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THE SECOND BOOK IN EDGAR NOMINATED ANNE HOLT S INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING MYSTERY SERIES FEATURING DETECTIVE HANNE WILHELMSEN, LAST SEEN IN BLIND GODDESS IT is only the beginning of May but in Oslo a brutal heat wave has coincided with an alarming increase in violent crime In the latest instance, police investigator Hanne Wilhelmsen is sent to a macabre crime scene on theTHE SECOND BOOK IN EDGAR NOMINATED ANNE HOLT S INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLING MYSTERY SERIES FEATURING DETECTIVE HANNE WILHELMSEN, LAST SEEN IN BLIND GODDESS IT is only the beginning of May but in Oslo a brutal heat wave has coincided with an alarming increase in violent crime In the latest instance, police investigator Hanne Wilhelmsen is sent to a macabre crime scene on the outskirts of town An abandoned shed is covered in blood On one wall an eight digit number is written in blood There is no body nor any sign of a victim Is it a kid s prank or foul play Is it even human blood As bloody numbers are found in isolated locations throughout Oslo, Hanne s colleague H kon Sand makes a startling discovery the digits correspond to the filing numbers of foreign immigrants All are female, all are missing Is there a serial killer on the loose in Oslo How does the killer have access to immigrant data Meanwhile, as the trail heats up, the victim of a horrific unsolved rape case and her father have each decided to take justice into their own hands Hanne and H kon soon discover that they aren t the only ones on the hunt for the killer.

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Blessed Are Those Who Thirst

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  1. Anne Holt was born in Larvik, grew up in Lillestr m and Troms , and moved to Oslo in 1978 She graduated with a law degree from the University of Bergen in 1986, and went on to work for The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK and then the Oslo Police Department, earning her right to practice as a lawyer in Norway In 1990 she returned to NRK, where she worked one year as a journalist and anchor woman for the news program Dagsrevyen.Holt started her own law practice in 1994, and served as Minister of Justice in Cabinet Jagland for a short period from November 25, 1996 to February 4, 1997.In 1993 Holt made her debut as a novelist with the crime novel Blind gudinne, featuring the lesbian police officer Hanne Wilhelmsen The two novels L vens gap 1997 and Uten ekko 2000 are co authored with former state secretary Berit Reiss Andersen.Holt is one of the most successful crime novelists in Norway She has been published in 25 countries.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information.


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  1. This is the second novel in the DI Hanne Wilhelmsen series by Anne Holt and in my opinion is a marked improvement on the previous novel, feeling like of the finished article and providing a uniquely Nordic snapshot of crime and just how it affects a cross section of the population The Blind Goddess, the first book which introduced thirty four year old Hanne was originally written in 1993 but defied its age Blessed Are Those Who Thirst followed in 1994, and once again the novel remains as timely [...]

  2. Book ReviewSecond in this series, Blessed Are Those Who Thirst adds significantly to the characterization of female Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen In Blind Goddess we saw Hanna conflicted by her sexuality, well liked by her colleagues, not yet wholly original as a leading character In this novel Hanna begins to take baby steps towards coming out of the closet with Holt firming up Hanna s character both on a personal and professional level It was so early not even the devil had managed to put on his [...]

  3. A crime wave in OsloThere seems to be a crime wave going on in the heat of the Oslo summer, and Detective Inspector Hanne Wilhelmsen and her colleagues are feeling the strain There s been a spate of rapes, and though many of them are self inflicted , as Hanne s boss charmingly puts it i.e date rapes one is different A stranger invades a young girl s flat and the rape is particularly violent and degrading Meantime, some practical joker is spending Saturday evenings creating what look like blood s [...]

  4. I first discovered Anne Holt when I read the Edgar nominated 1222 featuring recurring protagonist Hanne Wilhelmsen last year and loved it Holt is a Norwegian author and started the Hanne series in 1993 Holt has worked for the Oslo P.D as a lawyer and a journalist and news anchor as well This extensive background has added much authenticity to this crime series The first books featuring Hanne are just being released to North American markets this year Blessed Are Those Who Thirst is the second in [...]

