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Good The Far Country By Nevil Shute go inside Book Nevil Shute Norway was a popular British novelist and a successful aeronautical engineer He used Nevil Shute as his pen name a

Good The Far Country By Nevil Shute go inside Book Nevil Shute Norway was a popular British novelist and a successful aeronautical engineer He used Nevil Shute as his pen name, and his full name in his engineering career, in order to protect his engineering career from any potential negative publicity in connection with his novels He lived in Australia for the ten years before his death.. Jennifer fled the drab monotony of post war London for Australia, and feels like she has come home When she meets Carl, she has every reason to stay But the two come from different worlds, and need work to build a life together in a pioneer country.. Popular Books The Far Country I have yet to read a book by Nevil Shute novel that will not let his generosity and kindness, his understated, amiable nature shine through and illuminate the saddest and depressing themes. The Far Countryis no exception. It is a delicate and touching love story between two young, lonely souls, but the background and inspiration for the novel is anchored in what is probably the most difficult decision the writer had to take in his life: to abandon his own homeland and immigrate to the far side of the world. The inclusion of autobiographical elements in Nevil Shute novels only serves to increase the sense of authenticity and sincerity that make me come back to Nevil Shute novels on a regular basis. On my second or third re-read, this present novel has lost none of its initial appeal. If anything, it has gained poignancy, as I find myself contemplating living for years outside my own country on an expat contract.The year is 1950, the second World War is officially over, but the hardships, the food shortages, the heavy taxes and the political upheavals still grip England and most of Europe in their iron fists. The most vulnerable are the very young and the very old. 24 years old office clerk Jennifer Morton is called to the bedside of her elderly grandmother Ethel Trehearn, a former society girl who is now dying of malnutrition because she was too proud and discrete to call for social assistance when her Indian widow pension got canceled. The old lady reminisces at length on the prosperity and social graces of her Victorian country heiress lifestyle, unable to adapt to the changing environment around her. There's no place for old ladies in the brave new world. Mr. Shute lets go with all guns against the evils of the new socialist government and the woes of the improvised National Health Service. His perspective leans mostly towards conservative, elitist values, not surprisingly given his own background as an upper middle-class engineer, but with his signature equanimity, he does present counter arguments and opinions from the leftist movement and enough context to paint a balanced picture. In each year of the peace food had got shorter, more and more expensive, and taxation has risen higher and higher. He was now living on a lower scale than in the war-time years; the decline had gone on steadily, if anything increasing in momentum, and there seemed no end to it. Where would it all end, and what lay ahead of the young people of today in England? Jennifer's father urges her to go visit a distant relation in Australia with the money that came too late to save her ailing grandmother. Jane Dorman has immigrated herself from England against the opposition of her family toawards her marrying dashing and unconventional Australian lieutenant in 1918. After long years of hard work and money troubles, Jack and Jane Dorman are finally able to pay off the loan for their wool station (big sheep farm in Australian lingo) and turn a profit due to the increase in wool prices. Even after high government taxes they are still left with enough money for small luxuries like new cars, holidays in Melbourne, house appliances and guests from the homeland. Regarding Australia, Nevil Shute's portrait may seem slightly exagerrated in its rosy tint of a land of marvelous landscapes, easy prosperity and limitless chances for the intreprid man, but as a literary tool deployed to contrast the bleak English situation, it serves its role remarcably well. Sweeping vistas of eucalyptus forests (called gum tress in the novel), clear rivers filled with trout, uninhabited miles after miles of pastureland, brilliant birds and novel beasts like koala bears and wallabies, stress free and hospitable locals - these are the ingredients that greet Jennifer on her arrival to the continent.Although we start the journey learning about sheep farming , soon enough the focus moves to the lumbering camps in the neighboring mountains, where New Australians, as the displaced persons who lost their homes and even countries in the war are called, work their two year indenture as payment for being allowed into the country from the crowded camps in Europe. One of them is Carl Zlinter, a Czech doctor who is put to cut timber as his diploma is not recognized in the new country. His perspective adds another layer to the immigrant song, one of the many decent people that was uprooted from his home soil, thrown into the iron maws of the army and left abandoned after peace in a refugee camp. Australia means for him stability and security, away from a crowded Europe where borders are redrawn every decade or so. Since I was a young man there has been this threat of war; or war itself, and death, and marching, and defeat, and camps of homeless people, and the threat of war again, and of more marching, of more death, of more parting from one's home - unending; here is a country where a man can built a home without the feeling that all will be useless and destroyed next year. Jennifer and Carl meet under strenuous circumstances, as she assists the doctor in an unauthorized couple of operations after a work accident in the forest. The set-up allows Nevil Shute to showcase the other side of his character: the technical specialist who can express himself concisely and clearly on professional themes, in this case work safety and medical emergency interventions.The last major story arc puts Jennifer and Carl in improvised sleuth roles, as they try to elucidate the mystery of a tombstone in Howqua -a ghost town from the Australian gold rush era (about the end of the 19th century) that was completely destroyed in a forest fire. The stone bears the same name as Carl, and it may be one of his ancestors. The investigation brings the two lovers closer together, yet their romance is hampered by troubles with Jennifer's family back in England and by Carl's lack of medical license and lack of funds to pursue a decent profession.I particularly liked their restrained and hesitant steps towards each other, the care they take of each other's feelings and the practical concerns of starting a family in a completely new environment.She's got her head screwed on right!is the highest praise one of the characters uses to describe Jennifer, and I wholly agree with his estimation.The novel should appeal to romantic oriented souls, but also to readers interested in the historical context of post-war reconstruction.

