Summer Of The Aliens

Summer Of The Aliens Louis Nowra is a well known Australian playwright He has also written fim scripts and for television

Louis Nowra is a well known Australian playwright He has also written fim scripts and for television.

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Summer Of The Aliens

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  1. Louis Nowra born 12 December 1950 is an Australian writer, playwright, screenwriter and librettist His most significant plays are Cos , Byzantine Flowers, Summer of the Aliens, Radiance, and The Golden Age In 2007 he completed the The Boyce Trilogy for Griffin Theatre Company, consisting of The Woman with Dog s Eyes, The Marvellous Boy and The Emperor of Sydney Many of his plays have been filmed 1 He was born as Mark Doyle in Melbourne He changed his name to Louis Nowra in the early 1970s He studied at Melbourne s La Trobe University without earning a degree In his memoir, The Twelfth of Never, Nowra claimed that he left the course due to a conflict with his professor on Patrick White s The Tree of Man He worked in several jobs and lived an itinerant lifestyle until the mid 1970s when his plays began to attract attention.His radio plays include Albert Names Edward, The Song Room, The Widows and the five part The Divine Hammer aired on the ABC in 2003 2 In March 2007, Nowra published a controversial book on violence in Aboriginal communities, Bad Dreaming.Nowra has been studied extensively in Veronica Kelly s work The Theatre of Louis Nowra.He resides in Sydney with his wife, author Mandy Sayer From


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  1. I m not much of a play reader and I never have been Studying Shakespeare and Sophocles in High School was always bothersome to me I liked the plays, but I could never quite grasp them They never felt real to me I didn t have vivid images of the characters the way I do reading prose In short, the words never left the page and became a living, breathing world.Enter Louis Nowra s Summer of the Aliens A delightful read and a book I cannot fault Every character is unique and attractive in their own w [...]

  2. Hands down this is the best play I ve read and part performed for that matter I can understand the negative comments though, to an extent The first time I read it I wasn t overly impressed I read it because I had to for my year 12 drama class It seemed quite simple, childish almost But of course in having to part perform it I had to re read it constantly, and try to really understand the characters And what I found in doing this is that the subtext is really quite intense There is a lot going o [...]

  3. I read this play as apart of my drama class, and I d honestly recommend it to anyone wanting a new play to read The story was enjoyable, the characters likable and the setting was imaginable Even though it was a book I had to read for an assignment, it s honestly going to stay one of my favourite plays for a long time.

  4. I was lucky enough to see this when I was a teenager Everything resonated with me and my friends I d say it was in the top ten plays I ve ever seen Memorable characters, a clear meaningful concepte themes and helarious Enjoyed reading it again recently.

  5. I only read this because I had to If I didn t have to, I wouldn t It s weird Didn t like it at all But thanks anyways.

  6. The term Greek tragedy resonates throughout the play s not until the end that you discover the significance Mark Doyle s version of our town by Thornton Wilder

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