  5. As a fan of Nordic noirs having heard good things about this author, I was expecting to enjoy this Norwegian thriller, but sadly I can t say I was over impressed with this book The story deals with two investigations, a vicious rape a number of apparently brutal murders lots of blood, no bodies The rape story was by far the credible of the two I was quite convinced by the actions of the poor girl who was raped her fathers The murders though, not so convincing The problem for me was the culprit [...]

  6. Meh I went to the library checked out the first two books in this series based on the Jo Nesbo blurb on the front of the books I don t think I ll be reading any of them The main characters are ok, I guess I don t get why Hanne is so freaked out over hiding the fact she is gay the author never explains it The book is set in the 1990 s, not the 1950s It seems like a mountain being made out of a molehill.The mystery crime starts off strong but then fizzles out There are several unexplained element [...]

  7. Wilhelmsen, Oslo detective In this new tale, the very first days of May are upon Oslo and they are suffering from a heat wave that is than unusual for this time of year And, as with most locations, when the heat increases so does the violence.Detective Wilhelmsen is called to an abandoned shed that is literally covered with blood Inside, a series of mysterious numbers decorate the walls, but there is no sign of any victim that has met with a terrible end When the experts do their study, the blo [...]

  8. Blessed Are Those Who Thirst by Anne Holt, published by Scribner.Category Mystery ThrillerThis is the third in the Hanne Wilhelmsen series Hanne Wilhelmsen is a detective in Oslo, Norway who seems to inherit the most difficult crimes in they city Hanne is called out on a bizarre and violent crime scene There is a shed that is covered in blood however there is no victim to be found The only real clue is a number written on the wall in blood While Hanna is investigating this incident she is also a [...]

  9. I really enjoyed this a great deal and than the first in the series It makes it easier too when you ve already met a lot of the characters featured.This one does end 94% in and then we get the first chapter of the next book in the series which is in my wishlist as I certainly intend to stick with this series.It s interesting the author was a minister of justice in her past career in Norway and probably helps a great deal with ideas for her books I love her covers on the versions I ve bought, I [...]

  10. Cuando comenc est lectura vaticin que el resultado final no iba a ser tan bueno como finalmente fue Y es que, he echado de menos un poquito de calidez en Hanne, la protagonista Pero lo cierto es que una vez terminada la novela he de decir que me ha gustado bastante, tanto como para repetir con otra entrega de la serie Holt nos presenta un caso interesante que no se enreda en exceso pero a la vez tiene miga, a una polic a que no est compuesta por superh roes sino que comete errores errores que el [...]

  11. I much enjoy these mysteries by Anne Holt except for one thing Must heroines always be tall, lean and gorgeous Must inferior that is, normal people always be described as fat, ugly, or wearing clothes that are too tight If a mystery author is anorexic, a gym nazi, or simply hateful about his her own body, could they please do us all a favor and keep it to themselves There s way too much body shaming in this world already And lesbian characters or authors who have to constantly reassure us of the [...]

  12. El inicio del libro es aburrido, creo que en particular es la escritura de la autora lo que no termin de gustarme.La trama no tiene nada que te enganche de verdad, algo que es primordial en este tipo de historias, solo hac a el final sucede algo interesante y a n as siento que muchas cosas quedan en el aire, es decir, sin resolver.

  13. Summer is coming to Oslo and Hanne W has to solve several bloody murders She is able to take her Harley out for a spin or two in the process And we are getting to know her better, especially in terms of her private life.

  14. Every Saturday night there is a horrific crime scene Only issue is no body At the same time there are a series of vicious rapes Hanne and her team are on the case.

  15. library audiobook Second in this series I have read Nice set of recurring characters, Hanne, Billy T, Hakon Sone Nice to have a lesbian police detective, although the pink Harley seems a little much Nice to have a concern for refuge women being victimized Not so sure I could follow some key plot points, like how the recurring murders were committed, how the blood was obtained, and I missed how the father and the rape victim identified the cop responsible With an audiobook it s hard to go back an [...]

