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The best Kindle Twilight Watch release Night Watch and Day Watch the first two books in this remarkable series establi

The best Kindle Twilight Watch release Night Watch and Day Watch, the first two books in this remarkable series, established Sergei Lukyanenko as a breathtakingly bold talent Part fantasy, part vampire story, and part detective potboiler, this is the most successful science fiction series of all time in Russia and a true international sensation In America, Fox Searchlight released the film adaptation of NightNight Watch and Day Watch, the first two books in this remarkable series, established Sergei Lukyanenko as a breathtakingly bold talent Part fantasy, part vampire story, and part detective potboiler, this is the most successful science fiction series of all time in Russia and a true international sensation In America, Fox Searchlight released the film adaptation of Night Watch to rapturous reviews, and adaptations of the next two books are in production The world of Lukyanenko is as elaborate and imaginative as Tolkien or the best Asimov Living among us are the Others, an ancient race of humans with supernatural powers who swear allegiance to either the Dark or the Light A thousand year treaty has maintained the balance of power, and the two sides coexist in an uneasy truce In Dusk Watch, the Others face their greatest threat yet A renegade Other, his identity as yet unknown, has absconded with a fabled spell book of untold power and appears bent on attacking the entire earth Now forces of the Light and the Dark the Night Watch and the Day Watch must cooperate to stop him Anton, the hero from Night Watch, is back, but when the culprit turns out to be none other than his partner, the race against time becomes urgent than ever In a world where reality and magic commingle, and where different degrees of existence are layered one atop the other, nothing is ever quite what it seems.. Bestseller Ebook Twilight Watch I really wanted to finish this before 2008 ended, but travel, a hectic schedule and a new mini-PC conspired against me. Ah well, such is life.This world is one that is riddled with possibilities. Even though Lukyanenko has been pretty single-minded in his themes throughout the trilogy, there's a lot to work with here. We have two distinct groups of Others, the Light and the Dark, with different character classes, powers, abilities, levels and ambitions. If anyone wanted to write fan fiction or even a role-playing game based on the world of the Night Watch series, they would be able to let their imaginations roam free. It's an open-ended universe, rife with possibility.So why isn't it is popular worldwide as, say, Harry Potter? Probably because it's more grown-up than the Potter series, and is therefore less attractive.Don't get me wrong - I liked Harry Potter. But for all its merits, it deals with human-level issues: friendship, family, duty, loyalty. And those are all well and good, and many a great story has been told from those elements. The Night Watch series, on the other hand, deals with harder, less everyday topics, such as the nature of freedom, and the fundamental differences between Good and Evil, if there is any difference at all. The themes in these books are headier, and it's not as easy to look at a Light Other like Anton Gorodetsky and say, "I want to be like him." It's also hard to look at a Dark Other like the vampire Kostya and say, "Oooh, I hate him."This is because these characters are, more or less, human. The problem with humans is that their motives aren't always clear, and Lukyanenko doesn't tell us everything we need to know to judge them properly. With the exception of Anton, who is a first-person narrator, we don't get into their heads, and so can't completely understand why they do what they do.In any case, it's an enjoyable series, and this is - as far as I know - the end of it, even though it doesn't need to be.In this volume we are introduced to some new players, some grand plots and some terrible secrets. There is an Other out there who has knowledge that everyone thought was merely a myth: how to turn an ordinary human into an Other. The ramifications of such power are immense - there are few Others in the world as it is, and they hardly get along. To create new Others at will would mean chaos, death and destruction. All the Others' forces are sent out to find this mysterious person. Trhe Night Watch, the Day Watch and the Inquisition are in search of the impossible.Anton Gorodetsky, of course, is on the front lines of this, searching for leads in a Moscow apartment complex. What he finds there isn't quite the secret he thought it was, but it is something he never expected.In the second story of the volume, he meets an ancient witch, Arina, who may have single-handedly destroyed the Soviet Union's potential for greatness. In his search to defeat her, he learns the true nature of the Others, what gives them their power and how they truly interact with the world around them.And in the third story, the Fuaran has been found - the mythological text with the spell to convert humans to Others - and it will be used in a truly novel manner. But the Other behind the plan that could tip the world into supernatural anarchy is the last person Anton would have ever expected....As with the other volumes, this one blurs the line between good and evil. It tells us what we already know, but don't really want to admit: that good people can do evil things - start a bloody revolution, for example, or try to brainwash thousands of people - and that evil people can do good - save children from wolves, or avert a chaotic and terrible future. People do things for reasons that are sometimes known only to themselves, not out of a higher allegiance to the abstract concepts of "good" and "evil," but for reasons that are intensely personal.It is something to be remembered. We have a habit of idolizing and demonising people in this world, elevating them to paragons of virtue or sin, and ascribing motives to them that we think they acted by. But that doesn't work. Even to the end, Anton believes he knows why the holder of the Fuaran wants to convert people into Others - to raise an army and control the world - but he's so very, very wrong. The true reason is much more personal and, oddly, much more human than that.That is probably the best lesson to be taken from these books. "Good" and "Evil" are tags that we affix to people because it saves us the effort of thinking about them. Behind every act, however, is a personal reason that defies such simplistic labeling. Every saint, every monster, is only human. Just like us. I don't know if knowing that makes the world better or worse, but it at least makes it a little more familiar.

