Warrior Reborn

Warrior Reborn From an award winning author comes an enthralling page turner about time travel to the Scottish Highlands and a captive Scottish seer whose only hope lies in a modern special ops warrior Award winning

From an award winning author comes an enthralling page turner about time travel to the Scottish Highlands and a captive Scottish seer whose only hope lies in a modern special ops warrior Award winning author Melissa Mayhue delivers once with her second enchanting novel of the MacDowylt clan, featuring a captive Scottish seer who awaits the man from her visions to resFrom an award winning author comes an enthralling page turner about time travel to the Scottish Highlands and a captive Scottish seer whose only hope lies in a modern special ops warrior.Award winning author Melissa Mayhue delivers once with her second enchanting novel of the MacDowylt clan, featuring a captive Scottish seer who awaits the man from her visions to rescue and love her Former special ops agent CHASE NOBLE has been searching his whole life for the place where he belongs As a descendant of Fae, he senses fate has in store for him And he will not rest until he discovers what his true purpose is When he travels back in time to medieval Scotland, he discovers his mission is to save a beautiful woman the same woman he is destined to be with CHRISTIANA MACDOWYLT possesses the gift of foresight Prisoner of her evil half brother, Christiana has visions that show her that only one warrior can rescue her a man she is mysteriously drawn to The only problem is, he s in the future Now she must rely on the magic of a fairy to transport him to the past And when Christiana finally meets Chase, the sparks between them set off a smoldering desire But will the magic that brought them together also tear them apart

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Warrior Reborn

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  1. Melissa Mayhue lives in Colorado, in the shadow of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, with her family, two insanely spoiled dogs, one domineering cat, a turtle with an attitude, and way too many fish in their aquarium If any one thing is obvious about the books I like best, it s that I love my Happy Ever After endings


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  1. Warrior Reborn, the second installment of Melissa Mayhue s Warrior Series, evoked such vivid images of the actors I could see portraying these characters, I ask you to please indulge my fancy Let me know if you envision the same Interestingly enough, I couldn t really improve upon Chase he remains as depicted by the cover model YeahI didn t think you d mind, either Our hero, Chase Noble, has been plucked from modern day Montana and plunged into the Highlands of 13th century Scotland courtesy of [...]

  2. No No and no where is the end what the heck happens to Torquil, Bridget and Halwhat is Hal Ok so we get to wait until another book for these answers Where is my HEA for Christy and Chase they declaired their love for each other, I was waiting for him to ask her to marry him.got to the last chapterturned the page for or an Epilogue at least and nothing Back tracking to the story, not sure what it was about this book but IMO it wasn t as good as any I have read previously, and it feels incomplete [...]

  3. I didn t like this as much as the first book It seemed Torguil s book than Chase and Christiana whose romance felt forced and not a true connection I sincerely hope to see of Chase and Christiana s romance in the next book as their story was hardly finished when this one ended.

  4. I hate waiting, waiting, waiting for a book anticipating it s release, then not being able to put it down, and suddenly it s OVER OK, I m not sure why, but the ending of this book caught me up short And it ticked me off, because I didn t want the book to end And I hate being left on the cliff, dangling just over the edgeTo be fair to the author, I get the cliff hangers They re all the rage in series, because they keep us, the readers, coming back But Book 1 Warrior s Redemption didn t end with s [...]

  5. This one was ok, but not as good as the others I have read I found it kind of boring and kept falling asleep.

  6. In the Present Day, Chase Noble, is the son of a Fae, and has always known that there is much to his life than just existing He knows that there is a purpose in his future, and he knows it will be spectacular, only he never expected that he would be sent back 700 years into the late 1200 s He knows that he has no idea what to expect, or what fate has in plan for him Christiana has always possessed certain gifts, one of those being the gift of foresight, and because of this, she has been a priso [...]

  7. This book continues where the first in the series ended, with Christiana back in captivity with her evil half brother Torquil Torquil is a descendant of Odin, with magical powers of his own But he is trying to master of the old magic, dark magic, and it has made him some sort of possessed He has been lusting after his half sister for ever, but even he won t cross that line He does want her powers of foresight though, and the things she finds out on her Vision quests to benefit him So he won t a [...]

