Moving On

Moving On For twenty years Tyler Hayes had been ripped from his childhood home After the horrific accident that took away his parents life Tyler s grandfather removed him from the mansion and sent him away No

For twenty years, Tyler Hayes had been ripped from his childhood home After the horrific accident that took away his parents life, Tyler s grandfather removed him from the mansion and sent him away.Now, after twenty years, his grandfather had passed away and he could finally go home However, even in his death, Tyler s grandfather had betrayed him once again, leaving theFor twenty years, Tyler Hayes had been ripped from his childhood home After the horrific accident that took away his parents life, Tyler s grandfather removed him from the mansion and sent him away.Now, after twenty years, his grandfather had passed away and he could finally go home However, even in his death, Tyler s grandfather had betrayed him once again, leaving the mansion to a woman he had never met.Even though Kate Mitchell had never met Tyler, she knew all about the accident that changed the Hayes s family Unbeknownst to her, was how she was going to end up being caught in the middle of a long estranged relationship between two different generations.Two complete different personalities would have to learn to get along and play nice in order to survive a will that would change their lives.

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Moving On

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  1. Trisha Grace graduated from Bradford University with an Accounting and Finance degree She has always been an avid reader and has a passion for writing After being a tutor for over six years, she finally sat down and penned her own novels.


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  1. Before you read further, please note that I was contacted by the author and asked if I would read the book and post an honest review I have written to the author and suggested some things that I hope will make future work even better Here is my review Moving On is a good work by a new, young author who is striving to Move On herself in her skills and creative writing world The book could use a good editor to take care of some grammar issues and also some wrong wording that can easily be correcte [...]

  2. I started reading the book and was immediately drawn into the quirky conditions of the will that Mr Hayes had drawn up for Tyler and Kate I knew then on that this book was going to be about how 2 individuals change when circumstances bring them together.I loved Kate as a character I felt she had a lot of depth I read that the book had been redone as a Christian Fiction and you could make that out because Kate was so strong in her faith Another character who I really loved was Evelyn, Kate s best [...]

  3. Title Moving OnAuthor Trisha GracePublisher T.G.Series Ghost of the Past 1Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating 5Review Moving On by Trisha GraceWhat was this novel about For twenty years, Tyler Hayes had been ripped from his childhood home After the horrific accident that took away his parents life, Tyler s grandfather removed him from the mansion and sent him away.Now, after twenty years, his grandfather had passed away and he could finally go home However, even in his death, Tyler s grandfather had b [...]

  4. REVIEWTyler Hayes had been taken away from a home that had been his since childhood Over twenty years ago.When his parents died from a terrible accident, Tyler s grandfather sent him away from the mansion.Twenty years later, Tyler s grandfather died and Tyler could finally go back home But once again, Tyler was betrayed by his family Death didn t even stop the cruelty of the grandfather Tyler wasn t the heir to the mansion A mysterious woman was Kate Mitchell She didn t know Tyler, but she did k [...]

  5. This book brings to us a christian based romances, with a couple of good splashes of suspense Which shows that even though the author reworked the book she still followed the same story which is good I loved the characters and how the story flowed You can see how the main characters Tyler and Kate grow throughout the book to become the people that they need to be to be happy in life It s nice to see that in a book, the author shows you the struggles The side characters make this book what it is [...]

  6. I loved this book I have never heard of sharing a home with someone for a year per request of a loved ones will, but loved the idea of it in this book The story line is wonderful and the characters are fun witty Well, with the exception of Joanne, as I just didn t seem to like her at all I found her to be a clingy whiny ex girlfriend One you just want to slap and tell her to shut the heck up and move on with her life already, lol.The bond between Tyler and Kate is electrifying I was so happy for [...]

  7. Review haiku Must share house to keepInteresting ideaJunior high writingI should have read the other reviews before downloading this book, not just looked at all the stars The book sounds like it was written by a middle schooler, and so do many of the 5 star reviews I really wanted to like this book, because the premise is interesting, but I just can t recommend it.

  8. This author should never ever dare show up at my house The only thing that would happen would be screaming Why, why did you leave me hanging It was an amazing book it had me pacing in all the right paces and wishing I were Kate in most parts AMAMZING BOOK

  9. SENSUALITY RATING No profanity No Euphemistic code words No sexual encountersGENRE Inspirational Romance slight touch of the SupernaturalSETTING A mansion somewhere in the USACENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER KATE MITCHELL Owner of a successful interior designer company caring and sensitive to the needs of others.CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER TYLER HAYES Owner of a successful security systems company not sociable just lives in his own worldNOPSIS They have both lost their parents and now she has lost a good fri [...]

  10. Wait That was the end There s still so much left undone Like the fire The person threatening her No You don t end books like that.Other than that, it was pretty good I really liked that the person going after Kate was left unknown and wasn t obvious I mean, they left us without knowing at the end, and I have no guesses Grr Good thing there are books, I m just not sure I ll be able to get a hold of them4 stars.

  11. Planning For The FutureThank you for this heartwarming and heartwrenching story about Kate and Tyler I loved the storyline and the many interesting characters Reading about their past was very emotional and drew you right into the story I look forward to reading of your work.