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  1. Russian Szergej Lukjanyenko Hungarian Sergey LukyanenkoSergej Luk janenko Italian Bulgarian Siergiej ukanienkoSergei LukjanenkoSergei Lukyanenko as his name appears on books and films in U.S markets is a science fiction and fantasy author, writing in Russian, and is arguably the most popular contemporary Russian sci fi writer His works often feature intense action packed plots, interwoven with the moral dilemma of keeping one s humanity while being strong.Lukyanenko is a prolific writer, releasing usually 1 2 books per year, as well as a number of a critical articles and short stories Recently his works have been adapted into film productions, for which he wrote the screenplays He lives in Moscow with his wife Sonia and two sons, Artemiy and Danil, keeps mice as pets and enjoys cooking.


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  1. I really wanted to finish this before 2008 ended, but travel, a hectic schedule and a new mini PC conspired against me Ah well, such is life.This world is one that is riddled with possibilities Even though Lukyanenko has been pretty single minded in his themes throughout the trilogy, there s a lot to work with here We have two distinct groups of Others, the Light and the Dark, with different character classes, powers, abilities, levels and ambitions If anyone wanted to write fan fiction or even [...]

  2. Actually, it s 3.5 stars We are our own gods and our own demons Decreasing quality of plot, no character development, no any development Basically, nothing changed since the first book It s like Day Watch and Twilight Watch are only plot fillers At least we find out about the purpose of Inquisition Also, the ending saved the book That plot twist with Anton and Kostya was excellent This was how you wound up in the Inquisition When you stopped being able to see any difference between Light Ones a [...]

  3. These stories are all told from Anton s perspective A good decision to return to a voice the author clearly sympathizes with.This book picks up a few years after the events of Day Watch, with Anton having married and had a child in the intervening time His child is fated to become the greatest magic user in centuries, something this story only addresses on the side.Act one follows Anton as he tries to track down someone who was promised to be made an Other It is presumed to be impossible, and we [...]

  4. I wasn t going to review this book Mainly because due to the author s vocal opinions on the Ukraine conflict, he has firmly cemented himself onto my Halfback Flankers shelf However, due to some some occurrences in this book that makes me bristle now just thinking about it, consider this a public service announcement.1 A man s job is to protect and provide for the woman A woman s job is to protect and provide for the child This also means that the man may not be able to have a relationship with t [...]

  5. Whereas the earlier books dwelled on the ethics of the Others use of their power, the final book in the trilogy focuses on the larger ethical issues of the mere existence of Others and the power they have The lower Dark Ones vampires and werewolves draw their power directly from victims where do higher Others get their power What separates Others from humans and can one be converted into another The protagonist actually, the hero Anton ponders these questions in the context of his growing ambiv [...]

  6. Please note Read and reviewed in 2007.My Synopsis This follow up to the also amazing Russian magical reality books Night Watch and Day Watch returns us to Anton s mind and to Anton s relationships with those around him Focusing on interactions with the mysterious Inquisitors, this book takes Anton further along in his path to understanding that there really is very little difference between Light and Dark and that the shades of Grey they all walk in are probably suited to all Others than being [...]