  8. Finally sat down to read this today Nearly unheard of with me and this author A testment to how hectic life has been.Quick rundown of thoughts.This was a solid story written by one of my all time favorite authors I am immensely enjoying the furthering of the lore, and backstory to this new world of the warrior s Christiana was a wonderful, likeable heroine Compassionate, selfless, driven in her purpose to take on the evil living within her twisted brother Torquil Unfortunately I nearly rated thi [...]

  9. When Chase Noble was young his father promised him that someday he would meet his fate Being the obediant son that he was, he believed Of course it didn t hurt that his father was fae and fully understood the meaning of what it meant to have a soul mate For years, Chase has wandered the earth preparing for his fate, for that moment when fate stepped in and took over Of course he never thought it would mean traveling to the 12th century in nothing but his boxers grins Christina MacDowlt has spent [...]

  10. With the death of her father, Christiana MacDowylt has been kept a prisoner by her oldest half brother who is not the laird of their clan Christiana has the gift of foresight and is unable to tell a lie, if she does she suffers great pain When her half brother ca ptures her brother and is going to kill him, Christiana manges to help him escape She has a vision that tells her a man will be coming that will help defeat her half brother and free her so she stays behind Her half brother tries to use [...]

  11. Warrior RebornWarrior Book TwoBy Melissa MayhueChristiana has been gifted with visions her entire life but because of this she is held captive by her half brother Though life is not without hope she has foreseen a man from the future who will come to her aid in medieval Scotland, Chase Noble Chase is a former special ops agent who has been waiting his entire life for the gift of a Fae that his father once promised him The gift is finally finding his soul mate I always enjoy a good time travel no [...]

  12. WARRIOR REBORN by Melissa Mayhue is an exciting Medieval Scottish Time travel.Book 3 in the Warrior s series,but can be read as a stand alone,with re appearing characters See, Warrior s Redemption and an e book novella Warrior s Last Gift Filled with Fae,magic,mysticism,Scottish legend,emotional turmoil,time travel,secrets,danger,love,and passion Follow Special Ops agent, Chase Noble and Medieval captive seer Scottish lass, Christina MacDowylt, on a adventure of danger and magic.Chase comes from [...]

  13. Christiana MacDowylt has been kept prisoner by her oldest half brother Torquil, who wants her gift of foresight to rule the clans When Torquil captures her brother and is going to kill him, Christiana helps him escape With her foresight she has a vision of a man that will help her defeat Torquil and she stays the course in order to accomplish that goal I loved Christina s strong character and commitment to protecting those she was able to.The man of Christiana s visions is Chase Noble Chase is a [...]

  14. Wow, just wow Melissa Mayhue is one of my favourite authors, I absolutely am in love with her Daughters of the Glenn series These new Warrior books are icing on the cake We meet Christiana Macdowylt, she has a gift of being able to see what s to come Her visions have shown her that one man Warrior will save her from her wicked half brother Torquil, who is keeping Christiana prisoner He also has an interest in her visions, for his own greed.Chase Noble wants to feel like he belongs He was promise [...]

  15. I do love my warriors.who am I kiddingI LOVE MEN IN KILTS Melissa Mayhue has really stepped up her game with this book With so much passion and soule drama and feelings of each characterevery action you forget you re reading a book.The characters are a blast Chase is so care free, he is at the point of either it s going to happen or not So when it does s likeah right.In the same sense he s loyal, kind and HOT Then you have Christiana making a return appearance Warrior s Redemption ,she is still [...]

  16. Christiana MacDowylt has the gift of foresight In her visions, she continues to see a man, a warrior, the only one who can save her from the clutches of her evil half brother The only problem is he is not from the same time period, so she needs help from Faerie to bring him to her world But will it be a disaster Chase Noble, former special ops, feels he is always looking for something else a place where he belongs He is also a descendant of Fae and hopes that will help him find this place.Chase [...]

  17. Today I am bringing you the fabulous Warrior Reborn by Melissa Mayhue This unique romance story involves a dash of fairy magic, time travel and Norse warriors and plenty of heat This was my first jump into the world of Mayhue and I must say, I cannot wait to read .Warrior Reborn follows Chase Noble, a modern man with fairy blood All Chase wants is to find his place in the world Christiana is a trapped woman Her visions show her a warrior becoming her champion, rescuing her from the torture of he [...]

