sends mixed signals I never really got a read on her at all as far as w [...]

  21. More like a 3.5, but rounding up This is a fun and cute little cozy mystery by fantasy author Laura Anne Gilman, writing under a pen name I really liked the characters, both the humans and the animals The mystery was pretty low key and also different from the norm a missing person rather than a murder The novel served mainly as a vehicle for introducing the characters and relationships, and launching the series The animals do talk , but only to one another, and I thought of it as communicating t [...]

  22. The bartender at Mary s, Teddy Tonica, doesn t much like Ginny, a blonde know it all, but he respects her Ginny regards Teddy as a smart mouthed bartender, but he s undeniably tough looking When Ginny, an independent concierge, is hired to find a missing man just another form of research, right , she persuades Teddy to help her It doesn t hurt that Ginny s lovable pup Georgie is friends with Miss Penny, the cat who definitely doesn t belong to Teddy or anyone else The plot seemed a bit confusing [...]

  23. Collard by L.A Kornestsky Ginny needs some hard cold cash if is she is going to keep her Shar Pei Georgie in kibble, she lands a gig tracking down a businessman s missing uncle and some legal documents In order to solve the case, Ginny has to enlist the aid of the local bartender, Teddy Tonica, one smart dude Of course Georgie and Teddy s cat, Mistress Penny have to get into the act Set in Seattle, this is an engaging mystery with unique characters.

  24. More like 3.5 stars for me, really, but I enjoy the author s other books Laura Anne Gilman and suspect that as a series this will get better, so I m giving it 4 stars for the moment It was slow beginning, picked up speed and interest about half way through, but the ending didn t really end It s like the pieces aren t quite clicking yet But it was still a fun read and I will read at least the next instalment.

  25. I liked this mystery The story was well written and the short sections from both the dog and cat s point of view were nice My only quibble is that though the book is set in Seattle, there were a lot of inaccuracies in terms of locations and neighborhood names It was still an enjoyable read but lacked a sense of place.

  26. A fun and quick read As a long time fan of Laura Anne Gilman s Kornetsky is a pen name , it was exciting to try this change of pace for Gilman The characters are smart, and Gilman really has a handle on animal thoughts Plus, I really enjoy the fact that her characters like Gilman herself talk the way I do, eg Serious man is serious.

  27. Spritely mystery with a not too complicated mystery The charm is in the characters and witty banter between the two or should I say four main characters Dog person or cat person, you should enjoy this.

  28. Cute little mystery about a woman names Ginny who is for hire concierge and her bartender friend, Tonica, who helps her solve the mystery Thus, Gin and Tonic.He has a cat and she has a dog who loosely assist them.It was OK.

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