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  1. Nevil Shute Norway was a popular British novelist and a successful aeronautical engineer He used Nevil Shute as his pen name, and his full name in his engineering career, in order to protect his engineering career from any potential negative publicity in connection with his novels He lived in Australia for the ten years before his death.


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  1. I have yet to read a book by Nevil Shute novel that will not let his generosity and kindness, his understated, amiable nature shine through and illuminate the saddest and depressing themes The Far Countryis no exception It is a delicate and touching love story between two young, lonely souls, but the background and inspiration for the novel is anchored in what is probably the most difficult decision the writer had to take in his life to abandon his own homeland and immigrate to the far side of t [...]

  2. I LOVE this author He is an excellent story teller that manages to tell a wonderfully engaging tale without any vile language and sex This story revolves around a young British girl in the early days after World War II when times are hard and changing in Britain This is full of excellent discussions, from a completely British perspective, on the social and political changes after the country was left devastated by 2 world wars This is a wonderful story that I have found myself returning to and q [...]

  3. I ve been planning on reading this for a couple of years, but somehow something else always takes its place And when I finally picked it up from the library, I foolishly almost judged it by its cover well, that and its font style and size, which looked a little old fashioned, boring and uninspiring But it really is a good story It started slowly, but it picked up through the second chapter and after that it was very easy to read.The author s descriptions of the Australian countryside are beautif [...]

  4. In Far Country, Shute creates a love story of warmth, realism, and charming inevitability What I love about a Nevil Shute novel is the absolutely unsentimental way in which it relates a seemingly sentimental tale In Nevil Shute s world, you can have a man and a woman and a buzzing, unraveling story of their developing affections what would normally be a recipe for a sentimental disaster , but never once does it ooze cheese factor or an over the top pomposity Instead, you find yourself routing fo [...]

  5. In its way, it s a relatively simple story, but I love Shute s style He tells a story gently, lovingly and at the same time, matter of factly Is that a proper word 0 At its core it s a love story, but it represents its time as well Set after WWII, England is struggling to feed its people, life is hard whereas in counterpoint, in Australia, the frontier so to speak, life is pretty good, wool prices are high, money is good, there is work available Helen goes to England at the request of her auntie [...]

  6. One of Nevil Shute s better books If you ve read any of his better books before, you ll want to read this one To any of my friends who haven t read Nevil Shute before, I recommend him His books inspire me to feel better about the human race, without ever getting sappy I ve read most of his books, and so far every one has been a good read Several have been made into movies, some of which were good, and some weren t I should mention that some of his earlier books weren t the greatest, and On the B [...]