  7. Called Dusk Watch in Russian, Luyanenko firmly establishes himself as leading Russian voice in the fantasy genre In this novel, he ties narratives through his unfolding universe of the Light and Dark in a brilliant interplay of motives and game ending moves that quicken the pace and leave you thrilledThe nice thing is that each of the books so far could have closed out the series This one goes deeper by exploring existentialism and meaning among the Day Watch and Night Watch Nobody s TimeA myste [...]

  8. lk kitap Gece N beti Ayd nl k Varl klar , ikinci kitap G nd z N beti Karanl k Varl klar st neydi Bu kitapta ise Karanl k ve Ayd nl k aras nda ki Antla may onurland ran, g zleyen, uygulanmas n sa lamak ad na korku yaratan Enginizasyon un hikayeye dahiliyetini art r yor view spoiler lk hikaye Anton, Kotsya ve Edgar n normal bir insan Di er e d n t rebilece ini iddaa eden bir adam kovamalas n temel al yor Bu k s mda Anton un aile adam olmas n tecr be edeiyoruz Yeni sa n n babas olmas ile birlikte, [...]

  9. I would imagine that, at some point, Lukyanenko s brilliant fantasy series would hit a road bump or two how many home runs can he hit before the series fizzles out Surely at some point one of the books is going to be a disappointment Fortunately, Twilight Watch isn t that book In fact, it s the best so far again expanding the scope of Lukyanenko s ridiculously textured, intelligent universe, so that it encompasses historical narrative and social discourse in a far direct fashion than before Whe [...]

  10. I love these books In modern Moscow, age old beings called Others still exist The Light and the Dark Ones called a truce hundreds of years ago and are governed by that treaty The Nightwatch is the Light Ones police force to keep the Dark in Line The Daywatch is their counterpart There may be a truce, but the schemes, manipulations, and plans are always in motion Anton, a third level magician on his first field operation when Nightwatch begins, is one of my favorite characters in fiction His mela [...]

  11. Sometimes it takes a book of fiction to teach us about real life.IF there was a way to give it 4 and a 1 2 stars I would.To me, definitely the best book of the series Majestic haha But, it has a few story loopholes or well, at least shortcomings, which started annoying me after I finished the book and thought about it.I won t go into those details, because really, they don t matter all that much.There is a very good social model and theory behind it all I felt like I learned a lot from the book, [...]

  12. Upping the ante yet again, Lukyanenko meditates on the meaning of communism equality for all and of freedom The title of the book refers to the Inquisition, which is a governing body over both the Night and Day Watches The philosophizing in these books, which concern the dependent aspects of good and evil, is always thought provoking And the character of Anton feels like an old friend The Twilight is always an interesting universe to visit

  13. A continuation of this great series In the first few pages I wasn t sure if Anton would continue to repeat his moral dilemma what is dark what is light from book 2, but things progess An interesting perk for American readers is an inside perspective of the post Soviet Russia.

  14. It really keeps you in from the first page.I am still amazed by the fact that there have not been any boring or slow pase parts in any od the books so far Am a bit confused by the end of the book , i guess i got what happened but i would really like a bit of explaining , hope to get that from the next sequels like i did in thr 2nd one about the ending od the 1st.Overall , really recommend

  15. This continuation of the Night Watch series combines mystery with an exploration of the differences between humans and Others It s a wonderful follow up to the prior books, but would be incomprehensible if you haven t read them.

  16. This is probably my favourite of the three so far although it deals with some pretty hefty ideas, there s a lot of fun too and some lovely twists and turns on the way through.As before, this is three novellas forming a single longer book This time, however, the three run pretty much in sequence, and cover only a short span of time perhaps two or three weeks at most view spoiler In the first, both Gesar and Zabulon are sent letters indicating that an Other is about to turn a vanilla human into an [...]

  17. Sergei Lukyanenko s Watch hexology is a sleek urban fantasy that simultaneously interweaves threats of an apocalyptic caliber with complex philosophical musings on human nature, to create an artful exploration of the relationship between good and evil, as witnessed through the eyes of a protagonist with an ever changing scale of morality All six volumes in the series have been beautifully translated from their native Russian into English by Andrew Bromfield.Volume 3, Twilight Watch focuses prima [...]