  12. Pretty goodSome of the parts where deceased relatives impacted people positively and physically were a bit far fetched but the story was enjoyable.

  13. Goodthis book is one that has many people in the story that all time to getter and the belief in the Lord that one person s faith shows.

  14. I was sent this book from the author for an honest review As we all know I m not one to sugar coat my reviews, I m happy to announce, I LOVED THIS BOOK I read over some reviews on before I started the book, and after reading it I m surprised at some of the lower ranking ones Every reader is entitled to their own opinion, everyone knows I am, but I am truly surprised that there are 1 and 2 star reviews I m not sure if it was before the remake of Moving On, but to each their own I supposed Now wi [...]

  15. It s been a long time since I last read a Christian Romance book and I always love the glorious feeling I get whenever I finish reading one Moving On is a great love story of two strangers who were forced to stay together in a mansion because of a recently deceased Mr Hayes last will testament Tyler was forced out of the mansion at a young age when he was abandoned by his grandfather after his parents died in a house fire He never got the chance to be with him in 20 years, until Mr Hayes died an [...]

  16. If I m totally honest, I was a little skeptical about reading Moving On by Trisha Grace, initially It was sent to me as a review book and promoted as Christian Fiction I would say, right off the bat, that although it is clear there is an underlying element of faith, within two of the characters in the book, it is not a book that pumps the Christian message down your throat It is plain and simply a romance adventure and a very good one at that The premise was interesting An old man lies dying and [...]

  17. The only thing Tyler Hayes wanted from his estranged grandfather s estate was the mansion he should have grown up in.Kate Mitchell wanted nothing from the estate of the old man she befriended in her father s senior s home, but she received his mansion.Kate had heard all about the accident and what it had done to the Hayes family, but Tony had never returned home so he had never met Kate The only way to return the mansion to Tyler was going to take a little ingenuity and a lot of perseverance.Mov [...]

  18. Normally I would only only give a book with editing this poor one star, if I finished it at all But I did finish it, and I did like the characters, so I bumped it to two I was expecting cute, fun chick lit, so my suspension of disbelief covered the fact that the guy would be crazy rich at 28 It was inherited wealth after all But Katie had a working class background and Eve had a rough upbringing and they re also rich at 25 And of course all the friends are rich OK, well it s chick lit right And [...]

  19. Author Trisha Grace introduces readers to a delicious cast of characters, each fighting their own demons, in the book Moving On Kate Mitchell had little idea that befriending William Hayes could leave such an impact on her life The man who she first thought was a patient at an elder home actually turns out to be a very wealthy man who is tormented with demons from the past His long estrangement from his grandson Tyler consumes his thoughts during his last days on earth and a deathbed promise sol [...]

  20. Moving On A Perfect Story for a Winter NightTrisha Grace does it again, with a strong plot, full of suspense and romance This one is perfect, a seemingly haunted old mansion, ghosts playing the piano, or dancing on the lawn, and even rescuing the heroine from a fire, and a dashing rich hero to come to her rescue And in the midst of it all, there is a strong teaching from God about his protection at all times Again, the plot and characters are strong and well presented But also again, the English [...]

  21. This book reads like a poorly written first draft I agree with others here that the premise sounded very intriguing, but I keep getting derailed by continuity errors and badly managed dialogue Perhaps with proper editing this could have been saved, but most likely not The show stopper for me was when they were at the ranch and Ty asked the ranch hand to make the horse sit so she could get on, and then again when they were finished riding Perhaps the author was confusing horses with camels, becau [...]

  22. Oh wow what a beautiful story about Kate and Tyler, they have both been through alot they have both lost their parents, Kate was see her grandmother she meets Mr Hayes Tyler s grandfather, she gets to know Mr Hayes and all he talked about was his grandson Tyler who he has not spoken to him for a long time on his death bed he mad Kate promise to help Tyler, Kate meets Tyler for the first time at Mr Hayes funeral tje reading of Mr Hayes Will changes everything for both Tyler and Kate they most liv [...]

  23. Although the author contacted me about reading the book, the book description intrigued me enough to want to read it Once I began reading, the characters, their lives and how they all intertwined, kept me reading I enjoyed reading it, and when I got to busy to read, the characters and what was happening was always in the back of my mind I m not to sure about the ending It left me with unanswered questions I will definitely read the next book hoping to find those answers I LOVED IT and recommende [...]

  24. I got this book free for an honest review and wow Do not believe all the reviews you read This book was inspirational and full of passion, romance, love, friendships and family I started this book early afternoon and finished early evening It was so captivating I couldn t put it down A touching story of how 2 lost souls come together Yes some grammar issues but I find those in print books as well No big deal I can t wait for book 2

  25. I would have given this four stars, but a few of the characters irritated me and seemed to limited in their scope feeling just one dimensional that I was frustrated when they came on the scene However, I liked it enough that I would like to read the other books in the series I did enjoy the morals of the book and the fact that it was a clean romance mystery I wish the mystery had been solved at the end, though.

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