  7. I enjoy his writing style a lot It s very practical, and without my realizing it, he has given me a beautiful and I imagine accurate picture of the people and places of that little corner of Australia I d like to visit there one day, for sure I m sure it s very different now than what it was just like the USA is different now than in 1950 , but all the same, I d like to visit there.His characters are very plain and that makes them very endearing The heroine isn t some beauty , but has beautiful [...]

  8. I know I read all of Nevil Shute s books, but I don t remember this one at all I was very glad to read it again and remembered one part when I came upon it this time the part where Jennifer starts managing her father s doctor practice within the National Health Service I think I was confusing this book with In the Wet The ending seemed like Shute may have been planning a sequel, but I am not sure and don t remember ever seeing one.This is a book about normal people going about their normal lives [...]

  9. I really loved this book It is such a sweet love story I loved the descriptions of Australia so much it made want to go there It was romantic love story with a little mystery thrown in Also, some history of post war England thrown n Shute painted England as dark ,dreary, and dirty Australia was painted as place very beautiful rife with beautiful country sides, colorful birds with no natural preys The people are very contented and peaceful Briefly, it is story of an English girl who goes to Austr [...]

  10. An interesting story contrasting the promise of post WWII Australia and the poverty of Great Britain during the same period It s by no means a page turner but it s well written and the people are worth caring about.

  11. Superbly written, gentle story of Australia in the 50s, contrasting with the ravages that Europe was still suffering after the end of WWII Shute paints a landscape with words, but does not become overly sentimental.

  12. In Australia Jane and Jack Dorman own a prosperous sheep farm, or station For the past few years most of the money they earned has gone to pay off loans and debts, but now, for the first time the wool money is all theirs, and its been a good year for selling wool But Jane is worried about her aunt back in England Aunt Ethel was the only family member who supported her in her decision to marry an Australian and leave England, they still exchange letters, and in Ethel s latest she mentioned little [...]

  13. The story is laid partly in London and partly in Australia It is set in 1950.blurbs Jennifer Morton, a young girl from Leicester but living in London, witnesses the death of her grandmother, the widow of a retired Indian civil servant Her pension has ceased and she has literally starved to death, despite her apparent prosperity Before she dies, she leaves to Jennifer a small sum of money sent by a niece in Australia, and asks that Jennifer uses the money to visit Australia and Jane and Jack Dorm [...]

  14. Nevil Shute is one of my favourite authors, but this book is not one of his best An alternate title could be, England is a miserable place Move to Australia, co sponsored by the Australia Immigration Bureau and Winston Churchill Tory reelection campaign.The story of the characters was really nice, and the book is interesting when read as a reflection of how the British middle class viewed post war socialism, but I found the politics extremely biased and quite distracting Oh the good old days whe [...]

  15. England about 1951, suffering from fog, pollution, rationing and other after effects following World War 2 In total contrast Australia, where with wool exports hitting record highs making sheep farmers very wealthy, plus there is sunshine, individualism, freedom and a positive outlook In this story Nevil Shute weaves together the two contrasting scenarios through family connections on both sides of the world I found it interesting to reflect upon what the life in England was at that time as he d [...]

  16. I was willing to move along slowly with this story and its disparate characters, all well realized and believable, but I had the impression that the author himself was not focused on pulling his plot together It is interesting to realize that ranking this, I had a hard time giving it a low score because of the friendly understandable world he let me share, yet so many elements were dropped, events critical to the characters happened off stage, and the ending did not feel like one.

  17. Although this is only the third Nevil Shute book I ve read he is quickly rising to the top of my favorite author list The is a certain brevity and purity in his writing that I have seldom seen elsewhere He will quickly have you vested in his characters and unable to put down the book Even though the time period he is writing about is sixty years ago the themes and problems transend both time and setting.

  18. The Far Country is the third Nevil Shute s book I ve read and from the very beginnning of it I clearly understood why I love them so much and why from time to time I have this feeling of wanting to read some of his works I love the characters of his books, I love that they re always so good, honest, and simple people Reading his books I always have nice and warm feeling that this is definitely my thing, my type of book, and I enjoy it a lot Honestly, I expected a different plot, and when I reali [...]

