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    145 Mario Benedetti ماريو بينيديتي محمد العشيري
بقايا القهوة

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  1. Mario Benedetti ماريو بينيديتي محمد العشيري

    Mario Benedetti in full Mario Orlando Hamlet Hardy Brenno Benedetti Farugia was a Uruguayan journalist, novelist, and poet He is considered one of Latin America s most important 20th century writers.


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  1. Sitting in the sun and need something to savour the moment Something light, fun and romantic Mario Benedetti always does the trick and this one does too I took a cue from a friend on GR to read a book slowly This one is under 200 pages and it unfolded nicely.Simple story Claudio, a young adolescent meets a girl, Rita One day she climbs in the window to comfort him as his mother is dying She kisses him and then is gone Claudio grows up learning something about women until he meets Mariana Their r [...]

  2. 194 p ginas de Benedetti 194 p ginas que durante estes cinco dias estiveram espera de que eu encontrasse aquele ratito de tiempo para mergulhar nelas, perder me nelas 194 p ginas que saboreei sempre com um sorriso nos l bios e com o l pis na m o 194 p ginas recheadinhas de partes sublinhadas, de setinhas, de cora es, de carinhas felizes 194 p ginas que cumpriram com as mais altas expetativas e que consequentemente me levaram a atazanar o maridinho com coment rios vezes sem fim repetidos Delicios [...]

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