  18. Melissa Mayhue is one of my favorite authors I adore her Daughters of the Glen Series and this new Warriors series is an offshoot of that with some of our favorite characters flowing over.Chase Noble is one of our Hero s, I say one because one of my new favorite characters is Halldor Chase is half fae and he awaits his promised fate and soulmate Halldor who first appears in Warriors Last Gift becomes Chases best friend and helps him achieve his goal I won t say about Halldor because you simply [...]

  19. Ho Lee Crap That was gooooooood I am so freaking in love with these books Chase was such an amazing hero, and Christiana grew so much, and what the heck is the deal with Halldor It went by too fast almost, because there was so much action But in a good way, and not in a bad 80 s action movie way I am seriously loving the author s writing style Her dialogue sounds so natural, and her sex scenes are hot without being too graphic They re perfect, actually And her characters, oh her characters You j [...]

  20. I enjoyed this book I want to mention this is the second book in the series,the first is Warriors Redemption.This book is about Chase Noble a fae descendant who is waiting to see what fate has in store for him.The female lead in the story is Christina MacDowylt who has the gift of foresight.Chase is in the present and Christina is in the past,with the help of an elf Chase is sent back to the past to Scotland.Chase gets involved with Christina who is at the mercy of her evil half brother.The stor [...]

  21. Warrior 1 2 blood Fae Chase Noble never found where he belonged until Syrie Fae Priestess Danielle s Malcolm MacDowylt mother brought him to 1294, Christiana MacDowylt s time to rescue her from her evil 1 2 brother Torquil Torquil lusts after his 1 2 sister and uses her gift of Foreseeing in his quest to take over the world for Odin and eradicate his 1 2 siblings Malcolm Patrick of Castle MacGahan He possesses The Sword of the Ancients and Elvin Scrolls of Niflheim giving him dark magic He is al [...]

  22. I m still reading the bookI can t seem to make myself finish it I might just skip to the last chapter so I can be done with the book Not really having much patience with the female characters and the Evil guy is just that Evil, he kind of creeps me out and you just want him to die So, I m thinking that skipping to the last chapter is the way to go on this book.I finally finished the book todaylly

  23. A very interesting read and one I thoroughly enjoyed This story kept my interest all the way through The charters were very interesting but I felt I was missing something about how they relate to each other This may be because I haven t read the books before this one in the series I very much want to read them all now and I am looking forward to the next one.

  24. The first book is the best in the trilogy, but she creates a unique world where fae, old Norse religion, modern society, and the 13th century collide This 2nd book, a guy from modern society is brought to the 1200s While he falls in love, this is much of a warrior novel than a romantical one and the romance seems forced.

  25. This is the first book I ve read by Melissa Mayhue, and I enjoyed her writing Chase Noble, the former special ops agent, was well written and HOT Yummm He carried the story for me, and the secondary characters of Halldor and the uber creepy Torquil made me want to grab up the next in the Scottish Highland Fae series.Fun, easy read I d recommend

  26. Second book in the Warriors series, fast read Liked the main character, hoping there is a story for the other hero, and a bit disappointed in the non ending But overall, a good addition to the series.

  27. This may be the most captivating book of the series yet It s a well wrought and intense adventure Awesome new characters, great story development, and lots of loose ends that left me gnashing my teeth for .

  28. umm I was really excited for this, but I gotta admit I was disappointed Great potential for the story, but unless a true sequel is coming, this failed to wrap up any of the story arcs it started That being said, there had better be a sequel or im ABSOLUTELY going to be upset

  29. Another great addition to the series, but I didn t like where it left off Yes, I know setting up the next book blah, blah, blah, but we could have at least had a wedding and still been set up And what about Patrick and the Elf Will we ever get to that

  30. Melissa Mayhue has done it again, with a wonderful story that continues her Warrior series Chase Noble and Christiana MacDowalyt make a great couple Very nice romance, action, and a evil villain Full review to follow next month.

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