On Shopping

On Shopping Partially extracted from The Shops and updated with new material On Shopping is part series of essays part lists of essential information you will never wonder about where to get the perfect inch

Partially extracted from The Shops and updated with new material, On Shopping is part series of essays, part lists of essential information, you will never wonder about where to get the perfect 2 inches off the waist pants again This is a book for everyone who s ever had to part with cash, which is to say, a book for everyone.

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On Shopping

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  1. India Knight is a British journalist Her novels have been translated into 28 languages.Knight, a native French speaker, lived in Brussels until about the time she turned nine After migrating to the United Kingdom, she was educated in London She was awarded an exhibition to Trinity College, Cambridge, where she read Modern Languages from 1984 1987, before starting her career in journalism.In addition to writing for and contributing to major British magazines and newspapers, India Knight writes a prominent weekly column for The Sunday Times She is also a regular guest on British radio and television.After writing an article in The Sunday Times about her daughter s special needs her youngest child has DiGeorge syndrome Knight lives in London with her three children.


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  1. India Knight writes in a chatty, wide ranging, engaging way, blogging in the pre blogging era, it seems to me She writes about why even straight blokes should enjoy shopping, how her mom treated rude shop assistants, how to adjust your make up for certain effects, and which websites will deliver excellent service and difficult to find products In short stuff virtually no man will find interesting And yet she writes so engagingly that the topics sparkle enticingly Her best comment is that one can [...]

  2. Even though this is clearly a book written for the female of the species packed full of shopping, fashion and make up tips us blokes can enjoy it too for two very good reasons Firstly it also gives tips on presents that we can get for other halves without visiting Ann Summers and secondly, it is really, really funny.

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