  18. This book was fan freakin tastic While I consider the second book to be filler for this one, it was much needed to bring out such awesome character development and huge twists this book had It s interesting seeing how world politics played a part in Lukyanenko s writing of this book, and easy to see what side of the planet he s on He doesn t drive his opinions too much either, mercifully I just love how he calls Coca Cola foreign poison Haha This book had an agenda though Lukyanenko wrote these [...]

  19. Dusk Watch or Twilight Watch, as my copy was titled dang translations was every bit as good the other Watch books By this third volume the series has definitely settled into a very clear pattern Each book is divided into three sections, each of which is a complete story in and of itself but which also sets up elements which pay off subsequently Still, even knowing that, and reading the first section carefully to try to pick up clues as to how the last section would unfold, I was still pleasantly [...]

  20. Once again this holds three character connected stories following primarily the Night Watch s Anton as he first investigates the accusations that an Other has revealed all to a human and that they have offered to make the human an Other, a feat considered impossible by many Here the Night Watch, Day Watch and Inquisition have to work together to protect their worlds from the human world with tense results dripping with doubt, distrust and conspiracy The remaining two stories finds Anton and his [...]

  21. This is the third part of Lukyanenko s Night Watch Trilogy set in the supernatural underworld of post Soviet Russia and I was quite pleased to be back with the first person narrative of Anton Gorodetsky after the brief excussion into the world of the Day watch in Book two.I will keep this brief as I don t want to spoil the fun of any potential readers Once again the book is made up of three parts In part one Anton investigates the occupants of a half abandoned luxury apartment block looking for [...]

  22. This is my favourite book out of the four that make up the series New characters are introduced into the story, older characters are brought back from the first book, the events of the second book have set interesting predicaments and conditions and Lukyanenko s writing takes all these to the next level, in a book that remains true to his previous style, yet, it explores new foundations as characters develop beyond the levels stages we got to know them in the previous books.Without giving out an [...]

  23. This series has been enjoyable since the beginning but Twilight Watch delves deeper into what real differences there are between the Day Watch and the Night Watch It explores the true reasons as to why they exist, and with this knowledge how it effects Anton and Svetlana s family A little bit of knowledge can turn a persons world upside down This was written very well and my favorite of the series.The book is divided into three stories as is the case with both Day Watch and Night Watch The stori [...]

  24. I did read the two previous books Nightwatch and Daywatch Both were quite enjoyable The Russian sensibility gives the books a rich flavor that takes familiar characters and themes in unexpected directions The flavor of all three books is that of chess games played by old masters Like Russian nesting dolls, one story fits inside another Dark and Light magicians vie for a change in the balance of power each seeking to provoke the other into breaking an age old truce All three books follow Anton Go [...]

  25. 3 5 Tre ia truput geresn u antr j Ko gero Antonas i trauk Ta iau eilin problema su autoriaus ra ybos stiliumi V l ir v l tas nepamatuojamas p timasis d l pergal s Kur bepasisuks knygos veiksmas, visur pergal s veteranai, pergal s prisiminimai, pergal s jausmas Rimtai Ne manoma skaityt Ir dar g rimas Autorius puikiai apib dina iuolaikin Rusij Prisiminimai apie pergaling kar ir besaikis g rimas Aj ir soviet s junga, kaip gi be jos Vien u tai minus bal galima prira yt Gal tiesiog reik jo visai fant [...]

  26. As was the case with the previous two books, the writing is probably quite decent, but I feel that there are translation issues.The basic, overarching plot hasn t really changed, and the use of song lyrics is still cringe worthy, but it s different enough from a lot of western fantasy that it works quite well.Heavily focused on Anton, which is mostly a good thing Characters in this series tend to change, rather than grow, which is fine Even suitable, for many of them.The political allegory is st [...]

  27. I liked the first two books, I loved this one.Anton Gorodetsky really comes into his own as a character here A supernatural Columbo, bumbling through the mysteries and intrigues, trying to puzzle things out, going down the wrong paths, but always finding his way to the solution in the nick of time and making everything right.The plot, divided into stories as always, focuses on the possibility of human beings turning into Others and the impact this would have on the battle between the watches We [...]

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