  19. This was an enjoyable book Very different it was published in 1952 I love almost any book about Australia This was fun to read about the romance between the characters They were so proper in their relationship Barely a kiss before their engagement and absolutely no touching except holding hands They were exploring and researching an old gold mining town and ALWAYS referred to the women working the saloons as the naughty women It was really rather refreshing and you know, the romance didn t lose [...]

  20. I read this for the first time in 2017 I had read A Town Like Alice back in the 1980s when the miniseries showed on Masterpiece Theatre argh, I wish they d release it on DVD or BluRay I read a few others by Shute in later years but nothing recently although I collected copies as I found them I really enjoyed the Far Country There s some racism against the New Australians immigrants from the displaced persons camps post WWII and I feel like I should say, of course, no Aborigines in sight Jenny, a [...]

  21. First published in 1952 a young English woman unexpectedly travels to Australia and begins her visit at a station in the outback The lack of medical personnel brings her in contact with a gentleman who was a doctor in Europe during the war, but Australia does not allow him to practice unless he goes back to school for 3 years Consequently, he is working as an indentured lumberman for 2 years, and thinks he will no longer be a doctor Lumber accidents require SOMEbody to help medically, so.

  22. A good storyNevil Shuts is a forgotten author today, and that s sad This is a well written, well plotted story with good characters It s message of hope and love is not usual in this day and it s wonderfully refreshing.

  23. Nevil Shute never fails to deliver At least he hasn t yet failed in the 11 books of his that I read This wasn t quite so good, perhaps, as some of the previous ones because if felt a bit polemic in parts But, none the less, it was surely a GoodRead.Much of the story revolves around a station in Victoria, southeastern Australia, not too far from Melbourne A station was a sheep ranch Jack and Jane Dorman had struggled for quite some time to get situated, but in the past few years 1950 , the price [...]

  24. He is a bad man and not serious, only when he cuts off people s legs and they die I do not know why you go out with him This novel should have been titled The Virtues Of Australia in the mid 1950s or Oh, Carl the amount of times that line was repeated, I wouldn t like to count.Jokes aside, this was a nice way to spend a boring afternoon It s a simple story, nothing spectacular and nothing particularly engrossing, about a young woman discovering a sense of belonging 12,000 miles from home, one su [...]

  25. Another lovely, warm and cosy book by Nevil Shute Pleasantly enjoyable with lovable characters as always, Shute s writing is understated, easy and flowing Towards the end, the writing becomes narrative instead of the characters actively engaging in conversations and this actually helps to build up the emotional appeal of the story Shute s writing style is a far cry from the theatrics adopted by modern day writers, like a vintage wine that only a privileged few are able to enjoy and appreciate [...]

  26. I recently re read this book after many years It is still a lovely read, set in the years following WWII, about an English girl s experience of life in rural Australia The novel provides an interesting picture of the late 1940s and early 1950s, however one could be forgiven for imagining that the author was being paid to boost migration from England to Australia.England, destroyed by war, socialism and the new Health Service, shows little hope of recovery Food shortages are a constantly recurrin [...]

  27. It is funny how I have missed out reading some authors for such a long time For some reason, I hadn t come across Nevil Shute, until recently I had loved his A Town like Alice , so when I found another of his books, I just had to grab it.Jennifer is living in Post War London Life is tough in the UK, with all the rationing and the difficulties of a war ravaged nation Britain is struggling to even feed its people Jennifer comes to into some money unexpectedly, from her grandmother, who urges her t [...]

  28. Right before I read this book I was reading Nevil Shute s Pied Piper and thought I d give this a go because I was curious about the characters Reflecting back on the opening of this book, I thought of Shakespeare s Hamlet, where you see a some narrative about a character we don t hear much about for the rest of the book Therefore if you started reading it and didn t like it, keep going until you get into the meat of the story Even though we don t live in the time period this story takes place in [...]

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