  16. Second book in the Norwegian series of mystery writer Anne Holt Detective Hanne Wilhelmsen and her partner Hakon S deal with a heat wave and a crime wave in their country and this time the crimes are rape and some crazed crime scene stager with a blood fetish In her typical fashion, she works methodically through the clues and the changing culture of her country while walking the tightrope of her personal life A very taunt and satisfying read.

  17. I continue reading through Anne Holt s work Set during a Norwegian heat wave, this book didn t interest me as much as the earlier snowbound volume did More cultural quirks appeared in this book, and because the books were translated at a later date, we don t find the protagonist in a wheelchair where she was earlier I ve yet to read the curing of.

  18. A little bit of a slow start for me, possibly because the start of school loomed large But once I had a little time at lunch, I finished the last 100 pages in 2 days Hanne is quite a policewoman, but even she can t stop the relentless power of revenge Or being pulled into a promotion, it turns out It was a nice touch when H ken was happy that no guilty verdict was possible.

  19. Good readGood second book The development and insight given to the character s was good It was also good to have a crime story showing the police in a normal light e.g not getting it right all the time along with the frustrations that brings.

  20. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting but it has a strange style Nothing is cut and dried For example the murderer s motives are not explained, nothing is than superficially investigated and Hanne s relationships and motivations are elusive I think this book mirrors real life where so many things are left unsaid and no one has the time to do a really good job of the task in hand because so many other things require attention but it is strange to see this in fiction where eve [...]

  21. I enjoyed this very different story featuring a very talented detective Investigating a very unusual Crime in Oslo Norway It starts with an odd set of numbers written in blood There is also a rape committed The detective investigates both crimes end up being connected.

  22. Another great book from Anne Holt Hanne and Co are investigating a brutal rape and some mystifying massacres without bodies.

  23. This is the second book by Anne Holt that I have read I love the main character of Hanne Wilhemsen and the supporting cast too My only criticism was that it wasn t long enough More content please.

  24. I received my copy from Corvus through Nudge and rated it 4.5 stars.It is May and Oslo finds itself in the middle of an unseasonal heat wave when Detective Hanne Wilhelmsen finds herself facing a disturbing scene The abandoned shed is covered in blood, too much of it to have come from one single victim But of such a victim there is no sign All that can be seen are the copious amounts of blood and an eight digit number painted on the wall with some of the blood It is a Saturday night Exactly a we [...]

  25. There a several lesbian mystery authors who are kind of my go to authors When I m bored by what I ve been reading, I can just pick up a book by one of them and know that I will be entertained in one way or another Claire McNab s Kylie Kendall series is the first series that comes to mind the writing might be only ordinary, but the wit and liveliness of the characters are good for a couple of enjoyable hours The second, though, would be Anne Holt s Hanne Wilhelmson series You can be sure that the [...]

  26. Blessed Are Those Who Thirst is the second instalment in the bestselling Hanne Wilhelmsen I started reading the series with 1222, at the time the only one of Holt s books translated into English, but the earlier books are now being translated If you, like me, started the series with the later books, you ll see a different side to Hanne in the newly translated ones.Still feeling the after effects of her last case, Hanne is feeling overwhelmed by an increasing workload, as are all her colleagues H [...]

  27. My two cents Blessed Are those Who Thirst is a compelling mystery that leaves the reader wondering what she would do in a similar situation.Setting Oslo in the early 1990s is not that different from anywhere else It s hot in the city and the police are overwhelmed dealing with a crime wave.Characters Hanne Wilhelmsen is a strong woman, intelligent and the best investigator on the force She s also a private woman, rarely sharing bits of her personal life with her colleagues, much to the annoyance [...]

  28. Although the translation is fairly new, the book is not it was first published in Norway in 1994 I point that out not because the book seems dated but because it does not the theme of immigration and its impact on Nordic society runs through Nordic crime fiction, and it s especially interesting for me as an American to see this kind of commentary on the impact of generous refugee policies on a previously homogeneous, liberal society.Oslo is experiencing both a heat wave and a crime wave although [...]

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